I'm Chris leader and manager of the band Edgar Allan Poets, for our sound we find inspiration from Poe and Hitchcock. I have built a Facebook following of over 700,000 and on Instagram of 26.000. Ask me anything!

Edgar Allan Poets
May 15, 2018

We have just released a new single and video BLAM! That got 250.000 views on Facebook and our next song will be released May 23rd. Follow us on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music so to not miss future releases.

Listen to the song here:



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Edgar Allan Poets' Videos


If you have any question about how to promote your brand and band I can for sure give you some tips.



Apple Music


Edgar Allan Poets' Videos









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Do you always get along with the rest of the band? What’s the worst or most memorable drama that you had with the group?
May 20, 1:19AM EDT0

Not always LoL but most of the time we are easy. Beer keeps us cool :)

One day after a song I burped and the bass player did not want to go on with the concert since I had been rude. So we discussed a little bit on the stage with all the people watching us. In the end, we agreed that since we find inspiration from a Poet we need to be more poetic than rude :)

May 21, 10:36AM EDT0

What was your strategy for building such a huge online following? For example how regular would you post? And would you repost or always use original material?

May 19, 2:22PM EDT0

On Facebook, you have to post every day and you have to find a strategy on how to be consistent. I started with memes with links to my webpage and music and then I started to create little videos, since videos are doing great on FB always targeting the interests of the audience I want to reach. I use my pics and videos or public domain images or videos but always and only my music.

May 19, 2:33PM EDT0
Do you attempt to go viral when releasing new music?
May 19, 2:23AM EDT0

Would be great to go viral but that is not my approach I focus on building a community of people around my music and project...Then you never know maybe one day you find the right video at the right time and the magic will happen. I focus on creating stuff that I love in first place.

May 19, 2:37PM EDT0
Do you listen to other kinds of music that are unlike your own?
May 19, 2:17AM EDT0

Yes I love county/bluegrass, heavy metal, sometimes also Black Metal and classical music.

May 19, 2:38PM EDT0
Are your lyrics based on your real life experiences?
May 18, 4:01PM EDT0

Not always, we find inspiration also from literature, news etc

Cryptic Code, Those Who Care, Hollywood Backyard for example  are inspired by things happened in my life

May 18, 11:38PM EDT0
Would you ever record a song that you did not write?
May 18, 3:17PM EDT0

We did just one cover of the song "Besame Mucho" so far. Honestly, I don't like too much singing songs that I haven't written myself. In the future, I might do a cover of a song that I like but I would like to give a different twist to it.

May 18, 4:02PM EDT0
If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive for an album, who would it be?
May 18, 9:22AM EDT0

For sure Johnny Cash

May 18, 12:25PM EDT0
Would you rather have one super successful single or a fairly successful album?
May 18, 3:55AM EDT0

Super successful single, everybody singing my song would be a great emotion. 

May 18, 12:27PM EDT0
Do you enjoy recording in the studio or touring for live shows more?
May 18, 12:26AM EDT0

I love creating songs in studio, but also the energy of the crowd is great.

I don't think I can choose. Right now I'm enjoying composing new songs in studio

May 18, 12:29PM EDT0
How did it feel when you first hit the 100,000 mark on Facebook followers?
May 17, 11:11PM EDT0

I felt that I was in the right direction :)

May 18, 12:32PM EDT0
At this point, do you still find the need to promote your Facebook page or do your followers just share your posts and that would be enough?
May 17, 9:06PM EDT0

Facebook is always changing, for example, they just changed the algorithm and now personal pages are pushed more than business pages. Without promoting a little your post you reach only 5/10% of your audience...so to study FB advertising is very important in my opinion since it's the cheapest way to reach a lot of people.

May 18, 12:37PM EDT0
What role did mentors play in helping you develop the interests and talent you have as an artist?
May 16, 9:34PM EDT0

Mentors are important in my opinion they can give you tips on how to develop your project, also a sentence can be important to change how you approach things.

I follow Steve Rennie (ex Incubus Manager) I got a lot of great tips from him.

May 17, 6:57PM EDT0
How did the artist/manager relationships that you’re currently involved in start?
May 16, 5:05PM EDT0

I'm the manager by I also play in the band

May 17, 6:58PM EDT0
What are your favorite hardware and software applications and tools for music production?
May 16, 9:28AM EDT0

I love logic Audio and Focusrite audio equipment

east-west plugins

May 16, 12:34PM EDT0
Is there a definite process you like to follow to write new songs?
May 16, 2:18AM EDT0

First I like to compose the music, so to create the right atmosphere, and then while playing the chord progression I start to visualize a story and I write the lyrics

May 16, 12:37PM EDT0
What are the major areas of business development that band managers focus on in the first year of this kind of partnership?
May 15, 11:21PM EDT0

I'm not only the manager I'm also a band member, my goal is to create a community around our music and ideas. The main goal is to target as much as possible the people with similar interests. In our case, we try to reach people that like Old Horror Movies and thrillers, Poetry and Gothic, Noir, Dark music. So the first thing is to know the niche that you'd like to reach and set up promo campaigns in order to reach these people...not only to promote your music but also by sharing content already interesting for them.

May 16, 12:18AM EDT0
What have been some key lessons you’ve walked away with regarding promoting music through digital media?
May 15, 4:01PM EDT0

I learned to focus not only on the songs and product but also to build a community of people sharing the same ideas. It's very valuable and it will pay long-term in my opinion.

May 15, 7:54PM EDT0
Besides the Hitchcock series and Poe's work, what influences you to create noir rock music? How do you connect music with your lyrics?
May 15, 1:44PM EDT0

All poetry overall English and Italian: Dante, Milton, Donne, Leopardi etc also painters like Bacon, Munch, Van Gogh and the news, Climate change, Politics...on and on :)

May 15, 7:59PM EDT0
How do you balance the role of leader and manager for the band? How do you take time out to complete your personal responsibilities?
May 15, 9:47AM EDT0

Music is a necessity so it's for me my responsibility. I want and must do it so to express my self. It is my therapy...and it's just part of my life.

I do it first for my self and then, of course, I'm really happy when other people enjoy my work.

May 15, 8:10PM EDT0
What is your ultimate musical goal? What's on the schedule for 2018?
May 15, 9:38AM EDT0

I will go out with many new songs and videos I want to be consistent and grow as much as I can on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music.

I will work also to create a special live show.

May 15, 8:11PM EDT0
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