I'm an artist who draws characters, worlds and stories from his imagination. Ask Me Anything!

Caleb William Michael
Sep 9, 2018

I don't have dreams in my life. I have goals. My biggest goal is to express what I feel through my art and add a positive impact to the world. I think that this world could be a better place and I want to promote this attitude. The entertainment industry is very influential and this is where I aim to be one day.

Here are some links to my art platforms you might be interested in:

Facebook pages: www.facebook.com/Caleb-225849728159363/


Instagram: www.instagram.com/calebs_drawing/

Deviant art: www.deviantart.com/playernumber0

Art station: www.artstation.com/playernumber0



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What would you say are the three most important things that an artist can do or learn to help them create more detailed artwork?
Sep 11, 7:08AM EDT0

If you want to make your work detailed don't rush. Take your time for creating a strong draft and make sure everything matches. Then you can cover the draft with pen without worring that this step will damage your work. I was rushing my drawing very often and I was ending up with something totally far from good artwork. I had to go back and fix. It wasn't always easy and very time consuming. So my advice is just take your time.

Oct 6, 6:53AM EDT0
When did you start drawing? How did you start?
Sep 10, 11:42PM EDT0

I started drawing before primary school but I didn't like it because each time when I was drawing people were surrounding me and commenting my work. It was destructive. Also my family wanted to make me to draw. I was feeling forced that's why I was refusing to do that till I was 11. I remember I just sat in front on my desk and started to draw a comic book. I was feeling this is what I want to do and draw in comics/manga style till today.

Oct 6, 6:47AM EDT0
How do you want to change the world through your art?
Sep 10, 4:46AM EDT0

Entertainment industry is very influential. Almost everyone in the world watches series on TV or online. Thats why through animation and drawing I want to show how the world is and how should be. I hope my movies and series will have the same impact as those which promote laziness and stupidity.

Oct 6, 6:42AM EDT0
Can you give people three tips to help them create more expressive characters?
Sep 10, 1:41AM EDT0

I don't know if my skills are good enough to start advising other people how to draw. I'm still developing my style and I still make mistakes. I think about creating a drawing guide but I rather place this idea in future.

Oct 6, 6:36AM EDT0

Would you ever be interested in collaborating with a writer and building characters based on someone else's description? 

Sep 10, 12:06AM EDT0

I have tried doing such projects, however I did not enjoy it. I feel I'm unable to develop someone's ideas and client's expectations are far from my vision and understanding.

Oct 6, 6:31AM EDT0
What does it take to be successful in the entertainment industry?
Sep 9, 9:55PM EDT0

I'd like to know answer for this question as well. But I think hard work and dedication are fundamental for success.

Oct 6, 6:29AM EDT0
What is the difference between dreams and goals?
Sep 9, 9:37PM EDT0

I would define dreams as something unreal existing only in the dimention of imagination, but goals are possible to manifest in real life and become reality if necessary doing are being made. That's why I set goals in my life instead of dreams.

Oct 6, 6:27AM EDT0
What guides the look of a specific piece for you? Is it what you are inspired by in the moment or do you have a plan for your artwork?
Sep 9, 1:53PM EDT0

Accually both. When i start obviously I have a concept what I want to draw, but when I'm making the draft I change stuff in order to match it or add a new idea and sometimes the final drawing is completely different from what I was aiming for at the beginning.

Sep 9, 4:46PM EDT0
What are some of the things that inspires your art?
Sep 9, 12:55PM EDT0

I get inspired by things which I'm interested in. It's mostly science, world cultures, music, history, mysterious stories and unexplainable events and I think nature by itself. I like to listen to the music and draw at the same time, because then I can imagine the world, which the song creates.

Sep 9, 1:44PM EDT0
Do you engage in any other forms of art? What are those?
Sep 9, 8:48AM EDT0

Currently ilustration drawing and animation are the only forms of art I do. I used to write story books about my pet friends and zombies when I was little and later on I was drawing comics/mangas which had a couple of parts about 100 pages each. Also I was doing martial arts.

Sep 9, 9:21AM EDT0
How would you define your drawing style?
Sep 9, 1:33AM EDT0

I would define my drawing style as a mixture of comics and manga style. I used to draw a lot of comics book and mangas and couldn't really decide for which style I'm going to go. That's why I decided to go for my own style.

Sep 9, 7:58AM EDT0
What kind of positive influence would you like to have in the world?
Sep 9, 1:31AM EDT0

I would like to show in my drawings and animations that  having a hobby is fun and trough that encourage people to develop themselves. Today's media don't promote such an attitude and most of TV content don't encourage and don't even demand audience to think. I'd like more people to use their intelligence instead of staring on the computer or TV screen all day without having any thought in their mind.

Sep 9, 7:55AM EDT0
How long does it take you to complete one of your drawings, what are the reasons it might take longer than you anticipated?
Sep 8, 9:04PM EDT0

As I mentioned before it depends on it's size and complexity. It's usually from a week for small formats up to 4 months for big. What makes it take longer than I expect is getting stuck because of lack of good idea, making a mistake and trying to fix it and improving the final detail.

Sep 9, 3:56AM EDT0
What parts of the entertainment industry are you aiming towards?
Sep 8, 5:29PM EDT0

Since I was little I wanted to produce my own animated movies and cartoon series. I enjoy watching anime and cartoon channels a lot. I used to get upset when I couldn't find something what I wanted to watch. Currently I'm glad because I can fill this "gap" with my own ideas l if my career goes well. My biggest goal is to be feature animated film and TV series director. Im aware, that I need to be very skilled to achieve it, so before that I'd like to get to music industry. Matching animated video or a drawing to the song also sounds like a fun to me. I can't imagine my life without music.

Sep 8, 8:36PM EDT0
To you, what does it mean to be an artist?
Sep 8, 3:31PM EDT0

That's a difficult question. I don't do drawing to be seen as an artist or I don't even think about myself in those terms. I just do what I enjoy. I rather use drawing to express myself and escape from the world to my imaginary place sometimes. But I think being an artist means having an ability to transform thoughts into creation and through that adding some beauty and development to our world.

Sep 8, 8:15PM EDT0
Your drawings are very rich in details. How much time on average do you invest doing a new piece and how do you know when it’s finished?
Sep 8, 3:21PM EDT0

The most difficult part is planning the structure of the drawing and making the draft. If I have it planned correctly I can match elements easily, but if I miss something I have to go back or fix stuff what consumes the time. Sometimes I also get stuck. I have no idea what to draw next or how to fix something. Also I need to be very careful when I cover the final draft by black pen. One mistake can ruin my work. It is pretty stressful sometimes. Time put in creating a drawing depends on it's size and scale of detail. A4 detailed drawings usually are a week of work. A1 drawing took me a month and the hardest one A0 was about 4 months of work. I calculated it was about 700 hours. It was my first drawing in such a size and I was getting lost very often. Next time I will be quicker I think.

Sep 8, 7:57PM EDT0
What elements of your surroundings do you regularly translate into art?
Sep 8, 10:05AM EDT0

My motivation to draw doesn't come from outside. I imagine worlds and characters listening to the music. It's like turning a song into a story which I can draw. 

Sep 8, 2:12PM EDT0
Aside from drawing what else do you enjoy doing with your time?
Sep 8, 8:34AM EDT0

I think that drawing and animation are my favourite things to do and I can spend all days doing just that. However I also enjoy watching documentaries about science and cultures in different countries. I'd like to travel the whole world and know as much as I can about the universe. Next thing I can mention is martial arts and exercising. I like to be active time to time.

Sep 8, 9:48AM EDT0
What are your preferred art formats? Why are they the best for you?
Sep 8, 6:41AM EDT0

I really enjoy drawing on big paper like A1 or A0. Making small drawings is all right if I need to get something done quickly. However when drawing space is limited it feels like packing my ideas to the tiny box and I don't feel the freedom.

Sep 8, 9:29AM EDT0
What other artists have had the most influence on your drawing style and how have you developed your own unique style through these influences?
Sep 8, 4:45AM EDT0

I don't follow any artist. I used to draw in manga style but I decided to build my own style. It took me about two years to get rid of manga influence, but you can still notice that in my drawings I guess. I find this time pretty fun. I enjoy drawing because I don't try to suit any norms and just follow what I feel.

Sep 8, 9:19AM EDT0
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