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Francis Paisley
Feb 1, 2018

In 2016 I did a Europe tour after I broke up with my band Daily Monday. I wanted to break free, and together with my best friend and drummer, we traveled for a month on the inter-rail train. Ten years of experience as a freelance musician in several bands, composing and writing, acting and singing, brought me to this decision. And it was a good one. Curious how I managed this? How I organized a tour for miles abroad? AMA!





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Is your Europe tour funded? If so, how did you manage you get the fund?

Feb 6, 6:06AM EST0

How did you get your first freelance music project? How difficult/easy was it?

Feb 6, 5:14AM EST0

The first project as a freelancer started with some gigs near Amsterdam. Hitting for the big city I tried to get my music up there. Not for the big money, but more for more awareness. It is not to difficult to set up projects, it is to maintain it well that can be difficult. A lot of effort and dedication needs to be invested.

Feb 6, 10:50AM EST0

At what age, you composed your first album? How successful was it? What are your marketing tips to the novice composers?

Feb 5, 4:18AM EST0

I did at age 23 with Musicians down the Stairs. It wasn't very succesful, because we did not marketed it well. I learned that you have to use serval tools to bring it on the market. First of all it is important not to operate alone in this. Try to involve people in your project. Write a good plan that covers everything: what, where, how, when and who it is about. Dedication counts! Find stages where you can promote your work independently. Evaluate after the release what you did well and what you can do better.

Feb 5, 7:34AM EST0

How essential do you think video is in relation to your music? Do you have a video you would suggest fans see?

Feb 3, 9:15PM EST0

Yeah, video material is very important. It shows who you are and what you are able to. I have some online stuff but the most attention I spend to live performances. But to give something people can always look up at home, video can be very important. 

Feb 5, 7:27AM EST0

What are the important tips would you like to give to the struggling freelance musicians out there?

Feb 2, 5:31AM EST0

First: set your goal. Give everything or nothing. No half work. Believe in what you are doing . Second: if you're not good at managing your stuff, find someone to do it for you. Third: work together with other musicians, even if it is for a short period of time. Forth: make good agreements with everyone involving your projects (gig managers, other musicians, producers etc).

Feb 2, 2:21PM EST0

You are into so many things, music, acting, writing, poetry… Can people see you as a filmmaker in the future? Are you planning on it?

Feb 1, 2:11PM EST0

Nice question. Indeed I'm into a lot of stuff I like. But no, I'm not into filmmaking.

Feb 1, 3:49PM EST0

How can the musicians balance their earnings all round the year?

Feb 1, 11:02AM EST0

You need a good administration for that. A lot of musicians only think of booze and smoking weed. But is more than that. A declaration of payment from the stage manager is important for taxes if you play in the country you also live in. You have to make sure your outcome does not overhead the income. And some months that is more freely that others. If you have a manager, he or she will take care of a lot of those things.

Feb 1, 3:48PM EST0

What kind of writing projects are you planning to take it up? Will they be related to music?

Feb 1, 10:23AM EST0

Well, I have found a publisher who will publish my poems in the Netherlands! And after my study I will publish new songs again. But for now not to much related to music.

Feb 1, 3:45PM EST0

What musical instrument is your favorite and sort of quadruples your connection to the song you are doing?

Jan 31, 5:51AM EST0

That sure is the guitar! It mingles with my spirit, sort of.

Feb 1, 3:43PM EST0

Is it easier for a poet to create melodies out of his poetry? Does it follow that if you're a lover of music, poetry will come just easily to you?

Jan 30, 10:04AM EST0

Poetry is actually sort of divided to me from music. The poetry I write in my songs is quite different from the ones in my bundles. Poetry carries a heavier meaning and outcome than music and its lyrics, because of the melodies and their possibilities. But because I wrote my first poetry at the age of 10, I was used to write artificial stuff when I wrote my first songs and felt already quite at home.   

Jan 30, 4:39PM EST0

How long did it take you to finish Woensdagse Regen? Where did you get the inspiration, mostly?

Jan 29, 9:14PM EST0

Sharp question. It took me about half a year. The first idea started when I worked in Rotterdam for a national newspaper for a few months in 2014. I let the idea rest for a long time and picked it up when finishing the aftermath of the Europe tour. I promoted the first poems as a try-out on februari 16, 2017 at the Public Library Amsterdam. Shortly after, I travelled to Lisbon and the Portugese Algarve in the summer to finish the bundle for good.

Jan 30, 4:34PM EST0

What genre do you like performing to? Seems your songs are leaning towards the 60s sound. Is that right?

Jan 29, 4:41AM EST0

Yeah you're right! The 60's have been a wonderful period in music. Dreamy, catchy, meaningfull. That is what I miss a lot in daily music nowedays. My favorite genre would be indie rock. It's like reading a powerful book out loud. 

Jan 29, 2:24PM EST0

Can you share about the reason of the breaking up from the band Daily Monday? How difficult was it working with the rest of the group?

Jan 28, 9:26PM EST0

The main reason of breaking up was the difference of goals and aiming on the future plans. When you have comfort and safety, it is hard to give that up. You have to be able to do it, and for Daily Monday, it was clear they weren't. I wont blame them for anything, but it remains a loss for me personally. They where always easy working and made good stuff, but as long it is a hobby you won't achieve anything more than that. 

Jan 29, 2:22PM EST0

Do you have a manager who does the booking and arrangements during the tour or did you do everything by yourself? If so, how difficult or easy is the task?

Jan 28, 1:57PM EST0

I did had a producer, but not a manager. So I did all the bookings, my drummer friend all the hotels and nighttime sleeps. Good combo because he's not so talky and I'm not much of a organizer. It can be hard to talk yourself in at a club or bar. People sometimes don't want you at all and won't see the benefits. You have to show them, so send them the links and music of good quality, and maybe they bite. With countries who aren't much developed, you better walk in and talk to the manager instead of sending e-mails.   

Jan 29, 2:18PM EST0

Why of all the other band members, you were only able to coax the drummer to join you on the Europian tour? Were you always close before the band was formed?

Jan 28, 7:33AM EST0

Yes, we where good friends. The others as well but they got steady jobs they couldn't leave, and the drummer was a free man. I wanted a tour of a month, not two weeks, so the choice was made.

Jan 29, 2:15PM EST0

Did you also create songs for Daily Monday? How many songs did you create for the band's album?

Jan 28, 12:42AM EST0

The album 'Musicians down the stairs' of Daily Monday contained 8 songs and I wrote a lot of them. Also other songs I wrote that weren't on the album. I think that I'm more like a writer than a leader.

Jan 29, 2:14PM EST0

Do you also perform other artist's songs? Which artists are your favorites?

Jan 26, 9:07PM EST0

Yes, I do. I prefer to cover artists like Pink Floyd and Paul Simon, but also Nelly Furtado and Tina Turner are sometimes covered by me during the tour. I like to be surprising.

Jan 29, 2:12PM EST0

How long did you work and perform with Daily Monday? Can you qualify the time as a success?

Jan 25, 9:51AM EST0

From head to tail I had a period with the band for about 3 years. At start we worked hard to become something and get ourselves known. But it takes a lot of effort and willpower. That dropped away after the lack of succes at the very end. That is unfortunate, but keeps you fresh.

Jan 25, 11:51AM EST0

Do dutch music have different styles compared to western music?

Jan 25, 6:44AM EST0

Yes, it does. Western music I assume you mean country? Dutch music comes in many styles: Dutch 'schlager', Nederrock (Dutch rock'n Roll), Nederpop (Dutch Pop) and ballads (which are often mixed with other languages like English). You should visit Amsterdam sometime to experience!

Jan 25, 11:49AM EST0
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What is the story behind your EP - Dreamcatcher? Who influenced you to create such selection of songs?

Jan 24, 9:17PM EST0

Dreamcatcher is about a boy who realises he wants to follow his goal. Making songs and living in the swifting, floating world of being an artist. My influencer: myself! (and for the music of course a couple of artists like Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Supertramp, Steely Dan). Catching your dreams and going on tour was realising a dream, hence the title.

Jan 25, 11:45AM EST0

How easy is it to put rhythm and melodies to lyrics? How long does it take you to finish composing one song?

Jan 24, 6:28PM EST0

Every musician has its own way of writing and composing. In my case you should maybe put it the other way around. I first find a melody and rhythm I'm attracted to, and suddenly lyrics kick in (also sometimes with help of others) . It variates strongly how long a song takes to write. Can be a few hours, but I one time took a year to it. It depends on your mood and time!

Jan 25, 11:42AM EST0

Can you recommend freelancing with music to musicians? What are the benefits that you are currently enjoying?

Jan 24, 12:56PM EST0

The benefit is mostly the freedom you have in going anywhere you want. When you get hired you get a steady pay, but not always the freedom you want. Nothing is more valuable in the world than freedom, so you pay a high price: you often need a job aside it to cover the costs. If you're smart you get hired as a musician somewhere steady, and go freelancing in the meantime when you're off :)

Jan 25, 11:38AM EST0

What are the challenges of performing in the smaller group compared to performing with the previous band?

Jan 24, 4:53AM EST0

In a smaller group you have a way different sound than in a band. A band is really full sound. It adds more mass to it as the bass and whatsoever kicks in. With only a drummer, a lot is asked from the guitarist like a steady rhythm, constant padding and finding other ways to play something differently. But the relationship with your audience sometimes gets more personal because you become more approachable.

Jan 25, 11:36AM EST0

Have you tried joining competitions? Have you auditioned for big ones such as "Got Talent" and "The Voice"? If not, have you contemplated on gaining fame by doing such stints?

Jan 23, 8:27PM EST0

I have done competitions and hit finalis, but it is not something I really like. I'm more a jazz-bar-club kinda person. But competitions can really help for gaining awereness! So maybe I will do a bigger competition like 'the voice' in the future, but then they have to persuade me a bit haha

Jan 25, 11:31AM EST0

Will you continue working with your drummer all throughout your career or are you also open to having more members eventually?

Jan 23, 7:03PM EST0

My drummer and I have a good friendship, but we went on different ways. He likes to make more coversongs, as I prefer to sing more of my own. Sometimes that works better, so we won't work against one another. He still visists me from time to time to write and discuss, but we do not perform anymore together in the near future. I'm always open for new experiences so yes I sure would like to meet new people!

Jan 25, 11:28AM EST0

Do you sing your own song? What genre are they mostly?

Jan 22, 11:25PM EST0

Yes I do! I sing Indiepop and Indierock. Also jazz and singer-songwriter are one of my favourites.

Jan 23, 11:23AM EST0

What are the challenges in recording albums? What about marketing them? Did the Europe tour help the sales?

Jan 22, 11:10PM EST0

Thanks for asking. The main challenge is to be happy with the sound you want. It's like baking a pie while you don't know the exact recipe, but do know how it suppose to taste like. After you made something that is completely how you want it, go find a platform like Spotify or Soundcloud to show people what you got. The release of your album is a HAPPENING, so make it feel like that to the audience. A lot of social promotion and stage promotion, and a release party are a must. Doing contiguous a Europetour, shows you have something big going on. It won't help the sales explosively, but will help to gain stage and social experience. The main thing: don't make the people forget that you are there!

Jan 23, 11:34AM EST0

Would you be interested to perform for producers from Hollywood?

Jan 22, 10:53PM EST1

Yes of course. They can help you create an huge awareness under the audience. A great step forward!

Jan 23, 11:36AM EST0

Among the number of songs you've created, which one is your most favorite? Why?

Jan 22, 10:35PM EST0

That is a tuff question. I think that is a song I have not yet released, called Ways Out. It has a mix of flamboyant rhythm and passionate lyrics. I love it because of the summerish feeling it gives me. The plan is to release it next summer, so if you are curious, go check my Spotify or Facebook at that time:


via spotify:artist:3q7OCiXYCHQdm6MhFwwClE

Jan 23, 11:43AM EST0

What is the big career plan for the next 5 years?

Jan 22, 10:11PM EST0

A while ago when I finished my study of acting, I wanted to do nothing else but that. But I decided that writing is also one of the most powerfull things to express myself. I started a study Philosophy and Journalism in the Dutch city of Utrecht, which I plan to finish around October. After that I will focus entirely on writing, poetry and making music.

Jan 23, 11:46AM EST0
Are poets also hopeless romantics or passionate lovers?
Jan 22, 10:04PM EST0

Good one! Poets are people with a urge of romance towards themselves. Because it hard to understand the world and yourself sometimes, poetry provides freedom. Not all poetry goes about love or romance, but there are some poets I know that tell the story of spiritual guidance or how bussinesmen iron their suits! Yes, it is interesting to discuss with them the definition of poetry or prose. Passionate lovers we must all be indeed, because love you feel with your heart and that is where poetry sure also is created. 

Jan 23, 11:52AM EST0
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