Socio - performative - educational research project around EMOTIONS, SEXUALITY, and SPIRITUALITY of the human of the 21st century that started in 2017 in Iceland and is now continuing in Croatia. Ask Me Anything!

martina kartelo
Jul 2, 2018

My name is Martina Kartelo and I have BA in management and tourism, BA in theater acting and MA in performing arts. For last 9 yrs, I am being professional nomad performer who was mostly working in Reykjavik, Iceland. After the UK now returned for an unknown length of time to my native country, Croatia.

I am working on my second trilogy at the moment which is exploring emotions (with focus on radical emotions), sexuality and spirituality. I am also founding an institute for theater and science, virtual one for starters and then we'll see.

As well I am a deeply spiritual person with healing powers improving the society through my performative projects and empathic dialogues.

Some of my work can be viewed here;

I am also a huge believer in positive change and power of creative process. Also, I do not support the general belief that artists need to have financial instability and that art is a financially ungrateful domain and if somebody wants to be rich they should rather choose other professions.

I am deeply thinking about life as such, our purpose on Earth and value creative expression as one of most important basic needs person has. I am a big supporter and promoter of developing consciousness and personal growth. I am a very passionate humanist.

Open to talk about all the subjects that matter and through which we can enhance our consciousness and explore shadow self in order to become greater and more loving.

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How can people better enhance their consciousness and what benefits will they get from this?
Jul 9, 7:19AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Aleksandr. This is a very good question. I am very passionate about this subject, but I am afraid I am not an expert. Also, it is quite deep and wide question and there is not enough space here to discuss it more. There are many ways people can do that. There are simple ways, there are complex ways. I believe first to be able to do that, a person needs to be open. Nothing comes if the person is not open for something. Then, for example, simplest things that person could activate their awareness which is starting point for development of consciousness is sit 5 minutes in silence somewhere and just put focus on breathing and trying to be aware of thoughtsand feelings in that particular moment. For me personally creation and being creative is amazing way of developing my consciousness. I also follow different YouTube channels, read books and etc. Some names that I would like to share and maybe could be a good starting point would be Marianne Williamson, Joe Dispenza, Bentihno Massaro, Abraham Hicks... etc....I believe that the more we are becoming consciouss we are becoming better as human beings. Bigger and higher consciousness also develops more empathy, generosity, emotional intelligence, gratitude and all this can make our lives healthier and happier. Some of the biggest crimes or really bad and evil things were made in the states of dysfunction consciousness or low consciousness.

Jul 10, 5:49AM EDT0
How would you like to career to evolve in the following years?
Jul 9, 7:17AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Linda. I would like to pursue full time my career in arts, drama, theater and creative entrepreneur projects in Croatia or abroad. Also focus more on developing my healing skills and living spiritually and being present with all that comes.

Jul 10, 5:39AM EDT0
What made you decide to start sharing your teachings with others?
Jul 9, 4:12AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Jahan. Well, I am not exactly sharing my teachings, it is more that I create and pursue projects and then inside of a projects also education happens. I am personally and professionally interested to educate. Because I am all my life open and curious enough to learn more every day and also trying to see and understand the big picture all the time. Why I am doing all this? Because I deeply care about human race and do believe that what I know and want to share could help. For better.

Last edited @ Jul 9, 4:46AM EDT.
Jul 9, 4:45AM EDT0
What do you love most about your country and how do you feel about being back?
Jul 9, 3:05AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Mpop. I am not very fond of pointing out things that I love the most or do not love the most. But I could offer what I do love about my country in general. My country is country with difficult and complex history and way of being in these modern times. I do love that no matter all that, Croatians still know how to enjoy in life and have fun. I think it is very important to stay connected to capacity to laugh and play. I do love, culture of Croatia and how old it is. I do love language and the beauty of landscapes and food. We have amazing food and wine. How it feels to be back. HM, it is quite personal feeling so I do not want to go into too much detail, but it is not easy feeling. And I never know if I came back for good or I am going to continue to be nomad so...I am also this time, a bit in between spaces...

Jul 9, 4:38AM EDT0
What do you think are the qualities that define an artist?
Jul 9, 1:59AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Katrina. Very interesting question. I am also teaching theater and drama occasionally and I always have this ethical and personal struggle inside of me, when I am thinking that just because I am in the teaching position I get to decide who is and who is not a good actor/actress. So I can offer you just my perspective on that. Qualities that I would connect with artist in general would be: being open minded, will to grow, need to explore, curiosity and awareness. Then each of the art forms offers its own different preferences what a person needs to have to do them right. For example visual artist should maybe be open for observation and detail catching. And so on.

Jul 9, 4:33AM EDT0
Do you believe that artists have a higher calling in life? Why or why not?
Jul 8, 4:34AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Nomedz. HM. This is good and challenging question. Maybe I LLanswer the best if I focus on my case. In my family I am the first and only (for now) artist. Professional artist. Creating art does something magical for me and often I experience numinous experiences through that. Or I connect to higher self. I am also the only spiritual person in my family, so far. I do feel that my ability to create also triggered my ability to become fully spiritual. Also it is important to discuss what good and bad art is. And do bad artists also have a higher calling in their life? From my perspective being and working as an artist is hard work as any other, if the individual does it properly and without corrupted mind. Also for me I feel a success as an artist when I have the opportunity to create what I want and when I feel that something important and genuine is transferred between me and the audience. Sometimes I was praised for my art, sometimes I did not work as artist for months... so I think it all really comes to the inner being of each artist him/herself. I believe if somebody is, for example, working in a bakery and baking cakes, can do magic with that work and make people smile and for me it is also higher calling as well as a higher way of being.

Jul 9, 4:28AM EDT0
What kind of work did you do in Iceland? How was your experience there?
Jul 8, 2:45AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Sagar. In Iceland I had professional artistic experience as well as working in other fields since it is quite small and homogeneous country so it was needed to accept any work available in order to sustain everyday life. Also Iceland is a good place for opening or offering something new since there are many things that are missing or not existing. My experience there was out of the ordinary, From the beginning till the end. For now. We will see what the future brings.;)

Jul 9, 4:21AM EDT0
What will be the goal of your science and theater institute?
Jul 7, 7:46PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Usman. I already mentioned some of the answer in previous questions. What I would like to achieve or obtain with it, would be a constant exploration of the issues that matter while creating the capacity to offer a solution for betterment.

Last edited @ Jul 9, 4:17AM EDT.
Jul 9, 4:17AM EDT0
What is the most challenging part of your artistic process?
Jul 7, 3:25PM EDT0

Thank you  for your question, Rana.Hm...I would say trying to keep a focus on what exactly I want to achieve or transfer to the audience since my process of creation is quite complex and open to change so sometimes at the end, I do not get at all what I wanted to focus on.

Jul 9, 4:15AM EDT0
Could you explain what healing powers do you have?
Jul 7, 10:57AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Daniela. I am at the moment still exploring them fully so that they can expand. I am offering cathartic experience through transformational conversation, empathic dialogue and energy healing. As well, I am strong intuitive. I feel and see things that are not visible or that obvious. If put intoawareness on time, this can also be formed of healing. Also I am able to provoke and assist with people experiencing "spiritual emergency" experiencies.

Jul 9, 4:12AM EDT0
What is the difference between sexual preference and sexual orientation?
Jul 5, 3:04AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Hammad. I am not an expert in sexual education, but what I think would be the difference is that sexual preference could be what and how we like in sexual intercourse and sexual orientation would be who we are attracted to and with whom we want to have sex with. Something along these lines.

Jul 5, 5:51AM EDT0
If men are genetically programmed to spread their seeds as wide as possible, why shouldn’t women be genetically programmed to collect as varied seeds as possible so that the best one wins?
Jul 4, 11:44AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, John. This question confuses me a bit since I do not perceive man and women and their roles like you suggested, so it is a bit difficult to dive deep inside of it. Also, it tends to be a bit too general and took out of much bigger context, what life is and could be.As for me starting point is from deep spiritual and philosophical concept what is masculine, what is feminine and what is the real truth of our existence here on this amazing place we named planet Earth.I am also not much fond of perceiving the world in terms like "the best", "the worst", etc....

Jul 5, 5:55AM EDT0
How will doing some good work make up for all the countless times one has failed?
Jul 4, 1:28AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Dumohin. This is rather appropriate question. I am deep in my core positivist and optimist. Since the beginning of the human race we have an urge to survive and with time we are becoming better in everything we do. That also includes dark side of our existence. We can't control what others do.We can only control what we do. The more good we do the less bad will be. Alternative is that we just give up and then evil and dark actions would rule the world. Also this could be interesting topic for deep spiritual debate were we could contemplate on the concepts of karma and many other things where dark side makes sense. I am afraid this space here is too limiting for this.

Jul 5, 6:08AM EDT0
What are some of the performative projects you have planned for the near future?
Jul 3, 7:12PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Andre. I am having an artist in residency project in Zagreb, Croatia in September where I LL explore sexuality part of my trilogy and probably have the premiere of the piece around it. As well, there is an upcoming residency in France at the end of August where I LL deal with same part.

Jul 5, 6:22AM EDT0
What do you think happens after our life here? What do you think it takes for a person to enter heaven?
Jul 3, 8:19AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Auksas. I am open about the idea that there could be after life where our soul continues to live and grow and go through different experiences. As for heaven and in general for the questions of afterlife and all that my belief is that every individual should create (if they have urge to do so or need it) their own version of concept what happens, where and how. Of course, this would be influenced with ones life, beliefs throughout life and many other significant things.

Jul 3, 1:41PM EDT0
Is religion important to you? Do you consider yourself a religious person?
Jul 3, 1:32AM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Krista. This is a quite personal question and I do not feel totally relaxed answering these in virtual space, but I can answer briefly. Religion is a very vast term. I do not define myself in most things and am open to new conceptions and shifts in my everyday life, so what I write now, does not need to be truthful anymore tomorrow, for me.I am also somebody who is truth oriented and sensory seeker, as I mentioned already. I would consider myself spiritual and lets stay at that. For now, inside of this space.;)

Jul 3, 1:36PM EDT0
What are some of the best questions one can ask in order to create meaningful, and spiritual conversations?
Jul 2, 9:21PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Jason.This is a very nice question. HM, there are many ways to invoke meaningful conversations. And spiritual context is wide and deep. So I would say depending if we focus on the individual and his/her/theirs story and do next or universal and general contexts. But for example for me personally and I believe at universal level question in line with "what soul is" could be interesting starter.

Jul 3, 1:31PM EDT0
When you have problems or questions, who do you turn to for help and what are the reasons you have such respect for this person's opinion?
Jul 2, 3:09PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Santiago. This is very good and quite personal question. I ill try to reply to it without becoming too personal. I am a person who is truly, deeply social and usually create meaningful and important relationship with most of people who are part of my intimate life. Also, I have a beautiful and loving family. These would be people to whom I would turn first to in these cases. Reason why I turn to them is that we have mutual trust,respect and profound love. But since I am also quite complex and spiritual, most of the time I am dealing with deep and important stuff by myself. As well there are some books, artist and youtubers that I follow on regular basis and come back to whenever in crises.

Jul 3, 1:26PM EDT0
Are you planning to partner up with individuals or organizations in the founding of your institute? What kind of people do you hope you get to work with?
Jul 1, 11:30PM EDT0

Thank you for your question, Koushick. Yes, I do. Partly, I replied to this question in some of the previous answers. I already mentioned what kind of people I would like to attract professionally. Maybe here I can elaborate more on what kind of personalities I would like to collaborate with. Open minded, curious, conscious, emotionally aware, questioning most things, something along these lines...As well as service oriented.

Jul 3, 1:12PM EDT0
What kind of change do you want to see your work affect in this world?
Jul 1, 7:04PM EDT0

Thank you for your question.Nice one.Well since I was a kid and I started to create theater performances, for me the theater was the possibility to create something around issues that matter and have open dialogue around it. I would like to invoke empathy inside of people for "another" and "different one". Also, I would like to offer it as insight into more aware and conscious way of being and doing. This would be brilliant start. If we get people "on board" then the next step is peaceful, mindful and persistent revolution until things does not change for the better, eternally. But success is in being focused on small steps, right? So first things, first!

Jul 3, 1:08PM EDT0
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