Dionne Anyah

Dionne Anyah is a Singer-Songwriter, entertainer, and artist


Dionne Anyah is a Singer-Songwriter, entertainer, and artist

​Dionne Anyah, who was born as Dawnielle Baucham, in Los Angeles, CA, is an up and coming singer-songwriter. There is a long list of what describes this intriguing young lady, however, the shortlist includes being musically and vocally talented, a spiritual being, naturally beautiful, intelligent and educated, dedicated and a devoted singer-songwriter. 

She has always been of a different kind and a different time. Growing up her family called her a flower child because of her sweet soul and free spirit. She has always been in her own world and has done her own thing since a young age. Dionne sets goals and believes in turning dreams into reality. Her dreams are set out to be a an artist, singer, songwriter, performer and humanitarian/philanthropist. She has spoken into existence that she will become just that through patience, hard work and dedication. 

Currently, she is an unsigned artist, with a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in philosophy and minored in music industry. Stay tuned in with Dionne Anyáh, as you do not want to miss some of the compelling plans and music she has coming up.