My name is Larry Oskin. I LOVE fine art photography! Let me help you promote your fine art & artistic inspirations. Ask me anything!

Larry H. Oskin
May 13, 2018

Creative Art Work, The Process, Inspirations & How To Promote Yourself! I have always been motivated to be an artist, since a young boy. My first one-man art show of paintings was held when I was in the second grade as promoted by my public school art teacher. Since I was 7, I have remained self-motivated to discover new fine art techniques that will visually share emotions, expressions and event. He shares, “You should first find and develop your own artistic medium, unique style and specialty niche. Showcase your work. Start to enter art competitions, join art leagues, hang artwork in galleries and as many art shows as possible. Develop a Media Kit with your personal Artistic Biography, your Art Business  Story and create a series of press release announcements to the local and national media. Share your expertise! Volunteer to help your community and other artists. Work with the media to help educate their audience, while promoting yourself, your accomplishments, honors and artwork – without overt commercialization. Once published, create and share PR Reprints on social media and your website. Never stop promoting yourself and creating your inspired new artwork!” 

Celebrate Your Artistic Inspirations: My Art Beautique work is very stylized. Photography remains one of our best artistic forms of creative media and visual expression. Through fine art photography, we are able to share what we can see, sense and feel, yet not touch!  With photography, we can share the instant of a beautiful sunrise, sunset and cloud, which may only otherwise be a mere quick memory. With fine art photography, we are able to enjoy the memory of smiles, happiness, sorrow, love, warmth, friendship, beauty and spirit as well as to remember the unique joy we may have experienced from a complete array of emotions. A picture may only be worth 1000 words, while little else will compare when you are able to capture any special moment in time!  As a feminist specializing in supporting women, he continues to work with motivation and inspiration to help women achieve very positive self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem! 

Larry Oskin: Originally from Buffalo, New York, I have exhibited my professional artwork in private art galleries and city museums across the world. My accomplishments include exhibiting at the famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery, considered one of the ten best modern art museums in the world. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design in Advertising, while I am also was certified in Art Education. I completed advanced studies in commercial and fine art photography, sculpture, painting and ceramics using progressive objective and non-objective color and field theories, while studying at the State University College of New York at Buffalo.  I am President and owner of Marketing Solutions in Clermont, FL as a small boutique marketing, advertising, graphic design, photography and PR agency specializing in the professional beauty, salon, spa and medical industries. I launched Art Beautique with a virtual art gallery at

Marketing & PR: Earlier in my career, I was Director of Marketing for Circle Fine Art, which at the time was respected as the world’s largest fine art publisher and art gallery chain. I provided marketing and PR services for Peter Max, Erté, Yaacov Agam, Norman Rockwell, LeRoy Neiman, Marcel Mouley, Walt Disney Studios and many internationally respected artists. Before founding Marketing Solutions, I was formerly a Vice President of Marketing at Regis Corporation as well as The Hair Cuttery, two nationally respected beautycare companies. 

Inspired By Beauty!  For a free ‘Ask Me Anything’ consultation, submit your questions here or email or visit, and

Larry H. Oskin, President

Marketing Solutions / Art Beautique

Clermont, FL 34711 USA

PHN:  407-395-9007 / 703-508-6800





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How do you market you product to the audience? 

May 19, 5:01PM EDT0

I have a colorful Art Beautique Media Kit with my Biography, Business Story and PR Reprints. I create occasional press releases. I belong to an art league. I show my work at art shows and art galleries. I promote my fine art photography on social media and the Internet. My website is not as strong as it needs to be. I volunteer to help with community art shows, while still promoting my artwork -- with other featured artists. I always look for media and feature story opportunities. I try to price my artwork with value and affordably, yet not give it away.

May 19, 5:28PM EDT0
What do you do besides photography?
May 18, 5:45PM EDT0

Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Media Relations, Social Media, Business Consulting ... and I try to enjoy life!

May 18, 5:53PM EDT0
Do you have advice for someone lacking in the ability to develop such interesting ideas?
May 18, 11:49AM EDT0

Sure! Visit the library to look at art books. Go to art shows and art galleries. Sign up to be invited to art show openings. Register for online email media and artistic newsletters. Take a few advanced hands-on art and photography courses. Network with other artists and photographers. Join art leagues and photography clubs. Work together with others to create and facilitate group art and photography projects. Start to list your favorite themes and topics, so you can create artwork to celebrate what you love most. Visit online websites like this and more to explore interesting ideas. Volunteer your areas of artistic expertise to help your community. Plan, create and promote your own one person and group art shows with an inspired theme. Create a plan and work your plan. Create a list of very specific artistic goals and quantifiable objectives. Create an action plan to meet those goals and objectives using challenging, yet realistic goals, deadline dates and assignments for yourself. Get yourself motivated! Help motivate others! Don't wait! Start now! 

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May 18, 12:40PM EDT0
Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Is there any other artist or photographer who inspired your art?
May 18, 9:02AM EDT0

I really am inspired every day! I love to take my camera most everywhere with me ... even to stores, restaurants and supermarkets. I remain self-motivated. I have studied some favorite artists. For color and field, I love Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly and others, I love the work of Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Peter Max, Tarquy, Thomas Root, Bob Mack, Maxwell, Charles Bragg, all of the non-objective abstract expressionists, the objective abstract impressionists and all of the historically famous impressionist artists. I really do enjoy all other photographer's work! I get inspired by family, my wife, outdoor art show artists & photographers, cruise ship art auctions, art galleries, art museums, sunrises, sunsets, bright colors and daily life!  I absolutely love to celebrate creative fine art photography with inspiring visions every day and in every way I can!!!!!

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May 18, 9:10AM EDT0
Where is your photography going? What are you currently working on and do you have any photographic plans for future?
May 18, 6:50AM EDT0

My Art Beautique fine art photography continues to expand with creative new ideas and concepts. I have a number of professional studio photo sessions booked for the next few months with models, pageant title holders and Americana themes. I am continuing to expand my commercial photography and photo journalism with ongoing monthly community events, business organizations and media projects. I am already booking models, locations and photo sessions from now through the end of this year. For example, I have 10 fabulous glamour, pageant and beauty models booked for this weekend, with wardrobe, props, a team of hair designers and makeup artists to help me. My models and talent are coming here from Virginia, North Carolina and all across Florida. We have a large ballroom reserved to shoot this project. I just started to create a new monthly photo journalism column in a local online magazine to help share my creative photography and journalism skills. I am now booking an exciting new Americana shoot at a local historic village with appropriate models and era props to recreate and 'modernize' some Norman Rockwell themes, American Gothic, Whistler's  Mother, Uncle Sam, We Can Do It, the sailor kissing the nurse after the war ... and some other famous iconic imagery. I always have at least 3 to 5 future projects in the works, to expand my seven collections.

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May 18, 7:50AM EDT0
Where do the ideas come from and what steps do you find yourself moving through to bring the idea to fruition?
May 16, 4:53AM EDT0

I continually work to expand my seven very diverse Art Beautique Collections. I celebrate ‘Beauty & Glamour’, ‘Flowers & Nature’, ‘Cityscapes & Seascapes’, ‘Animals’, ‘Americana’, ‘World Capitals’ and ‘Judaica & Religion’.  Through a special photo impressionism technique, my Art Beautique images actually look like impressionistic paintings, using bright, bold and vivid colors. I am always looking for new ideas. I also like to recreate, replicate and re-invent old pose ideas and themes -- like 'American Gothic' or 'We Can Do It!' I definitely collaborate and work with each of my models, asking for their 'Wish List' and for them to bring in their own pose ideas. While I will have my own ideas, this creative collaboration makes each shoot more fun and rewarding. See:

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May 16, 9:28AM EDT0
How much work goes into the preparation of your photography?
May 16, 12:36AM EDT0

I will spend several months planning for most of my beauty, glamour and artistic photography sessions. I often search the Internet and for creative fresh pose ideas. When I do a group shoot, I will get about 5 to 10 models with a creative team of hairstylists and makeup artists. I actually take the same amount of time when shooting with one model, so I can pre-plan the potential model abilities, poses, wardrobe, lighting and props. I do like to create tasteful nude and semi-nude fine art photography sessions, so I want my models comfortable with everything beforehand. I definitely want them to fully trust me as it makes a difference on camera.  I invite these models to meet ahead of time to review everything and to find out what is on their own 'Wish List'. I am often surprised and delighted at their requests. I continue to be surprised at how many women secretly do want to pose with tasteful boudoir imagery, nude and semi-nude for their own privately shared collections. I really do like to take the time to collaborate with each of my models beforehand and most especially when on camera. There actually are some times when I will just shoot a new unexpected opportunity without any or much pre-planning.

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May 16, 9:13AM EDT0
Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography? If not – why is it something you seem to focus upon so much today?
May 16, 12:13AM EDT0

Yes, portraiture is a major focus of mine. I love to explore and capture the various facial expressions with hair designs, makeup, wardrobe and body language to help share the impact from each valuable moment. When I take portraits, I will shoot hundreds or even thousands of images in a few hours, looking to capture the perfect moment with still photography. When most people pose for a photo, they start by sharing a limited traditional smile. I try to work with them to go beyond that, so we can capture and share more of their personal expressions. I also really like to have my female models pose with their eyes closed while not necessarily looking right at the camera, to share their true beauty, self satisfaction, self-confidence, composure and tranquility. For some examples, see:

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May 16, 9:06AM EDT0
Is there something specific that you are looking for to capture anytime soon? If so, what is it?
May 15, 7:59PM EDT0

I am doing a new beauty and glamour collection photo session this week here in the Orlando, Florida area with about 10 pageant title holders, models, hair designers and makeup artists. I am looking to again help each woman and man to achieve more self-confidence, while celebrating their total looks, imagery and expressions. I will do it again on August 19 with 8 to 10+ more models, hoping for a win-win-win event. I am also planning a new 'American Gothic' photography session this summer or early fall for my Americana Collection to celebrate our patriotism for America, while replicating and re-creating modern versions of some famous early American era imagery from the 1900's!

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May 15, 8:05PM EDT0
How many national bookings have you gotten in the past 6 months and what methods did you use to attract said bookings?
May 14, 5:46AM EDT0

What do you mean by national "bookings"? We do not book art shows and art exhibits. We can help find art show opportunities. We offer marketing, advertising, brochures, fliers, social media posts and media relations. We do send out press releases. Unlike paid advertising insertions, there are no real guarantees for PR Hits. However, the more PR Hits you get, the more PR Hits you will get.

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May 14, 6:34AM EDT0
What types of contracts do you offer clients and how much do you charge for specific services?
May 13, 11:59PM EDT0

I offer annual marketing and media trelations agreements that can automatically renew each year. I try not to offer project work. I only discuss financials privately with each client.

May 14, 6:40AM EDT0
What type of publicity do you book most and why do you believe this type of publicity is ideal when marketing an artist?
May 13, 8:15PM EDT0

We mostly go after specifically targeted trade media first and local / regional consumer media next. We continue both forever, while educating their readers with your areas of expertise Both primary media targets are ideal and necessary to build credentials and support for your name and artwork.  We avoid overt commercialism. 

May 13, 9:23PM EDT0

I also specialize in marketing the professional beauty business to promote salons, spas, manufacturers, hairstylists and more. No matter what the cateogory, I believe going after national trade publicity is vitally important as a top priority for each client's targeted category. Then, you can more adequately go after local and regional media. Qn ongoing comprehensive media relations and marketing campaign is essential to promote any artist or business.

May 14, 6:38AM EDT0
Do you provide media coaching and what is your social media expertise?
May 13, 6:42PM EDT0

I do provide interview and media coaching for our clients. We also help with written interview requests, so our clients can proof and approve of their submissions before presentation, when possible. We are adept at basic Internet, Facebook and social media campaigns which are important, yet not as well versed in live feeds, Twitter and Instagram for extra potential socia media relations.

May 13, 6:47PM EDT0
How long do most of your campaigns last?
May 13, 6:07PM EDT0

They are ongoing with calendarized, topical, seasonal and annualized updates! Most calendarized and seasonalized media campaigns need to be prepared and ready to go on a timely basis at least 2 to 3 months in advance. The print media works 3+ months in advance, while online media works 1 to 3+ months in advance, especially when they need to coordinate with their print publications.

May 13, 6:50PM EDT0
To what extent do you incorporate both traditional and digital marketing into your campaigns and what are your reasons for doing so?
May 13, 3:35PM EDT0

I believe that traditional marketing today incorporates ALL forms of marketing and media relations inclusive of print, broadcast, email, Internet, website, social and online media. You need to develop a diverse multi-level comprehensive marketing strategy to reach your target markets. You can create a wide target and a smaller tight target market, yet you will still really need to conider digital marketing as part of traditional marketing strategies today.

May 13, 5:02PM EDT0
What are some of the things you ask yourself or think about just before you push the button for a photograph?
May 13, 3:27PM EDT0

Some of the things I consider before clicking the shutter button include are: Is this the perfect moment, is it framed as tightly as possible, does my image include everything to tell a story and is the composition of the layout captivating. Luckily with digital photography, you can try to capture a series of similar, yet different images.

May 13, 4:58PM EDT0
Which personal artwork are you most proud of and why?
May 13, 1:19PM EDT0

That's a difficult question. I remain proud of many different personal artwork achievements. Each new personal best achievement became a big step forward. I remain proud of the coloring I did in coloring books as a very young kid. I was proud to have my artwork featured in my first one man art show in second grade. I remain proud of a special objective abstract expressionist painting that I did in 9th grade. I remain proud of a very large non-objective abstract expressionist painting I did on the front of a huge window shade I tore down from our classroom at Kenmore West High School -- with permission from my art teacher Mr. Kontos. Today, I have been proud of my best sculptures, paintings, ceramics and drawings. I am most proud of my newest 9 Art Beautique fine art photography collections that I have been working on for the past 10 years, while using photo impressionism with color and field theory to concentrate mostly on celebrating the beauty of women!

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May 13, 1:30PM EDT0
What kind of results should a client of yours expect and what results do you consider to be particularly successful?
May 13, 12:49PM EDT0

Our clients should expect to receive ongoing help with marketing, advertising, media relations, graphic design, social media and consulting services. While marketing and PR are not magic, they remain a very important investment. They need to have a long term committment to our work together. Once we have a client's annual agreement with a deposit in place, we first begin to quickly create a series of proposed strategies, projects, goals and objectives to gether. We then create a media kit biography, business story and a series of monthly press releases to begin our marketing strategy while also looking for feature story opportunities.

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May 13, 1:07PM EDT0
Is there a specific type of artist or photography you enjoy working with most, if so, what are they and what are the reasons for your preference?
May 13, 11:22AM EDT0

I am happy to work with any professional artists and fine art photographers. They need to have a portfolio with style and some real credentials. They need to have gone well beyond being a hobbyist. They need to have the desire not to remain the best kept secret and the respect for the need of third party representative endorsement. They do need a budget to pay for some external marketing, advertising, consulting and PR services.

Last edited @ May 13, 1:34PM EDT.
May 13, 1:03PM EDT0
What do you consider to be the most important facets of good photography?
May 13, 9:29AM EDT0

The most important facets of good quality professional photography include subject matter, color, expression and layout ... while a photographic image that energizes an emotion, positive reaction, a meaningful memory or any shared reaction is vitally important. How you present your photograph to instill a reaction is essential!

Last edited @ May 13, 10:20AM EDT.
May 13, 10:07AM EDT0
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