I'm an expert in taking people from Zero Knowledge to playing their Favourite songs on guitar in 12 weeks.. fire me any questions of what you are struggling with on guitar? Ask me anything

Tom Halliwell
Nov 13, 2017

Taking the beginner from zero knowledge to playing their favourite songs in 8 weeks by learning the 5 fundamentals of guitar. Picking, chords, arpeggios, scales and strumming. Once you learn these skills, i increase the skill level and ten before you know it, you will have the skills to play your favourite songs. This is far from a silly marketting gimmick that says play anything on guitaar in 30 days. Guitar is a skillset and thus involves practise and consistency. It takes 12 weeks for a beginner to start playing songs and then 6 months to get a real solid foundation. 


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What strings should I use?

Nov 13, 1:03PM EST0

Do you like to play guitar?

Nov 13, 8:03AM EST0

Can practicing playing the guitar help certain conditions?

Nov 13, 5:36AM EST0

What is the youngest guitar player you have ever heard of?

Nov 13, 5:22AM EST0

Do you think that can work with other instruments as well?

Nov 12, 9:54PM EST0

How long did it take you to play the guitar well?

Nov 12, 5:33PM EST0

Is there such a thing insturments related to personality types? You must know many musicians, do all guitar players have something in common?

Nov 12, 1:09PM EST0

Do you work with many kids? Is it harder than with adults if so?

Nov 12, 8:47AM EST0

How long did it take you to write your ebook?

Nov 12, 8:46AM EST0

Why do you think there are more male guitar players?

Nov 12, 4:51AM EST0

How much do those lessons cost?

Nov 12, 4:46AM EST0

Have you played with/worked with someone famous?

Nov 12, 4:31AM EST0

How do you find prospects for your courses? Do you do your marketing yourself or use an agency?

Nov 12, 2:36AM EST0

Do you teach online via video, written lessons or how?

Nov 12, 1:08AM EST0

How many people have you taught already?

Nov 11, 10:01PM EST0

What is the best age to start playing guitar? Can you be too old to start?

Nov 11, 8:13PM EST0

What is your favourite music instrument?

Nov 11, 4:29PM EST0

If you can teach anyone play guitar so quick does that mean it doesn't matter if you have talent or not?

Nov 11, 4:26PM EST0

What social channel works best to get people to signup to your courses?

Nov 11, 4:15PM EST0

Do you think there is enough attention given to music in school?

Nov 11, 3:53PM EST0

Who is your favourite guitarist of all times?

Nov 11, 3:29PM EST0
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