My name is Geoff Pilkington. I'm an actor, blogger, and social media / tech enthusiast who is on a constant quest to combine Creativity with Technology. Ask Me Anything.

Geoff Pilkington
Feb 10, 2018

Hi everyone.

Let's have a fun discussion about how Entertainment, Social Media, and Tech are melding in this 2018 world. I'm on a constant quest to help blend the three together in an effort to provide a bright future for all. 

Website: www.geoffreypilkington.com

Medium Blog: https://medium.com/@geoffpilkington

Twitter: www.twitter.com/geoffpilkington

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeoffPilkingtonOfficial/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/geoffreypilkington

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/geoffpilkington/

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how do you blend together technology and acting?

Feb 16, 2:41PM EST0

Do you have a role model whom you look up to?

Feb 16, 2:22PM EST0

Your blog intro says "Futurist, Neo-Generalist, Minimalist, Millennial, Indigo Kid, Actor, Blogger, Podcaster, and Content Creator". Could you tell a little more about what's Neo-Generalist and Indigo Kid?

Feb 15, 6:36PM EST0

Do you think it is right to fall for a reel-life image of an actor and expect him to be the same in real life as well? Does it create any issues in your normal life?

Feb 15, 4:32AM EST0

Hi everyone! I'm here and will answer all the questions I can. Excited to speak to you all! 

Feb 10, 1:01PM EST0

Thank you everyone! So nice meeting you all and so many great questions. I will try to do another one of these soon. 

Feb 10, 2:46PM EST0

How do you manage your multiple interests? What does your daily routine look like?

Feb 8, 2:48PM EST0

Every day is different. With having to go to set it changes things. I try to get 6-7 hours of sleep per night. I'm not a person who sleeps 8 hours at night.

I wake up and drink a large glass of water. I meditate for 20 minutes. I workout. Then the day varies. Sometimes i go to set, sometimes I write, sometimes I make youtube video, sometimes I do emails or have various meetings. It can vary. But my first 2 hours of the day is very consistent. 

Feb 10, 2:44PM EST0

What movie genre best suits you as an actor?

Feb 8, 9:55AM EST0

I really love dramatic love stories that I connect to and I like intense stories with a dark side. I'm also told I'm good with comedy. I have a wide spectrum. 

Feb 10, 2:41PM EST1

Can you put some light on Launch Industries? What's it all about and is this your personal venture?

Feb 6, 1:56AM EST0

Yes, it's my personal venture and my LLC. I can't really speak on it yet but it's in the works! Tech + Social Media + Creativity is the strongest hint I can give. More soon. 

Feb 10, 2:41PM EST0

As an adventure lover, apart from skydiving what's the most adventurous thing you have done so far in your life?

Feb 5, 11:15AM EST0

Skydiving! Ha. My go-to answer.

I climbed Machu Picchu in Peru. That was rather adventurous. I drove to Los Angeles in 2004 not having anywhere to live upon arrival. I guess that was rather adventurous too! 

Feb 10, 2:39PM EST0

As a tech enthusiast what according to you has been the most innovative discovery or development in the recent times and why?

Feb 5, 6:42AM EST0

In the worlds of tech and communication? 

I would say....


Everything Elon Musk is doing


While Instagram is powerful right now I don't think it was as specifically innovative as Facebook and Twitter. To me it was a successful offshoot of the two. 

Virtual Reality (though I don't think Virtual Reality will have the impact we currently think it will. At least not in the WAY we think it will.)

Something bigger is on the horizon that blends all of these (Musk is more physical product though than the others). We just aren't quite there yet. 

Now I know there's some signficant breakthroughs happening in tech in the medical world (which is very exciting!) however that's not my specialty so I can't really speak on them. 

Feb 10, 2:37PM EST0

Your blog comprises of different topics ranging from life lessons to social media and Hollywood. What niche do you see yourself discovering more in coming 5 years and why?

Feb 5, 4:11AM EST0

It is indeed. I'm glad you noticed. Part of that is my ADHD! ha.

I think my niche ultimately will revolve around acting (my artist side) and linking it with Tech and social media. I know these are wide buckets but there's something there in the works. It's still a work in progress but it's steadily becoming more clear. 

Feb 10, 2:31PM EST0

What do you think are the responsibilities of a blogger?

Jan 28, 2:12PM EST0

Giving back to others, providing value, and in turn growing as a human.

Feb 10, 2:27PM EST1

Who are your biggest influences? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

Jan 28, 8:52AM EST0

My parents who i've actually written a blog post about each of them. My Mom's I actually wrote this past week. As far as what inspired me it is Curiosity about how other people think and feel, humanity, and the world as a whole.

Feb 10, 2:26PM EST0

As an actor, motivation and inspiration is important. What would you say is your best motivator?

Jan 28, 12:45AM EST0

1. Helping others and building my relationships with others.

2. My hero which is 10 years out (per McConaughey see below)

3. Genuine curiosity about how other people think and feel, humanity, and the world as a whole. 

Feb 10, 2:24PM EST0

Apart from blogging and acting, what are your other interests? Are you into sports too?

Jan 26, 11:43AM EST0

I've recently started a YouTube channel which I'm now working on growing. I'm very curious about space and aliens. I'm curious about off the beaten path topics like the Mandela Effect which has taken the internet by storm. I enjoy intellectual humor. My taste in humor is very specific. Smart humor. I love sports, working out, and staying healthy.  I love Major League Baseball and the National Football League. I'm a huge Saint Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams fan. 

Feb 10, 2:23PM EST0

How did you first get into blogging and what was your very first topic?

Jan 25, 9:52AM EST0

Honestly I got into blogging because one day I sat down and decided to write. It was rather spur the moment but that's often how I work anyway.

My first topic was very hot topic. It was about Donald Trump and ADHD. I sat down and wrote it in a few hours. 

Feb 10, 2:20PM EST0

In acting, what do you think would be the most challenging role for you? Why?

Jan 24, 9:21PM EST0

Good question. I think roles that take me outside of my comfort zone. We see Christian Bale and Johnny Depp doing this a lot. They pick roles that physically, mentally, and emotionally push them to the limit. So to answer your question probably a role that does that for me.  But it can be very draining. It's about balance. 

Feb 10, 2:18PM EST1

How do you deal with negative comments or criticisms? Does it affect you and your work?

Jan 24, 6:34PM EST0

It depends on the other persons motivation and you can almost always tell. If the person is being mean to be mean I ignore it. 

However if it is genuine constructive criticism I am very gracious and I use it to improve. We only get better through criticism. Our quality of life increases when we are open to constructive criticism and utilize it.

Absolutely it affects me and my work as I strongly value and want to hear others opinions. It's how we all improve and grow. Helping each other stimulates progress. 

Feb 10, 2:11PM EST0

What led you into the acting career as well? What attracted you to it and why do you feel this is an ideal profession for you?

Jan 24, 12:54PM EST0

I've always wanted to act. My first play I was Binky in "Binky Rudich and the Two Speed Clock" at age 6. 

I think what attracted me to it outside of it being an art form and form of expression is the immense amount of genuine curiosity I have about people, the world, humanity, and the future. I'm also constantly curious about how others think and feel. The psychology of human motivation is fascinating to me. I think that's also why I'm so interested in science and psychology. 

I have a relentless curiosity about life and human behavior. This obviously is very relevant to acting and I think is a chief motivator for me. 

Feb 10, 2:07PM EST0

How do you envision yourself a few years from now?

Jan 24, 5:04AM EST0

Continuing to grow, learn,  develop, and pursue my passions. A constant work in progress. 

Matthew McConaughey gave an incredible Oscar Speech on this topic a few years back. He said that his hero is himself in 10 years.  He's never going to be his hero but it gives him someone to keep on chasing. His hero is always 10 years away. Some viewed this as too self-indulgent but I think they missed the point. I'm never going to be my hero but it gives me someone to keep on chasing. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning and love life. 

Feb 10, 2:03PM EST0

Being a social media influencer, what would you like to share to the world? How do you promote positivity?

Jan 23, 8:29PM EST0

I'd like to share my desire to encourage others to find their strengths and find what it is within themselves that can contribute to the greater good. 

I promote positivity by sharing, being creative, giving, educating, inspiring, and entertaining. There's too much this day of age of people screaming at each other about politics on social media. That really bothers me.

If you look down my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds I've never in my life said anything negative about anything. It's just not who I am. I like making people laugh, making people wonder about cool things that could happen in the future and that are happening now, encouraging them to find ways they could improve themselves, and finding entrepreneurial and innovative discoveries that promote the greater whole. 

Feb 10, 1:53PM EST0

What motivates you to write? Where do you find your inspiration and motivation?

Jan 23, 7:05PM EST0

Passion. Simply passion. My belief is that if anything is forced with writing it's not going to feel authentic. Some of my best blogs came by me having a strong point of view on something. My inspiration and motivation stem from a deep passion I have for bridging the gap between technology and creativity. 

And I will say when I write I feel something and i sit down and I write the column. Most of the time it's in two separate sittings. However I'm not a person who's really formulaic about it. It just flows. That's how I know I'm in my zone. 

Connecting with others, fueling my relationships, and my passion for tech, art, and humanity as a whole inspire and motivate me. 

Feb 10, 1:47PM EST0

Do you act in your daily life?

Jan 23, 12:15PM EST0

What an interesting question. I think we all act in varying degrees in our day to day. It's part of being human. It's part of growth.  I think the key though is staying true to your core truths and discovering the inner you. We are all works in progress. One tool I find helpful this is myers briggs. Check the website www.16personalities.com. I think they give a person such great insight into who they are. 

Feb 10, 1:41PM EST0

How has social media changed art and film in particular?

Jan 23, 11:19AM EST0

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how I believe Social media is changing the artist's landscape. For a long time people thought cinema was an outcast to artistic circles and in time it developed into a profound art form. I believe social media has a long way to go but we are in the infancy stages of a new art form. 

Another way it's change it is just communication. Hollywood has to change the way films are marketed because of social media. With all the online youtube stars etc it's also shifted our idea of "Celebrity". 

It's changing the entire landscape in so many ways and only will continue to do so. 

Feb 10, 1:36PM EST0

Who are your favourite actors? If you could pick, who would you like to be in a movie/play with?

Jan 23, 10:25AM EST0

Currently working? I adore Tom Hanks because I feel he has that everyman quality with an intellectual side to him which is very much how I am. I also love Jack Nicholson. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is one of my favorite films.

As far as be in a play / movie with? All time? Can't go wrong with the great Marlon Brando. 

Feb 10, 1:27PM EST0

Do you think acting and movies have lost something to technology? Is it not all about special effects now and less about actor’s talent and authentic stories?

Jan 23, 9:40AM EST0

I do. It's not what it use to be. I was with a friend the other night watching "The Iceman Cometh". Jeff Bridges was roughly 12 years old in it! Go back and watch a film like that and you'll see how much it's different than what it use to be. Even movies in the 80's and 90's, you dont' see many movies like "Good Will Hunting", "Thelma and Louise", "The Silence of the Lambs" etc anymore. 

Unfortunately money and effects have overtaken those types of films. To me, this is sad. There's exceptions. I thought "LA LA Land" was excellent. But there's just way too many companies doing anything in their power to sell tickets and having too many external agendas. We in turn are losing the core of what cinema means. Part of this is the rise of YouTube, Streaming, Netflix etc. Technology just continues to change the game. It would be nice to have technology on our side and not working against that. Maybe that will change soon. 

Feb 10, 1:23PM EST0

What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?

Jan 22, 11:33PM EST0

There's different reasons people write. For some it's only creative expression with no intent to monetize. If that is your reason, the world is your oyster.

If your intention is to make money blogging, its a bit of a different story. You need to think about what your niche is. What do you want to write about? Who are you writing for? Who's your audience?  Who are you providing value for? Get specific. 

As Simon Sinek said "Find your Why." 

Finally, write write write. Write every day. Just like auditioning the more you write the better you get. 

Feb 10, 1:17PM EST1

Is there a secret or a key to success when auditioning in a particular role? How does an actor prepare for an audition?

Jan 22, 11:13PM EST0

I honestly think meditation is such a key for auditioning. I use an app called Headspace and it helps keep me focused, especially before an audition. Get a good night's sleep (if you can)  and dont' overthink things. Casting directors don't want to see a finished product. They want you to have made some choices while also leaving things open to some degree. 

I think the key to success when auditioning is to keep doing it. You only get better through doing just like most things in life. Hollywood also to a large degree is a numbers game. The more you audition, the better you get and the more people remember you. 

Feb 10, 1:13PM EST0

What is the worst part of being an actor? How about the best part of it?

Jan 22, 10:55PM EST0

I think as someone who's also an entrepreneur the hardest / worst part about being an actor is having good time management and making time for family. You very much have to juggle a very tough schedule and that makes things more difficult to find time for those most important in your life. 

The best part? I get to play pretend for a living! 

Feb 10, 1:10PM EST0

What are your thoughts on cyberbullying and what can one do to stop this?

Jan 22, 10:06PM EST0

Cyberbullying is horrible, devastating, and very real. We need to take more of a stand against it by rising up and talking about it more. There are so many internet trolls out there and we haven't done enough to crack down on this. The internet is the wild wild west. More must be done. Discussion is the best start. 

Feb 10, 1:08PM EST0
As an actor how do you measure your success and what do you do to build on it?
Jan 22, 8:32PM EST0

I measure it on 2 things: 

1. By whether or not my work is strengthening my relationships with those around me. Acting just like anything in life is about creating a good base of healthy relationships around you and growing it from there. 

2. By how much it is satisfying me creatively as an artist and whether or not my work art is having an impact on others. 

I build it on my relationships with all the people I've met over the course of my life inside and outside of the industry. You come to learn that gratitude and providing value to others is key. 

Feb 10, 1:06PM EST0
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