My name is Cory Favre. I am an emerging visual artist and momma from the Twin Cities. I want to share my experiences in figuring out how to grow my art business while chasing a toddler around. Ask me anything!

Cory Favre
Apr 7, 2018

I'm here to answer any questions about art, social media, or just being a parent while trying to grow your own career.  I work is mostly in encaustic (wax painting) and mixed media - acrylics, oils and colored pencils. My past work has been more illustration work while this year I have been focusing on more abstract paintings.  My main goal this year is to send off a grant application to further my practice.  

Feel free to check out my website and blog to see more of my work and what I do!  I am excited to answer your questions!

Instagram: @the.beatnik

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Apr 14, 5:02PM EDT0
How do you think the role of images has changed in the last century?
Apr 14, 4:49PM EDT0

Hi Mirza!

I'm not sure how to answer this!  It makes me think of advertising and how images now are in our face near constantly, where as 100 years ago it maybe wasn't always that way?  The instant access that technology brings wasn't there to make it so easy.

Apr 14, 5:08PM EDT0
What media do you prefer to showcase your art and how did you come to use it as your primary one?
Apr 14, 1:45PM EDT0

Hi Shweta!

Do you mean social media?  I prefer Instagram and use it all the time!  I don't like the newer algorithim because it makes some images harder to find, but overall I prefer it to any other one.  I think it is the best for sharing images.

Apr 14, 5:04PM EDT0
What are you currently working on? Anything interesting to share?
Apr 14, 7:22AM EDT0

I have been working on so much!  Here are some new ones:

Apr 14, 4:59PM EDT0
Do you think art has the power to make people compassionate or calm in their personal life? If so, how?
Apr 14, 4:55AM EDT0

Hi Bojana!

I think it definately can, but maybe not for everyone.  I think art can make people feel all sorts of ways, if you're open to it.

Apr 14, 5:05PM EDT0
Are there specific patterns you’ve noticed that you avoid or gravitate to? And why?
Apr 13, 8:49PM EDT0

Hi Branko!

I am not sure about patterns, but I definately notice the colors in my pallet usually stay the same.  I tend to use a lot of blues and magentas.  I think those colors are calming and remind me of the ocean.

Apr 13, 9:03PM EDT0
Did you use digital illustrations, or on paper?
Apr 13, 6:25AM EDT0

Hi SV!

I do not use computer illustrating.  I have no idea how to use photoshop or anything like that.  Sometimes I wish I did.

Apr 13, 9:01PM EDT0
How do you keep your artistic work fresh, where does all the new inspiration come from?
Apr 13, 2:09AM EDT0

Hi Rudi!

I'd say it sort of ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, I feel like I have too many ideas to ever get down on paper/canvas/panels.  Other times I feel pretty stuck and am in sort of a lull.  I find that other artists are really inspiring, reading and learning about other practices really helps me get over a block.  Knowing that everyone goes through the same things is comforting and hearing how others push out of a funk is really helpful.  

Other inspiration comes from music, politics, and life in general.  My son is quite a source of ideas.  Since I try to make time for both of us to work on our sketchbook, that really helps me to not think and just color with him.

Apr 13, 9:00PM EDT0
How would you describe yourself as a mother?
Apr 9, 6:58PM EDT0

Hi Gellert!

I think I am mostly laid back, but that doesn't mean my son doesn't irk me sometimes.  He is 18 months old, very strong willed and only knows one speed: sprinting.  I like to let him explore and figure things out and just make sure he isn't going to get seriously injured. 

Apr 10, 10:26AM EDT0
How has motherhood affected your creative processes?
Apr 9, 9:27AM EDT0

Hi Jean!

Motherhood has made my process more focused.  I know when I get the chance to go work, I only have a limited amount of time, so I better make it worth it.  I usually try to have certain goals in mind of what to get done during naptime or after bedtime.  I usually only get one or two hours at a time.  I also have been working in mediums that I can easily set down and pick up without much wait time, drying etc.  I did a lot of colored pencil work during my son's first year, I could easily work with it anywhere, pick it up or set it down whenever he needed something.  

I just have had to adapt!  It's doable, not always ideal, but it works.

Apr 9, 10:00AM EDT0
Do you consider yourself to be a patient person and why?
Apr 9, 12:29AM EDT0

Hi Honey!

I do!  I used to not think so, but after spending a few years training for a living and now having my son, I am pretty patient.  Or, at least I think I'm pretty good at hiding frusteration, lol.

Apr 9, 10:02AM EDT0
In what ways has motherhood changed your artistic aspirations?
Apr 9, 12:29AM EDT0

Hi again!

I think my aspirations have stayed the same, the timeline has changed.  Also, knowing how to work within the limitations having a small child is something I have been trying to figure out as I go.  Luckily, my husband is very supportive and helps me with all kinds of stuff.  Usually the heavy lifting for art markets, lol.  

Apr 9, 10:08AM EDT0
What are your biggest fears about your career?
Apr 8, 5:48AM EDT0


I think my biggest fears at the moment are having my work rejected and not meeting my goals.  I have put an enormous amount of effort into my work this year (not that I haven't in the past, however, I have set goals this year) and it just suck for nothing to come of it.

Apr 8, 8:31AM EDT0
Do you think that abstract art is too vaguely understood amongst the people or do you consider that it is respected enough in the circles of interest?
Apr 8, 4:44AM EDT0

Hi Alina!

I think a lot of time time, people don't try hard enough to understand abstract work.  I used to be one of those people, I just didn't get it.  I think with abstract work, learning about the artist is so key.  I find that the more you read/listen about the artist, the deeper understanding you will get about their work.  There are some really great podcasts that I listen to while I'm painting or driving, The Savvy Painter and The Jealous Curator.  

Apr 8, 11:21AM EDT0
At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your art?
Apr 7, 10:51PM EDT0

Hi M!

Oh man, I guess it depends on what it is.  Overall, maybe a place to relax.  I do have some illustrative work that is political, and might just piss people off.  

Maybe, just to make people think.  

Apr 8, 11:15AM EDT0
What is the toughest thing to handle as an artist and as a parent, which you would mostly want to avoid?
Apr 7, 9:32AM EDT0

Hi Marton!

I think juggling time, which is true for all parents I think.  I just don't have a job that I have to report to at a certain time, so it really all depends on me to make sure I make time to work.  Since my son is still very young, he needs me much of the time.  My time to work is usually during naps and after dinner when my husband is hanging out with him.  Weekends can be pretty productive sometimes, but that is also when everything social is scheduled too.  (My son and I also make work together, we have a joint sketchbook. It's really fun!)

It's a constant juggle, some time should free up when he goes to school in a couple years!  

Apr 8, 11:13AM EDT0
Do you plan to exhibit your work at an event or workshop in future?
Apr 6, 11:48PM EDT0

Hi Tracy!

That's the plan!  I apply to as many open calls as I can, getting into a good amount.  I am working currently on a body of work that I can hopefully shop around to get a solo show.  I am also applying for a grant to get a studio space, I would be able to be a part of open studios and possibly do workshops or other group type events.  

So, fingers crossed all this hard work pays off!

Apr 8, 11:10AM EDT0
While growing up, did you always want to be an artist? Do you remember your first artistic memory?
Apr 6, 8:32PM EDT0


I did always want to be an artist!  My first memory of really making art was trying my hardest to draw every Disney Princess, haha.  I also remember drawing a portrait of Frank Sinatra, attempting to sew clothes for my cat, and my mom taking me to a pottery class.  

Before that though, my mom says I loved looking through books of Monet's paintings.  I don't remember doing this, but she said I was obsessed as a toddler.  

Apr 8, 11:05AM EDT0
What is your favorite piece of work that resulted from this experience?
Apr 6, 5:50AM EDT0


Which experience?  Thanks!

Apr 8, 11:05AM EDT0
Besides visual art, what alternate medium do you like to rely on to incorporate creativity into your work?
Apr 6, 4:55AM EDT0

Hi Muia!

Music, hands down.  I love all kinds of music, I have been into listening to some Hawaiian music lately.  I used to live there, I miss it SO MUCH!  Also, my son LOVES the Moana movie.  

My husband and I also love going to concerts.  I find I get inspired by those as well.  I love seeing the stage set ups.  Last year we went to a Kings of Leon show and they always have these huge screens that play images all across the stage.  Those are very interesting.  We also went to Lorde a few weeks ago and her stage was so minimalistic, mostly a few dancers and lights.  Loved that too!

Apr 8, 11:02AM EDT0
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