P.V.G.Films makes experimental short films, a testing ground for ideas and creativity leading to full scale feature films based on the ideas created here. AMA!

Pavel V. Golovin
Apr 13, 2018

These two festivals officially selected my film. This is my second film; I hope that all the films that I make in the future will make the people who watch them, happy. For me, the important part of being a filmmaker is what people can really say about my art of making a movie. My name is Pavel V. Golovin I live in Russia, the city of Chelyabinsk, metallurgists’ district.


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What are some of the fundamental differences between writing a screenplay for a short film and a full length feature?
Apr 20, 3:25PM EDT0
What universal themes are explored in your film and why did you choose these themes?
Apr 20, 1:12PM EDT0
How does your film primarily differentiate or distinguish itself?
Apr 20, 1:01PM EDT0
What emotions do you feel your film will bring forth in viewers and how would you describe the appeal your film will have for audiences?
Apr 20, 12:07PM EDT0
What do you hope for your legacy? What do you envision for future generations of filmmakers?
Apr 19, 10:12PM EDT0
How do you think the short film and the experimental genre changed over recent years?
Apr 18, 9:44PM EDT0

nothing lasts forever under the moon, including the genres of films, and the approach to their implementation

Apr 19, 5:54AM EDT0
Are there any people in the business that you’d particularly like to collaborate with in the future?
Apr 18, 5:28PM EDT0

Sure - I hope that they will like the production and they will want to bring the cinema of Chelyabinsk to a new level, the best thing that can happen to a person is when about him and his work they will speak during his life and also many centuries after death

Apr 18, 8:42PM EDT0
What you’re currently working on? Do you have a final project in mind?
Apr 18, 5:10AM EDT0

Now I'm working on the third project on knights and holy grail

Apr 18, 8:07AM EDT0
How do you describe the responsibilities of the filmmakers towards the cultural life?
Apr 16, 6:16AM EDT0

now it is necessary to show what life it can be with its best sides, and not what it is now

Apr 18, 8:08AM EDT0
What makes your story and characters different or special? How do you find the ways to make the plot and characters unique?
Apr 15, 9:05AM EDT0

just let the characters conduct a dialogue - and I see where this leads to - it's really cool - to observe the development of the character's personality

Apr 15, 12:23PM EDT0
in what capacity do you think experimental films change the film making industry standards? Do you hope to contribute anything like this?
Apr 14, 8:21PM EDT0

of course - make a new one - this is exactly what you need now ... how it affects - creates new cult directors in the film industry ... for example - tarantino - his manner of making films in the dialog box - at the beginning of many conversations - at the end - a real massacre - this handwriting is now unique

Apr 15, 12:25PM EDT0
Is it really hard to get started or to keep going? What has been the most difficult challenge in making your film?
Apr 14, 6:11PM EDT0

the most difficult part in creating my film was the shooting failure 12 hours before the filming began ... the main actor hurt his leg and had to shift the shoots for a week ahead - and this led to an increase in the cost of renting equipment and equipment exactly twice ... but this is not an excuse to stop doing - you just need to be prepared for such things mentally

Apr 15, 12:27PM EDT0
Why did you get started in film making? Was there any moment or film that inspired you to do so?
Apr 14, 12:53PM EDT0

I asked myself the question - how well my life will change if I start filming

Apr 14, 4:17PM EDT0
Do you believe that filmmaking is as much about your ideas and skill as a storyteller as it is about managing your resources and business, why or why not?
Apr 14, 6:35AM EDT0

if we are talking about cinema as a business, then you have a big puzzle on your shoulders. which you just need to collect in order to get a bonus. If we are talking about the cinema about the development of our skills and abilities - then this is a process that does not like hurry, he likes organizing

Apr 14, 4:20PM EDT0
Do you find it hard that so much of the film making buisness relies on other people for acting, music and other components? how much do you do yourself?
Apr 14, 6:02AM EDT0

I myself completely implement the production of my film, from writing the script - to sending to festivals. it's a huge job - but it's always paid for

Apr 14, 4:21PM EDT0
Where can one watch your films online?
Apr 13, 11:11PM EDT0
Apr 14, 3:58AM EDT0
What is your favorite film of all time and why?
Apr 13, 7:43PM EDT0

 James Cameron's Aliens.Great Cast, great action...even after 32 years, no one has yet been able to do something like this ... beautiful scenery. even now this movie looks like a modern. I think no one else will be able to do something like this for a long time. 

by the way i was watched that film more then 300 times

Apr 14, 4:04AM EDT0
Have you thought about making documentaries? Why?
Apr 13, 6:33PM EDT0

I have not thought about documentary films more than once, but now, after your question, I will necessarily ponder. Thank you Melissa.

Apr 14, 4:06AM EDT0
How do you feel about collaborating with people from all around the world, for instance would you ever give a shot to an independent person looking for an opportunity to break into the film world?
Apr 13, 6:19PM EDT0

I think it's great to give people a chance, actually I always involve people who want to try themselves in the movies

Especially it would be great to work with someone from other countries, for example, with the actor of scoring - the bearer of a particular language

and I think that it would be especially cool to work with an actor from another country on the site .... movies are born primarily from communicating with people and everything that surrounds us is made by people - that's why every person needs a chance and opportunity and if through me a person will come to this - then it will be great

Apr 13, 6:32PM EDT0
Some people believe that if life has no purpose, then there is no reason for living. While others think that if life has no purpose that frees a person to find or create and follow their own personal purpose. Which, do you believe, is a more valid point of view or are they both equally valid?
Apr 13, 2:28PM EDT0

I think that both are right, here the question of beliefs is more, they in turn give birth to an emotional background, and it influences the action - this or that action leads to the result .... but what kind of result it will be is a matter of belief

Apr 13, 2:38PM EDT0
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