Sup! I'm Mac Miles and I'm creating a comic called "GONE"!! This is my first comic so ask me anything!!

Domo Mac Miles
Jan 6, 2018

"GONE" follows two modern day teens. Jeremiah Wellis aka Jay and Franklin Martinez aka Franky. Jay family was murdered by the mob his father belong to. His father was framed by a fellow gangster saying he was helping the cops and stealing money from the mob. So they kill his family luckily for Jay he was out the house. And since he was a young kid they figured he couldn't do anything or know anything so they let him be but he saw the whole thing happen. Franky lives alone while his parents are away on business. They both work for a private company called Astro Rod as scientist, his mother was an astrobiologist and his father was a molecular biologist and both of them just disappeared and the company will not tell Frankie anything yet his allowance that his mother sends still comes. The teens come together can connect through there loneliness and confusion about their lives. One day a group of individuals approach Jay and offer him a new beginning, Jay has been feeling that he should be doing more good with his life so he joined them, but Franky couldn't lose another person you cared about so he chases after him and they both find themselves in a situation they can't turn back from.

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What made you decide to pursue and create a comic?

Jan 6, 4:26PM EST0

I've always wanted to my own cartoon but once I realized that all the stories started on paper or comics I realized I should make my own comic first and see what happens!

Jan 12, 8:32PM EST0

Are you currently working on a follow-up project? If so, is it going to be a sequel to Gone?

Jan 6, 12:04PM EST0

Yes I want my story to be kind of long, cuz I want to give people something to read it enjoy. I was inspired by the long comic books or manga that I read. If I can get my story to be half as long as Naruto I will be happy.

Jan 12, 8:35PM EST0

Do you have other hobbies and interests apart from this, what are they?

Jan 6, 11:25AM EST0

Not really drawing is really my best talent. It's the one thing that I know that I can kind of do it well

Jan 12, 8:36PM EST0

Professionally, what are future goals and "back-up" plans?

Jan 5, 9:58PM EST0

Where to go for the comic is to get it out there so people can read. As far as backup, if all fails then I'll guess I'll just try again and see what happens. thet hardest part for me is the marketing but I'm not at that stage yet so I got time to learn.

Jan 12, 8:39PM EST0

What is your day like? Do you follow a certain habit?

Jan 5, 3:28PM EST0

If I'm not working on a project for a client in graphic design, I'm doing my story or I'm drawing pictures I'm planning out events in my story or I'm just hanging out with my family pretty much!

Jan 12, 8:41PM EST0

Do you also consult with other comic artists and what advice are you getting?

Jan 5, 5:51AM EST0

I join and comic group on Facebook and talk to a lot people. The best advice I got so far is to not rush... At one point I was rushing my art. But realize I wasnt working smart and once I slowed down I saw all my mistakes and correct most of them so far. This guy saw my work and knew I could do better and he called me out and I thank him for that!

Jan 10, 12:38PM EST0

How supportive is your family with your work?

Jan 5, 5:02AM EST1

My wife is fully supportive in my art! Its because of her that I'm really persuing this

Jan 9, 3:07PM EST0

Are these stories all your solo ideas?

Jan 5, 3:03AM EST0

Yes! I've had this so in my head forever!

Jan 10, 12:29PM EST0

How much time do you invest in your work and how do you manage a work-life balance?

Jan 5, 12:21AM EST0

I try to put at least 6 to 8 or more on my book. The important part is to take time away from the project and to help get refreshed. Allowing my mind rest allow me to come up with new ideas. My family time is important so can't allow myself to drown in my work!

Jan 9, 3:13PM EST0

Are you also open to work offers and other opportunities from bigger comic companies?

Jan 4, 11:13PM EST0

Yes and no...! I'm open to work on other project but I wouldn't put myself in a potion where I couldn't finish my story!

Jan 10, 12:28PM EST0

What is your educational background and what is your work experience prior to creating this comic?

Jan 4, 10:26PM EST1

I started drawing at a young age but I was on and off for a while. At the end of high school I want to go to and art school but was to broke. So I went to a community college and took some art classes but it wasn't what I was looking for. Then I had my daughter and felt I had to get a job anf put the pencil down. But one day I was watching art videos and I kinda hated myself for not perusing my dream and bought a drawing tablet and been drawing on it for the last 2 years! The I already written down for a while.

Jan 9, 3:27PM EST0

How did you come up with the storyline? Do you currently work with a team or this has been your idea all along?

Jan 4, 9:05PM EST1

No team, all me!! I started writing the story my 9th grade year, but I rewrote the story some many times I've loss count. Now I'm at the point where I to draw it out. I've practice story telling to the point now feel really good about the story. Now the art has to be just as good!

Jan 9, 6:18PM EST0

Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why?

Jan 4, 5:51PM EST0

Personally... No one! I looked at my family and friends and realized everyone has gave up on their dreams. Seeing everyone live a life that they're not truly happy with and realizing I was one of them, I had to break out of the box I put myself in. Since I already had the story kinda written. I decided to make the comic and not look back!

Jan 9, 6:27PM EST0

Do you have websites or links we can check? What are your other marketing strategies in order to promote Gone?

Jan 4, 11:42AM EST0

The only thing I have for people to go to is my Facebook page called @MacMilesCrestions! I hope you come check me out sometimes!

Jan 12, 8:42PM EST0

As a child, were you already drawn to comics and what was your favorite one?

Jan 4, 11:12AM EST0

As a kid I didn't read comics, I watch cartoons and fell in love with their story's and action. I learned that they started on paper. My first read was the Naruto manga and then Amazing Spiderman, to full metal alchemist, then batman and so on.... My dream is see my story became a cartoon!

Jan 10, 12:21PM EST0

What outcome do you expect from doing the Kickstarter? And do you have other source of funds?

Jan 4, 10:01AM EST0

I'm hoping to create something that people will like and grown to love! At the very least I want to finish the story I had in my head since a young teen!

Jan 10, 12:13PM EST0

What software tools are you using and any insights you can share to budding artists out there?

Jan 4, 9:04AM EST0

Photoshop for the art.  The advice I would give is use good references. It was hard for me to figure out how I want my comic to look. Don't bite anyone style but make sure your happy with how everything looks before you get too deep!

Jan 9, 6:40PM EST0
How long did it take you to finish Gone and what were your challenges and struggles?
Jan 4, 6:53AM EST0

I'm not done! The idea came to me 9th grade year and I had great ideas but no story telling skills. So I let it sit for years. I've got the skills to tell the story I want now and I've written a a lot so now I'm working on the art right now!

Jan 9, 6:33PM EST0

As for my struggles, making little events happen to lead up to bigger events. But I've learned to used those opportunity to build up characters and get a little deeper, as in who they are and how they think!

Jan 9, 6:45PM EST0
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