David Koff

a producer of fun events on stage


a producer of fun events on stage

David Koff has been acting and improvising professionally for over 25 years. A member of SAG/AFTRA, he's appeared on the TV shows “The West Wing", "The John Larroquette Show", and "Sesame Street". After studying improvisation at The Groundlings in Los Angeles, David trained for a decade with Groundlings alum Stan Wells at his "Empty Stage Theatre”, followed by two years in the master class of Bill Steinkellner, the executive producer of “Cheers” and “Just Shoot Me”. In Portland, David has taught improv to children at St. Andrews Nativity School. He’s also performed and taught improv at Curious Comedy and now at The Brody Theatre. He’s been the Artistic Director of the Fake Radio Troupe since 2000.


improvisationacting for stage and filmcooking and loving my pets!
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  • B.A. in English/Creative Writing from University of Pennsylvania