My name is Jose Barrera and I’m a visual communicator. Ask me anything!

Jose Barrera
Apr 15, 2018

I’m specialized in illustration and have experience in 3D modeling, texturing and animation. I’ve worked for T.V channels creating motion graphics and I’m currently working in a 3D animation studio. Here’s a sample of my work,

3D personal work: Here's some works that I've done in 3D for personal use. I made the modeling, texturing and rendering of all the pieces shown. 

Poster desings: I've created the emblems and pieces based on POP culture tv series, animation, video games and movies for commercial use in different online stores.

Personal Illustrations


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How can you tell when one of your works is finished? Do you review it with others?
Apr 18, 2:54AM EDT0
Is there a style of animation that you strive to be like, or are you trying to create your own style?
Apr 17, 7:10AM EDT0
Who has been your biggest inspiration as an artist? How have they influenced your art?
Apr 17, 1:05AM EDT0
What types of companies usually hire you for illustrations, and how much do you research those companies when you are making art for them?
Apr 17, 12:54AM EDT0
What makes you stand out as a visual communicator that gives you an edge in the field?
Apr 16, 8:56PM EDT0
Are there any areas of modeling, texturing, and visual communication that you have never got the hang of, or do you take a project from start to finish?
Apr 16, 2:46PM EDT0
What is your dream place to work and why do you have such a high opinion of them?
Apr 16, 10:20AM EDT0
Did your artistic career start with a passion for animation or did you start somewhere else?
Apr 16, 8:57AM EDT0
Has your involvement in the field strengthened or lessened your appreciation for movies and video games?
Apr 16, 6:05AM EDT0
What has been the hardest part of 3D animation to learn?
Apr 16, 4:28AM EDT0
What is it like working for a 3D animation studio, and what type of work do you usually do for them?
Apr 16, 3:11AM EDT0
Where did you learn to 3D model? Did you have to go to a specialized school?
Apr 16, 3:07AM EDT0

I learned 3D modeling studying Visual Communication in a national design Institute. 

Apr 17, 12:22AM EDT0
How long were you practicing animation before you got recognized and paid for it?
Apr 15, 9:05PM EDT0

I learn 3D animation in the studio that I'm currently working, before that I wasn't animating characters. 

Apr 17, 12:19AM EDT0
How many hours does it typically take to create a full motion animation?
Apr 15, 2:46PM EDT0

It depends of the Project’s magnitude. If it’s an animated short, commercial, series or movie the development of them it’s basically the same (concept or idea, conceptual art, storyboard, animatic, etc.) but their duration and the detail’s level have to be considered before starting the animation project. For example: An animated short or movie can take between 1-2 years.

Apr 15, 7:29PM EDT0

Have you made any video games of your own? How often do you animate when it is not for a project?

Apr 15, 12:54PM EDT0

I’ve only participated in some global events such as “Game Jam” and I have experimented a Little with my co-workers. Nothing commercial (yet). At this moment I’ve only animated projects developed in the company, I also practiced animation in different situations, for example, extracting an audio fragment from a video, recorded myself acting and then used my video as a guide for the animation.

Apr 15, 7:29PM EDT0
What does being a visual communicator mean to the eyes of the public? Do you feel respected for your career?
Apr 15, 1:54AM EDT0

Is taking a concept or idea and using visual techniques develop it, with the most loyalty to the concept and maintaining the coherence (design) to it, so this idea can be successfully understood by the audience. I love my job. I think it’s the most important for me. It is exciting watch the spectator’s reactions while the process of visualization, see how their senses stop doing anything else just to dedicate their all attention to your job, giving you their time. Respecting the public that gives you that chance is, for me, is important.

Apr 15, 7:30PM EDT0
What programs do you usually use to do your work, and what would you recommend for low cost programs that enthusiasts can use?
Apr 15, 12:44AM EDT0

This question is very interesting. To illustrations I use Corel Painter, I love the simulation of traditional materials that it has. Then, I retouch just a little with Adobe Photoshop. Respecting to Modeling, I’ve used Blender, Zbrush and Autodesk Maya, but I use more the last one of them. I’ve always thought that if you wish to work in the 3D animation as a professional you should learn to use the programs that use the professionals, such as animation studios, besides, these days most of the softwares have trial versions or student versions that can help you to understood how they work and create a portfolio, when the time comes that you start working, the studios should give you all the programs that you need to do your work. To end this answer, LOT OF PRACTICE. Understanding the programs will do nothing for you unless you practice every day how to use them to your favor.

Apr 15, 7:30PM EDT0
What types of motion graphics did TV channels ask you to do? Is there any work of yours that we would easily recognize?
Apr 14, 10:18PM EDT0

I’ve worked 2 years in a national T.V Channel. My job was to create motion graphics for sports shows. In my behance you can see one of them.

Apr 15, 7:32PM EDT0
How large is the company that you work for and how much traffic in customers does it bring in?
Apr 14, 3:54PM EDT0

I work in a small company that is growing, we currently are 15 people. We have several clients in our porfolio. 

Apr 15, 7:38PM EDT0
What is your favorite part about what you are doing today, and is there anything that would make you give that up?
Apr 14, 2:35PM EDT0

I love being part from the concept till the end, but I enjoy the most modeling, texturing and animation. The thing that could make me give up is creative differences with the clients hahaha.

Apr 15, 7:32PM EDT0
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