When art makes your life easier- AMA

Tjaša Rome
Aug 31, 2018

I always liked watching animated movies and colorful children's books. They were so beautiful, magical and open-minded. I loved that imagined world, where everything was such an easy and free spirit in the opposite of the real world. I wanted to live in that world.

The real world for me always seemed to complicate, and I was constantly worried about my future. I had a low self-esteem, I thought I am not good at anything. I also overthought too much and I was too much of a planner. That sometimes drives my nerves crazy.

By my soul, I am a dreamer, but in the real life, I am 100% realistic. I realize that nothing is for free, you have to work hard to earn something.

But back then I was more pessimistic than realistic, I constantly worried too much, I constantly overthought too much, I was scared and nervous all the time. My nerves and worries make my body ill. I lost so much weight, that people could not even believe.

Back then everything seems so hard to me and I almost lost a control of my life. But when I hit the rock bottom, my mind, like something hit it, started to work differently. I realized, that I am the most important in my life, that I am the one, who is living my life and that I am the only one who can make myself feel that I am worth to living it.

I needed to make my life easier and started to do that what I like. I started to create my own illustrations and animations and I really enjoy doing that. Since then I feel my life is easier and that I know what I love and what I want from my life.

My facebook page: Tjaša Rome Illustration and Animation

My YouTube channel: Tjaša Rome Animation

My website Portfolio: Tjaša Rome Portfolio

My Instagram page: Tjaša Rome Art


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How do you find the balance between your dreamer side and the 100% realistic part of yourself?
Sep 2, 6:52AM EDT0

That is sometimes hard. It is like my heart want something, but my mind is telling me the opposite. If I get confused I usually get a moment (or an hour or couple of days) to think about it and trying to find the right way. It is also important that I encourage myself. If I think to much realistic I start to think about problems and I see all the obstacles. That takes my courage and I am starting to doubt in myself. In that cases my dreamer side tried to encourage my to much of realistic side. And sometimes if I dream to much and get to much excited, my realistic side tells me to stop and get me on the real ground. Well sometimes there are battles, but I am trying more and more listen to my heart. Because if you feel that you want to do, you dont do nothing wrong.

Sep 2, 3:31PM EDT0
Are there trends or visual styles that you appreciate in contemporary illustration?
Sep 1, 4:38AM EDT0

Well I like cute and simple ...

Sep 1, 2:37PM EDT0
What parts of you studying graphic design have made your work as an illustrator easier?
Aug 31, 6:58PM EDT0

When we learn using Adobe Illustrator.

Sep 1, 2:51AM EDT0
Which of your projects has been most important in developing your personal style?
Aug 31, 2:42PM EDT0

I slowly upgraded my style, but I think that the most important project was when I illustrated for the manual of Unicef (Unicef - Slovenia).

Aug 31, 2:48PM EDT0
Do you believe that art can be used as a form of therapy to cope with stress?
Aug 31, 2:05PM EDT0

Yes I belive it is.

Aug 31, 2:34PM EDT0
Which animated movies are your favorite? What makes them special?
Aug 31, 1:03PM EDT0

I like those ones where characters are cute, especialy if they are a little chubby and have big eyes. And I also like 3d animated, especialy that ones from Sony Picture Animation. I really love their style of characters and love their animated movies.

Aug 31, 2:33PM EDT0
What digital tools do you use to create your illustrations?
Aug 31, 10:32AM EDT0

For my vector illustrations mostly use pen and shapes - working in Adobe Illustrator. My digital paintings I still do on my smart phone with stylus and I am using brushes - using an app Sketchbook.

Aug 31, 12:28PM EDT0
Would you say that keeping things simple is your strongest skill?
Aug 30, 11:03PM EDT0

Actually no. I would say for me that I am really complicated, but through my work I am trying make things simple as posible that I dont get confused.

Aug 31, 3:59AM EDT0
When exactly is this "back then" that you mention? Was that a particularly hard time in your life? What events made it so hard?
Aug 30, 11:04AM EDT0

Back then I meant, when I was constantly nervous, because I didt know what my future will be. The hardest time for me was, when, becuse of nurves, I lost so much weight. I had only 32 kg and I was really scared I am going to die. 

Aug 30, 3:31PM EDT0
How would you describe your art style?
Aug 30, 7:12AM EDT0

Cute and colorful.

Aug 30, 9:04AM EDT0
When did you get your first big break and what do you need to do in today’s world to become a professional in your field?
Aug 29, 10:30PM EDT0

My big break was when I illustrated for Unicef´s manual (Slovenia). I am still not professional, but I am trying to become. You need to practice illustrating, create social media accounts with your art stuff and trying to promoting them, that more people would see it. You need to do Portfolio and start to applying to jobs where they are looking for someone on your field.

Aug 30, 3:05PM EDT0
How important is developing a personal style when it comes to illustration?
Aug 29, 9:14PM EDT0

Actually what you do somehow defines you. Artist usually develop a style based on what they like. Is good to have your own style, with that you became recognisable.

Aug 30, 2:54PM EDT0
What are you currently working on and can you share some details of the creative process behind this project?
Aug 29, 8:28PM EDT0

Currently I am doing series of cute digitally painted animals. Still doing it on my smart phone, but I intend to buy a tablet, that my work will be easier.

Aug 30, 2:45PM EDT0
Is there any type of project you haven’t done yet, but dream of doing someday?
Aug 29, 8:23PM EDT0

Someday I want to make a really good animation or publish a childrens book with illustrations, but the problem is I dont have a any idea of the story.

Aug 30, 2:40PM EDT0
What other artists have had an influence in your own style?
Aug 29, 4:59PM EDT0

About artist I dont know, but when I see cute characters with big eyes I love it so much. But I really like Sony Picture Animation and their style, so I will say that.

Aug 30, 2:35PM EDT0
Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path as an artist?
Aug 29, 3:03PM EDT0

It was that moment when I was in the end with my nerves and I realized I need to do what I like or I will be mental ill for all my life.

Aug 30, 2:24PM EDT0
How did you first become involved in art and when did you realize its therapeutic value?
Aug 29, 2:27PM EDT0

When I was little I liked to draw an people told me I am good at it. But when I started high school I stoped drawing. There were couple of years I didt do any creative stuff. And I also stoped dreaming. Well is was the time to start being a grown up. But with all the responsability, my heart was more and more heavy, I didnt have a safe place to hide.  Then I started to think about my childrenhood and how was everything so easy that days. I needed to bring some of that child back in me. And that is how I started to make cute and childish illustrations and animations and I started to feel better, my brains started to think more freerly and I also bring some happiness in my life.

Aug 30, 2:22PM EDT0
How much of your learning and training was hands-on, once you started your career?
Aug 29, 1:23PM EDT0

Actually that still is not my career. I stil do that more as a hoby, only if someone want that I do something for them. But I hope some day that will  really be my career. On hands I dont do much, most of the time I am using computer.

Aug 30, 2:02PM EDT0
What was the longest time you spent without drawing?
Aug 29, 10:06AM EDT0

Actually there were three years I didt really draw. I studied graphic design and all we do was through computer and a mouse.

Aug 30, 1:53PM EDT0
Can you describe some of the settings that you work in?
Aug 29, 6:50AM EDT0

My vector illustration I make in Adobe Illustrator. I mostly use a pen for drawing, or shapes. Digital painted illustrations I am making on my smart phone using an app Sketcbook. Draw with stylus or a finger using brushes. Animations I do in Adobe Flash or in Adobe After Effects. First I create a characters in Illustrator an then animate them in Flash or After Effects. In Flash I am mostly using tweens for animating, in After Effects I am also using effects.

Aug 30, 3:21PM EDT0
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