Imani K. Brown




Imani K. Brown is an international tattoo artist/ illustrator + creativity coach native to Washington, DC. 

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In her 15 + years of working in the industry Imani has taken time to become a well-rounded tattoo artist, proficient in a number of fine line styles, including Japanese-inspired and lacework for melanin skin. 

Now she is in charge of her dream creative studio and kawaii culture hub, Little INKPLAY Shop ,

devoted to put to good use her achievements by encouraging other urban youth and dreamers + creatives, like herself, to diligently follow their creative dreams and passions. 

professional mantra “ ... Fine (tattoo) art should be the standard, not the exception ”

daily mantra “ Paint everyday BRIGHT! ” ğŸŽ¨â˜€ï¸ğŸŒˆğŸ’—ğŸ’•âœ¨


tattoo artist - fineline Japanese-inspired/ kawaii/ ornamentalmanga illustrationcreativity + confidence coaching
  • tattoo - 15 years

  • illustration/ painting 20+ years

  • international work 6+ years

  • Duke Ellington School of the Arts

  • Clark Atlanta University