I’m Sandina: a singer/songwriter and a visionary painter crowdfunding for a music album. Ask Me Anything about Music, Songwriting, Crowdfunding, Visionary art, Independent artist nowadays, Following your own style in arts - even Spiritual journey and Anxiety! Let’s have some fun!

Sandina Scurea
Jan 12, 2018

I believe that we are all here for a reason. We all have a special gift that makes us unique and makes the world a better place. I am dedicated to spreading light throughout my art. I want to remind everyone that being loved and happy is our natural state and we are beautiful the way we are.

In this way, I recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to make one of my biggest dreams come true. I want to make a music album that would remind everyone about WHO WE REALLY ARE and what a wonderful gift life is!

You can find more details about my campaign by following the link at the end of the text.

We need to remember: life is so amazing, just the way it is! We are so lucky to be able to love, to feel, to enjoy.. and even to suffer a little bit sometimes. I believe the Universe challenges us to “wake us up”. Now I know that even being through an experience like anxiety is also a beautiful thing. At least it helped me embrace who I am and inspire others to do the same thing.

Trough my paintings, my music and especially this album I’m reminding everyone how great it feels to be yourself. We need to appreciate life more and to be more loving and caring towards each other.

Also, I've made an acoustic version of a song called "Take Me To A Place". The Produced version of it will be included on the album. On my YouTube channel, you can watch the lyric video of it.

I am so excited to share my story with you here! Looking forward to your questions!


Sending love,


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My crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo



Sandina Scurea says:

This AMA will end May 19, 2018 11AM EDT

Sandina Scurea says:

This AMA will end May 10, 2018 11AM EDT

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Does it matter when you have a bad grammar in writing songs?

Feb 10, 12:19PM EST0 Reply

Where do you get your very positive outlook in life?

Feb 6, 2:01PM EST0 Reply

How do you describe your spiritual journey? How did it start?

Feb 6, 6:44AM EST0 Reply

Which artists and musicians have inspired you to be who you are now as an artist?

Feb 2, 1:35PM EST0 Reply

What kind of image would you like to portray if you make it big as a musician?

Jan 31, 8:08PM EST0 Reply

Have you tried to gain exposure by joining singing contest or reality shows?

Jan 31, 2:30PM EST0 Reply

Do you spend more time on your music or in your visual art?

Jan 31, 7:15AM EST0 Reply

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent artist?

Jan 30, 10:40PM EST0 Reply

What are the first steps and first things to keep in mind when someone starts out as an independent artist?

Jan 30, 6:13AM EST0 Reply

Are you practicing a specific religion? If so, how do you integrate that with our personal view in life and in your art?

Jan 29, 6:33PM EST0 Reply

What are the most difficult things about having anxiety?

Jan 29, 6:28PM EST0 Reply

How did you decide to be a visionary artist?

Jan 13, 6:47AM EST0 Reply


It was not something that came as a decision... it just came naturally. I paint what I see in my head :)

I think every painter has a unique field he is so passionate about, something special... and when you find it you are so happy.. and you just want to keep going and keep expressing yourself. That's why I say every artist should find his/her own style. It's such a joy!


Jan 13, 10:45AM EST0 Reply

What are some common mistakes that first-time songwriters make?

Jan 12, 5:19AM EST0 Reply

Trying to follow someone else’s style. Just be yourself and write what comes from your heart. 

Jan 12, 5:53AM EST0 Reply

What type of music/genre you usually writes/sings?

Jan 12, 4:43AM EST0 Reply

I tried a loooot of genres, especially when composing for other artists. You see, when you compose for someone else it has to fit that person’s style.

When it comes to composing for myself itmore pop/indie pop. 

Jan 12, 5:52AM EST0 Reply
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Do you have a composition that was sung by another artist?

Jan 11, 9:21PM EST0 Reply

Yes! For example you can listen to Fly Project - Like A Star on YouTube. I am a co-author of that song.

Jan 12, 5:49AM EST0 Reply

What kind of arts you usually do?

Jan 11, 8:35PM EST0 Reply

I compose melodies, lyrics, poems, I sing, paint, draw sketches, and write down my thoughts (something like a book for myself, I do it just for fun).

Also I used to love embroidery, now I more with painting and music.


Jan 12, 5:46AM EST0 Reply

Are you single? Do you write about romance, breakups, love?

Jan 12, 1:07PM EST0 Reply

Have you considered making money out of your talents?

Jan 11, 7:09PM EST0 Reply


Of course to make money from doing what you love is a wonderful thing! I love it, too:) 

Anyway, when you create the most important thing is for you to express yourself... and when the money also come it’s just great! 

Jan 12, 5:41AM EST0 Reply
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So far, how many songs have you written already?

Jan 11, 6:43PM EST0 Reply

Ohhh I don’t know. As I said earlier, I started at the age of 7... so I guess hundreds :)

When you compose a lot is for practicing. 

Jan 12, 5:40AM EST0 Reply

So you don't keep them all somewhere? Do you remember them all in your head? Aren't you nervous you will forget some?

Jan 12, 9:18PM EST0 Reply

Have you ever sang a song written by another songwriter?

Jan 11, 6:05PM EST0 Reply


yes, in a form of a cover. If I release something than it’s written by me. I like to compose, and I put a lot of my emotions in my songs so it’s really something special...to sing your own songs.

Jan 12, 5:38AM EST0 Reply

How old were you when you compose your first song?

Jan 11, 5:49PM EST0 Reply

Hey! I was 7. I composed a song about the wind, and how it takes me to fly ahahha. 

Jan 12, 5:35AM EST0 Reply
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What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Jan 11, 4:28PM EST0 Reply

When someone appreciates your work every time it makes you happy. 

However, I think one of the most memorable is when the son of my cousin (he is 3 y.o) listened to one of my songs for the first time. He was sooooo impressed, he listened for that song for 2 days in a row, singing along and dancing. That really impressed me, bc children are so sincere... and if they like smth they really mean it.

Jan 12, 5:35AM EST0 Reply

Do you have your own band?

Jan 11, 2:54PM EST0 Reply

Hey! No, not yet.

Last edited @ Jan 12, 6:24AM EST.
Jan 12, 5:28AM EST0 Reply
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What is a good way to get started songwriting?

Jan 11, 10:52AM EST0 Reply

In my case with songwriting it happened naturally, so I can’t tell exactly what would work... but you can try writing one thing at a time. For example to compose the melody first, and than work on lyrics, or to compose a poem and try writing the melody for it later.

just have patience, keep on trying and you’ll find what fits you the best.

good luck!

Jan 11, 1:19PM EST0 Reply

How did you discover that you have talents in songwriting and art?

Jan 11, 6:52AM EST0 Reply

I was always creative... like all children actually. My parents understood it first, when I wrote suddenly a song at the age of 7. They took me to vocal classes and than I just kept going :)

What about painting... I started a few years ago. It was an impulse to materialize the vision I had in my head about the beauty of human beings.

Actually, I think everyone have talents, you just have to work and develop them.

Last edited @ Jan 11, 8:07AM EST.
Jan 11, 8:06AM EST0 Reply
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What role does the artist have in society?

Jan 11, 6:49AM EST0 Reply

The artist is a reflection of both the times and the personality. I associate the artist with emotion and expression. 

Still I think that one of the most important roles is to influence in a positive way: to transmit uplifting feelings, to inspire everyone to be themselves, and to let them know that expressing yourself the way you are is a wonderful thing. 


Jan 11, 8:02AM EST0 Reply

What are some important aspects of the songwriting process?

Jan 11, 4:58AM EST0 Reply

One of the most important aspects I think is to write your truth. If you want a song to be really good you need to open up totally, to tell what YOU feel, to share your story.

also, if you write for yourself, it’s nice to find your own style, something that would make your music different.  

And of course practicing! Keep on writing and you’ll get better and better!

wishing you the best!

Jan 11, 6:14AM EST0 Reply
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Have you ever had someone asked you to buy some of your artwork or music?

Jan 10, 8:12PM EST0 Reply


I worked as a songwriter so yes!

What about my artwork.. I am not selling it yet, I had offers but I decided to wait until I will be sure 100% I want to sell them. Actually, I made one of my paintings a gift  once :) it made me feel good:)

Jan 11, 6:10AM EST1 Reply

Thanks Sandina! I would love to see your creations.

Jan 19, 7:01PM EST0 Reply
Can you provide brief details about your campaign?
Jan 10, 4:58PM EST0 Reply

Hey! I am making a music album, (lyrics and music are composed by me) to make people smile :)

I want to remind everyone through this album (especially through lyrics) about our true selves. I wish people feel inspired to appreciate life even more after listening to it. 

Also, I will make a lyrics book, to share my story about going through anxiety and to expand upon the lyrics. 

You can find more details just by following the link to my campaign ;)

Or just listen to the song from the link above, and you'll get a preview.

Thanks for the question!

Wishing the best to you! 

Last edited @ Jan 12, 11:01AM EST.
Jan 10, 5:33PM EST0 Reply
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