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Chantal Foerster
Jul 4, 2018

I love to be optimistic in everything that I do like my personal artwork, in my writing, with all people that I get to know, as an educator, in music that I love to play, and as a behavior analyst to encourage all others to be the best that they can as they are meant to be now!  Life is so beautiful sharing the lessons that I've learned in life that have blessed my life with much strength, wisdom, and joy in all that I do in life.  It's been so great to share myself with others in all ways that I see opportunities to do for others in their life!

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What does it mean to be a behavior analyst? 

Jul 11, 9:51AM EDT0

It means that I'm educated, experienced, have the necessary skills, strengths, and responses to help others in their behavior to assess how I can best help others to better their life, with all of the strengths, talents, qualities, etc.  And that I have lots of experience with my education to use ABA therapy, with behavior strategies, to be able to create the best ways to help others to build their life in becoming who they are meant to be in life.  So that others can reach their full potential in life to develop themself in so many great ways!

Jul 11, 4:12PM EDT1

What areas of life coaching do most people gravitate towards most in your experience? xoxo ,Levita

Jul 10, 1:14PM EDT0

The natural attractive beauty and love that I carry with me everywhere and that people see, feel, and experience when they're around me and even after they spend time around me and are alone afterwards, are very gravitating for others to be attracted to me as a human being with divine birth rights inside me that light up for those around me very much in life!

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Jul 10, 8:49PM EDT0
What is the role of social media/networking has played in your career as an artist?
Jul 9, 10:28AM EDT0

I've made many connections and done a lot of networking with others through social media.  I haven't beena ble to display most of my artwork through social media yet, but I've been able to express myself and to share my important messages that I've learned through life's challenges to help others in their path through the challenges in their life.  Their will be even more opportunities to to come, that wil give many others the chance to see me as I am and to connect with me so tha to can be a strength and a light to them in many ways through their journey going through life

Jul 9, 3:27PM EDT0
How do you get yourself inspired and motivated and how do you prefer your surroundings while you work?
Jul 9, 2:08AM EDT0

I'm naturally motivated through all of life on a daily basis.  I have had much inspiration to lift others in their life through the challenges that I've been given in life.  There's been so many opportunities to be a strength and a guide to others with the great amount of learning and growing that has occurred in my life while enduring through my life challenges.  When i work, I'm not particular about any certain surroundings but it has been nice when i've been able to be in nature to meditate, and ponder all of the learning that I've acquired in life thorughout the years that has created who I am and the greatness in me to be an example  and a strength for others.

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Jul 9, 3:30PM EDT0
What are your short-term and long-term artistic goals?
Jul 8, 11:29PM EDT0

I have many goals as an artist to achieve in life.  The short-term goals are more to continue to create a larger and greater portfolio of my artwork tha I create in life.  I'd like to connect more with other artists that display their artwork in life, more than I do right now.  I'd eventually like to start my own business with my artwork in life to share myself with the world in doing all that I can to help others in their life!

Jul 9, 3:34PM EDT0
What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken as an artist?
Jul 8, 6:18PM EDT0

The biggest risk for me as an artist, has been when I've put my artwork on a USB drive/flashdrive and used it in a computer that scans the work when I put the drive into a computer.  There is so much started with laws to not copy another's artwork in life to help this.  When there are the people that use technolgy to hide their crime and still information, artwork, and personal possessions of other's in life, there is still a high risk involved.  I like the laws that there are, but the world needs more law authority that are aware of the people that do their crime in hidden ways and use manipulation and slander to also hide the truth form those that become involved.  We need stronger people to stand up for those that are taken advantage of in these hidden ways to give all people their rights and to provide justice to all by stopping and punishing those that break the laws intentionally most of the time.

Jul 9, 3:40PM EDT0
What part of writing do you personally find most satisfying? Most challenging?
Jul 6, 5:29AM EDT0

I find that I love to write to help all people to understand more about life, about who they are, and to build their own life as they're meant to be.  The lessons learned in life that has brought many messages that I have a strong passion to share with others to bring so much joy to other's life also.  

The most challenging part of writing might be the time to stop and write only with no distractions and pure focus only on writing, since there is so much to do always.

Jul 6, 8:02PM EDT0
How does your positivity affect the creative side of you?
Jul 4, 3:11PM EDT0

My optimism is so much a great part of who I am and how I am so creative to always be focused on making life great!  It doesn't matter what happens in life.  I always make the best of everything that goes on in life.  I love to be creative in everything that I do everyday to stand out as unique knkowing that I'm a leader and very understanding towards others to be an example in life that life is great knowing the joy that comes from being unique and standing up for what you believe in  throughout life!  That transformation has made such an impact on my life from living around people that are followers that only plan on doing what everyone around them is doing always with a need to feel comfortable around people that keeps a lot more people being the same.  It's a great change that makes a huge difference in a person's life to take the stand with positivity and creativity!

Jul 6, 8:09PM EDT0
Which element of art do you enjoy working with the most and what are the reasons for your answer?'
Jul 4, 2:43PM EDT0

I like to do most art with illustration so that I can add uplifting quotes, sometimes scriptures, shadowing, 3D art, etc. to strengthen my artwork in so many ways of what has made the largest impact in my life of importance of what I've learned from my life lessons throughout life.  I also like to create art in so many other ways to express myself in as many ways as I can everyday.  Every opportunity that I see a way to make things into art and to do art for others to uplift others as much as I can makes a great impact on my life to brighten others day!  There is sunshine inside me everyday to be able to be artistic in everything that I do when I do physical art, social art, and in being emotionally artistic to help others to know of that side to them that each person has to develop themself more throughout their life.  Every person has been created to develop themselves in all of many ways to fully become developed as you are meant to be!

Jul 6, 8:16PM EDT0
Which of your inspirational pieces of art are you most proud of? Why?
Jul 4, 11:53AM EDT0

I like my artwork that shows my understanding of how my life has gone, I'm proud of the most.  There are more than one piece of artwork that symbolizes my knowledge and testimony of who I am and how my life has gone to this present time.  I'm so close to a few specific inspirational pieces of artwork that I've done.

Jul 6, 8:24PM EDT0
What types of clients do you particularly wish to work with as a coach and why?
Jul 4, 11:44AM EDT0

I wish to work with those that have an open mind and/ or are understanding towards others at this time.  I've seen the difference between those that are closed minded vs. those that are open minded and seen how different their lives go by whether they choose to be open minded or closed minded throughout life.  There aren't limits to those that are open minded and there is so much more peace and positive vibes between people that choose to be understanding and to try to have more than one perspective when dealing with others always.  It's always harder to deal with people that only see and do things that they'll do their one way with the mental building of brick walls between them and others so much in life.  The sadness can get very high for those people because of their choices.  It ahs always been so much more joy and happiness in life for those of us that are open to being understanding to all with the many differences that all people have naturally.

Jul 6, 8:30PM EDT0
How do you know when a work is finished?
Jul 4, 10:35AM EDT0

I know that a work is finished when I have added the many ways that I have to make art a puzzle by the many experiences, skills, passions, talents, desires, and wisdom into piece of artwork.  With the many ways that I've been inspired to share who I am with others in life, there are times when building my art portfolio more and more is how I'm moving in life to create more and more of who I am.

Jul 6, 8:33PM EDT0
Where is your favorite place to see art and where would you like to see your own pieces displayed, heard or read?
Jul 4, 9:03AM EDT0

I like to see art everywhere that it is.  Museums are nice to see artwork that is usually done by the hands and mind.  I also like to see the art like nature and the beauty that it holds all over the world.  I also like to see new forms of art when it is created.  I'd like to see my artwork displayed in stores, at museums would be nice, at booths for artwork, and in fairs that have places that artwork is displayed for all going by to see, etc.  It would be nice to have my own store to display my artwork for all to see whenever they desire to and that can be purchased.

Jul 6, 8:39PM EDT0
Where is your written work currently available for purchase?
Jul 4, 7:38AM EDT0

I haven't had the time to start up my own business yet.  I'm working on it so that I can make my artwork avaiable to be purchased as soon as I get the chance will be great!

Jul 6, 8:40PM EDT0
Where are you finding ideas for your creative work?
Jul 4, 6:34AM EDT0

Much of my work is through inspiration to my heart and mind that brings out the best of me to express to others in many ways.  I like to meditate at times to bring more ideas about the people that I'm meant to help in life to better their life!  The strength, motivation, passions, and vigor to live the life that I'm meant to live as I share all of the great messages that I've been inspired to share for all to see, to grasp, and to learn to acquire in thier life building up their own life in great ways when learning of the value people have when they find the greatness in them!

Jul 6, 8:44PM EDT0
How do you go about making each of your artistic endeavors individual and unique?
Jul 4, 2:15AM EDT0

I've always had endeavors to be unique in life as an individual that there will never be anyone in the world exactly like me.  knowing the greatness of living unique is a truly amazing lifestyle to always live as a person continuouly builds their life up more and more to become who they're meant to be!

Jul 6, 8:46PM EDT0
How do you use your artwork as an inspirational and motivational tool in your coaching endeavors?
Jul 3, 8:56PM EDT0

I try to keep papers and writing tools with me so that when I make physical contact with others that give me the opportunity to share with them of the many things that I do in life, I can use my artistic skills, my passions in life, and my understanding towards others to bless their life in ways that I feel inside myself to always be brightening others day every chance I can.  I also play the piano every chance that I get to to share with others the kind of music that uplifts me so much in life.  I'm strenghtened when I can share verbally or written form the strong messages that I have to strengthen others in their own life.  It's a blessing to have many ways to uplift others in their life always when I see the need to bless others life.

Jul 6, 8:52PM EDT0
What projects are you working on now?
Jul 3, 8:38PM EDT0

I'm still building my drawing art portfolio.  I'm finishing my book and I have started other books specific to certain audiences with specific messages.  I'm also working on getting several different kinds of business going to have more ways to express myself and to share my uplifting messages with others as much as I can.

Jul 6, 8:54PM EDT0
What are your most important artist tools for your music, artwork, and writing and how does the use of these tools enhance your work?
Jul 3, 7:56PM EDT0

The tools using my heart to bless other's life as I create artwork, as I write my books, asi socialize with those around me in life socially, and as I play music makes each of them so beautiful always as I achieve more and more.  There is so much greatness in the things that we do, when we do it with our heart, feelings, and mind to express ourself.  By showing what's important to us in our life, by following our instinct to strengthen others in their life, and by bringing the best out in all people in life!   

Last edited @ Jul 7, 5:25PM EDT.
Jul 7, 5:24PM EDT1
What services do you offer as a coach and how can one get in contact with you?
Jul 3, 11:48AM EDT0

I offer much patience, time and effort to help others in motivating each of them and uplifting them all in so many ways.  As I be an example to them each and working with them to help them to see more within themselves and their life!  You can reach me by phone numbers, emails, social media, and there can be many other ways of connection that we can negotiate about.

Jul 7, 5:29PM EDT0
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