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Torey Burchett
Apr 9, 2018

I  am an unsigned R&B artist.  Torey Burchett aka T-loww. I live in Midway, Ga.  I have sites on Reverbnation,  Numberone music, as well as Youtube. I am a very creative person.  I'm actually looking for a good dedicated manager.  I am game to answer any questions. I love to have fun and enjoy life.  Music is a very big part in my life and without it, everything else is useless.  I believe that with the Lord's help and the right people, my music will go all the way to the top.  Any investors willing to invest, not only do I have quality work but a die hard drive for my passion of music.

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What do you think about the state of RnB right now?
Apr 14, 6:16AM EDT0

I dont think that there is enough RnB out right now like it used to be.  I think we need more local artist to get that mainstream limelight if he/she is talented enough.

Apr 14, 5:37PM EDT0
What would you describe your music and sound to be like? What is the one thing that makes it unique?
Apr 13, 4:56PM EDT0
When did you start writing your own music?
Apr 13, 6:18AM EDT0

I started writing poems before i started writing music.   Started in middle school

Apr 14, 2:45AM EDT0
Are you pro or against auto-tuning? Do you think people who use it aren't real artists?
Apr 12, 6:16AM EDT0

I personally dont use auto tune because everyone is using it and sounding the same

Apr 14, 2:40AM EDT1

People that use auto tune are still artist and some of them  enjoy

Apr 14, 2:42AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on country music?
Apr 12, 6:16AM EDT0

I am not a fan of country music.  Some i like and some i dont but i always love the emotion and storytelling in country music

Apr 14, 5:39PM EDT0
If given the chance to collaborate with any R&B singer or rapper, dead or alive, who would it be?
Apr 11, 4:49PM EDT0

 Would love  to collaborate with the late 2pac just like Jon B.

Apr 11, 6:55PM EDT0
What inspired you to get into the music industry?
Apr 11, 8:47AM EDT0
Do you write songs based on your life experiences or emotional state? Which song of yours represents who you are now?
Apr 11, 5:14AM EDT0

Nobody knows until now my life is 100% my music.  I wrote a song called "U mean the world " for my two boys. I was emotional because at the time their mother wouldnt let me see them.

Apr 11, 9:04AM EDT0
Do you think techno music is actual art or just noise?
Apr 10, 1:55PM EDT0

I think techno is actually art. Everybody has different ways to express their type of art

Apr 10, 2:23PM EDT0
In the R&B scene, do you like old school bands?
Apr 10, 1:26PM EDT0

Yes i love old school bands because they felt every word they were singing and every word had meaning

Apr 10, 2:25PM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite R&B artists?
Apr 10, 1:08PM EDT0
Do you think once an artist gets famous, they become prone to the tropes of drugs and other bad habits or does it depend on the person's character?
Apr 10, 11:58AM EDT0

I think when  u get famous, i feel like its the real u because now u can do it and get away with it. U had those tendencys all along.

Apr 10, 2:27PM EDT0
Do you have any rituals before going on stage to ease your nerves? Do you ever get stage fright?
Apr 10, 3:40AM EDT0

Before i perform like earlier that day, I like to relax with positve friends and hang out before performances.  I always get the butterflies in my stomach right before but after that first note comes . im good

Apr 10, 2:29PM EDT0
What are some of the performances that you are most proud of?
Apr 10, 1:12AM EDT0

We did jamfest in atlanta alongside bone crusher and jagged edge.     Opened  up for travis porter.     Opened up for pastor troy.   Performed for a member of escspe.  Performed for Big boi of outkast's grandma lol

Apr 10, 2:34PM EDT0
Do you ever wish you could have had a passion for something that is more reliable that a music career?
Apr 9, 11:21PM EDT0

I love music but anything that i put my time and effort into, i give 100%. I love a challenge

Apr 10, 12:25AM EDT0
Do you have any live shows coming up?
Apr 9, 9:41PM EDT1

I dont have any lined up for right now as im just getting back  in the studio

Apr 10, 12:22AM EDT0
What is your ultimate dream as an R&B artist?
Apr 9, 9:27PM EDT0

To take care of my family and to have the whole world feel my music

Apr 10, 12:23AM EDT0

What do you find is your biggest obstacle to success? How can you change it?

Apr 9, 6:11PM EDT0

My biggest obstacle would have to be more money because it takes money to make money. I have two boys and thats where my money is invested in.

Apr 10, 12:27AM EDT0
Do you write your own songs?
Apr 9, 5:09PM EDT0

I 100 % write every song  that i sing

Apr 9, 5:39PM EDT0
What attracted you to the R&B music genre in the first place? Did you try other styles of music before settling on it?
Apr 9, 12:29PM EDT0

What really attracted me to R&b was how women simply loved a man that can sing good. I actually learned how to rap  around the same time i fell in love with R&b. I absolutely dabble with the blues as well.

Apr 10, 12:32AM EDT0
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