Felicity Griffin Clark

sceptical realist, artist, writer and Reiki master


sceptical realist, artist, writer and Reiki master

I'm an Australian artist, writer and Reiki master, living in Rome.  I used to be a social policy analyst and researcher in government and the community sector, specialising in social policy, human rights and Aboriginal self-determination.

I write and make art to find a way through the muddles and contradictions, to feel the amazing flying of inspiration.

I teach, mentor and encourage early career policy analysts, artists and my Reiki clients. Workshops, private lessons, and Reiki sessions are held in my Roman base or via Skype.


writinganalysisstrategytextile and mixed media artteachingmentoringReiki
  • 25 years as a policy researcher and analyst

  • 15 years as an artist

  • 3 years as a Reiki practitioner

  • BA (Hons) Melbourne

  • Reiki