My name is Robert Galinsky. I am a New York theatre artist, playwright, and performer and I have a show running Off Broadway! Ask Me Anything!

Robert Galinsky
Feb 6, 2018

My show is called The Bench, A Homeless Love Story and I play 5 characters who are all either homeless or on the fringe, in 1987. The show's characters are based on real people and true stories and the show is a window into their world: poetic, vulgar, joyful and tragic. It is directed by the great film/theatre/tv actor Jay O. Sanders. http://www.thebenchplay.com


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Have you been to theatre festivals and which one was your favourite? 

Feb 8, 8:56AM EST0

Do you think continuous learning is important for an artist and a playwright? What things are you looking to learn?

Feb 6, 10:47AM EST0

What inspired you to take up this storyline? Why do you want to stage it?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

Is the play a combination of several true stories?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

How difficult was it to bring the 1980s to the set?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

What was the most challenging part of this project?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

Is any other project on cards now? What’s it about?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

How did you choose the artists for this play?

Feb 5, 6:14PM EST0

Do you have plans to take this project to big screens?

Feb 5, 6:13PM EST0

Which is the preferred to screen your plays? Why?

Feb 5, 6:13PM EST0

What’s your favorite genre? Who is your favorite actor/director in that genre?

Feb 5, 6:13PM EST0

What is the takeaway you want the viewers to take from the play?

Feb 5, 6:13PM EST0

What’s the overall budget of the play? Did you fund the project by yourself?

Feb 5, 1:30PM EST0

Who are the real people here? Is it based on your real-life experience?

Feb 5, 6:38AM EST0

What was your first script? How did you start writing it?

Feb 5, 4:02AM EST0

What kind of stories or plays you mostly write? Why?

Feb 4, 6:48PM EST0

How do you manage to do several things at a time?

Feb 4, 11:01AM EST0

What kind of graphics did you use on the play?

Feb 4, 6:49AM EST0

With whom you would like to work in the future? Why?

Feb 2, 11:29PM EST0

What is the best part of being a director cum actor?

Feb 2, 5:32PM EST0

When are you planning to screen the project? And Where?

Feb 2, 4:54PM EST0

What are your valuable tips for the budding artists?

Feb 2, 2:11PM EST0

Who is your all-time favorite and inspiration? What did you learn from him?

Feb 2, 12:28PM EST0

What are your future plans? How did you like to project your skills?

Feb 2, 11:34AM EST0
What are the five characters you play? Why did you choose them?
Feb 2, 10:38AM EST0
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