I'm an actor, author, paranormal enthusiast who is an ex-journalist, ex contract scuba diver, ex chemical material handler in fracking, and ex parts puller/demo/dirt work man AMA

Josh Sheets
Oct 30, 2017
  • Working actor and author of two novels, working any hard job and hitting life head on, i have been mistaken for murderers, fished for sharks off of the beach in November,  hiked the Appalachian Trail in love with a girl, ummm, i just love acting.
  • I've written two books, Blood Night: with hot sauce, and The Follower. Both are interlinked and can be read in either order, as well as storirs within the story in Blood Night. They are designed to be a sort of puzzle. I honestly am taking a break from writing right now.
  • I love the world of the paranormal and use it in a lot of aspects in writing, of course, but also in being wigged out while performing it where needed.


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How you become an actor? What's your story?

Oct 31, 4:52AM EDT0

I've acted since i was a little kid. I watched Teen Wolf and would start growling for "no reason" and when asked why i would reply that i was teen wolf for a second.

Oct 31, 9:10AM EDT1

Have you tried acting in stage plays?

Oct 30, 5:35PM EDT0

I've never done a stage play, but i WAS a stage hand for Dit von Teese this past friday.

Oct 31, 9:08AM EDT0
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Where are you from?

Oct 28, 3:16PM EDT0

I was born in North East Texas, between Dallas and Texarkana in a town called mount pleasant. Named Pleasant Mound by the Caddo indians long long ago. I also summered in Galveston and the bay area of ton around NASA. Galveston Bay and the port of Houston are my second homes, so I'm split between North East and South East Texas. Hillbilly surfer.

Oct 28, 5:11PM EDT0

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Oct 28, 3:16PM EDT0

Acting, with books out as well, possibly producing films on the side. I was a stage hand for Dita von Teese last night, i just love all aspects of performing, i was happy to fire a confetti cannon for her.

Oct 28, 5:08PM EDT0

Where are your books available?

Oct 28, 3:06PM EDT0

You can find them.on amazon and other online dealers. I have, however, submitted them for review at books a million and reader link, who supplies Wal-Mart,  and Barnes and Noble as well soon.

Oct 28, 5:07PM EDT0

Where can I learn more about paranormal activity?

Oct 28, 2:47PM EDT0

I would say that about.com's paranormal phenomina s a good place to start, also earth files, but you have to pay to deep dive. And at book stores for sure, also look for older books, i grab anything i can on the subject. Local lore is good to collect, and there are a lot of cool gadgets you can order online, SP7 and 11 spirit box's etc.

Oct 28, 5:06PM EDT0

Is fishing for sharks safe?

Oct 25, 8:36PM EDT0

No, but it isn't absolutely dangerous if you know a little about it. I know some, my older brother knows a lot, so of course, little brother was volunteered to take the line out past the breakers. So, with the fishing line stowed in the front fish cooler of the ocean going kayak, I started paddling out. The water was freezing and about one hundred feet out the swells were about ten feet high. I hypervetilated seeing the first dark wave swell up and block out the rest of my view of the ocean and started to paddle up it, one two one two, breathing in and out in deep and fast breaths through my pursed lips. I crested the wave, and unbeknownst to me, was cheered on from the beach as I went over the lip of the wave, and down it, to see yet another ten foot high swell coming toward me. I kept paddling, scared off my ass, and made it past the breakers. As soon as the water calmed, I noticed a black fin breach the water about twenty feet away farther out in the  water. It was a flash and then gone, and I couldn't tell if it was triangular or curved, shark or dolphin, so I unhung the damn treble hooks with bait fish on them and hauled ass back toward the beach. Oh, those breakers, yeah, I caught one and started riding it in and, still unbeknownst to me, a big black bottle nosed dolphin jumped out of the wave right beside me while I rode it in. I learned all of this after I made it to the beach, after being dumped into the cold as hell water by what was left of the wave. Later my older brother took the line out past the breakers and rode a wave all the way to the beach, where he stepped out of the kayak and started calling for a cigarette, the bastard. We didn't catch any sharks that day, just a big drum (fish). BUT, it isn't dangerous if you don't lose your nerve, or tump yourself out of your ocean going kayak out past the breakers where the big sharks are and spill chum all in the water, if  you do that, get back into your kayak ASAP. :)

Oct 25, 9:01PM EDT0

What made you interested in writing?

Oct 25, 1:53PM EDT0

I have always created characters and worlds for them to live in. From the time I was a little kid, I think around four, I would walk around by myself sometimes for hours at a time, seeming as though I was muttering to myself, but all the while creating different stories and characters and their worlds. I've always been a really big reader, and Brian Jacques was a big part of my imaginings in developement while growing up. I have always had a deep love for fantasy, but have only begun to write a novel in the fatasy realm, which I stopped writing and may pick up again next winter. So, fantasy is one of the big things that made me interested in writing, as well as monsters. My mother was the artist behind a little known line of trading cards called Monsters in my Pocket in the early nineties, and as a little kid I watched over her shoulder as she created the monsters. Each card was a historical monster with a short biography on the back, I read and re-read them all, and fell in love with monsters and myths and legends while doing so. My first few stories written were around the age of 8, one about a werewolf in New York, which I turned into a short story called Feral Eyes in my book Night Shift Stories (I thought Steven King's book was called Graveyard Shift at the  time), and another about tomb raiders who are attacked by a mummy, which I based a short story off of called Sand Thieves, also in Night Shift Stories, but it has been changed completely. So, the realms of fantasy art and writing and movie making and game boards, which I never play but love, and old style Hollywood monsters.

Oct 25, 7:59PM EDT0

Of all the activities you do, what is your favorite?

Oct 24, 7:52PM EDT0

One of my favorite things to do is to take long walks, sometimes as long ten miles. I do a lot of thinking while my feet are on the one two. I WILL say that after a few beers my favorite ing to do is go out to old graveyards or haunted houses. And, acting tops them all. I love life being an actor, not worrying about myself or my own little view of the world, just being part of something with the fantastic within it.

Oct 24, 8:08PM EDT0

What is your definition of love?

Oct 24, 6:47AM EDT0

Sacraficing your feelings for someone else's.  Of course, there is always the kind of love that makes you feel twitterpated, that's the best kind, where your soul sings

Oct 24, 10:43AM EDT0

Where is the Appalachian Trail?

Oct 23, 2:21PM EDT0

It begins in Mississippi and ends in Maine. I was one it right on the border line of Virginia, West Vieginia and Maryland in the  Blue Ridge Mountains, starting off in the middle of a section called the Roller Coasters, miles of mountains one must hike up and down on for weeks. Serving as a type of guide, my then girlfriend and I hiked the best that we could, since we both had never been on the trail before, and we last about a month, which is pretty good to me. It was an adventure that one only has once, from riding a bus from downtown Houston to Washington D.C. to sit with a homeless woman and her dogs while waiting for my then girlfriend to pick me up, to mistaking a woman for a ghost in some dark woods off of a small park in Brunswick, Maryland, to climbing mountains alone and falling exhausted onto the rocks at my campsite, spending the night alone on top of a mountain after her the tops of my then girlfriend's toes had been rubbed off by her boots, crossing a bridge with thousands of spiders living in the rail across the span of the highway bridge, and many more small adventures. I wrote a short story about she and I and included it as a chapter, the final chapter, in Blood Night.

Oct 23, 3:19PM EDT0

Why did you decide to take a break from writing?

Oct 23, 1:17PM EDT0

I was busy hammering out a new book, and it was to be a slow narrative with a lot of pages, based on an alien invasion story I had been formulating for years, and suddenly I had a publishing company asking for a book, so I decided to take part of the alien narrative and split it off for its own spin off novel, so to speak, and write two books. Well, that lost steam and I decided not to use the publishing company and to recombine the two narratives, which was an idea I had been toying with for years in any case and to shelve the novel. Afterward, I thought of a gimmick for Halloween using a fun but grousome story based around trick or treating. I started it and realised I hadn't left myeslf enough time to finish and edit the novel without falling over dead from a heart attack, so I deicded to start a fantasy novel I had been planning for a few years for Christmas instead, and from me to you, I love all of these stories, but suddenly I was swimming in unfinished material, and my attitude sort of took over, as if often does, and I decided that I would not touch any of them until I accomplish a few things that I have had my sights set on for a few years. And, all in all, I don't like my attitude when I am writing full time. I become a writer to the core when i am writing, and a little combative, and a little bit of a loner, ducking in to places with a hotpsot and constantly at work on typeset, for lack of a better term, and editing, my brain tends to drive into a wall after revving up, and also, I drink more than I like while I'm writing, always ducking in and out of the local bars for a round or two or five before I go sit on the couch with a ball game or the science channel on for the quiet. With acting I am much more outgoing and life is so much lighter around me that i prefer it nine time out of ten to writing, wether it be for the screen or the book shelf. The chases are different and the work is different.

Oct 23, 3:13PM EDT0

Is your family supportive of your writing work?

Oct 23, 10:45AM EDT0

You know, when you want to write horror, and it's been all you've written since childhood, your family can turn away, and they're not to be blamed, they just don't read horror, but they do like to listen to my ideas with a dread fascination, so that's totally cool with me. But, I don't write for them, and they know that I don't, so they enjoy it when word of my books pops up or someone with a copy is seen, they get a real kick out of it. As for acting, I come from a family of writers, actors, and musicians, so we all know that with these things success will come or not, and it only stops when you stops persuing it as a job, nine to five job, so they enjoy everything I do, even if they tend to turn away from the horror. The younger generations of my family, nieces, nephews, cousins and their children, love taking part in small films with me. But, in all, I'm a street kid out there hustling things up, to turn a phrase, so my family may happen to see something I have done or not, and I like to keep it that way.

Oct 23, 3:03PM EDT0

Who is your favorite Actor?

Oct 23, 8:24AM EDT0

Man I would have to say Sam Rockwell. I have only seen one movie with him in it that I didn't like, and it was because production had him running around with a shot gun when he needed a rifle, but anyway, I love his acting and I have looked up to that guy since being a young kid. Moon, The Green Mile, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the Time Allen movie he was in about the Start Trek ripoff show, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, he's great. I like actors who are a little scary on screen. Those guys and gals who have something behind their eyes, a little white light that seems dangerous, to me those are the most exciting actors.  Juliet Lewis is my favorite actress hands down. She is an actress who has never asked anyone for permission on her parts, and she's good at what she does.

Oct 23, 2:58PM EDT0

How long have you been interested in paranormal things?

Oct 23, 7:08AM EDT0

All of my life. As a school kid I  would pour over any books I could find related to the paranormal. To me the thrill is palpable (sorry that may not be spelled right). But yes, I've been intersted in these things for as far back as my memory serves. My love of the fatastic helped with this. I spend hours at a time reading about the paranormal, I love just about all aspects of it. As kids the airforce used to practice manuevers over our house and we would see jets fly so low that you would fall over as they passed. My brother and I watched for UFO's, and traded tall tales about ghosts and devil worshippers in the woods. Independent study was always encouraged in our home as long as you kept to the basic principals of a scientific investigation, or my parents would steer you into more sound areas with reason and discussion, they were not prejudiced of the paranomormal, but would not stand for their sons going to deep in, so I have had a good balance of thought in my life, though I will, in a heart beat dunk my head into the paranomal. One of my favorite things to do is after a few beers, roll out to a graveyard with no flashlights, just smokes, and hang around a cemetery. Friends and I have watched a magnificant lighting storm from miles away at one far off cemetery from the 1800's that rolled in a big cloud and hung to the west of where we were so that we could just sit and look at it. I also caught a few good photos that night. But yes, all of my life, it is one of my many loves.

Oct 23, 2:03PM EDT0

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Oct 23, 5:51AM EDT0

Yes actually thorughout my life. I would say that my earliest one was around 7,8, while sitting at a fire left over from the night before I raised a stick to my face with a small coal at the end of it like a cigarette and said, "Fire is the devil's only friend, and they devil is MY only friend," showing off for my cousin. But as soon as I spoke the words a flame like that of a cigarette lighter shot from the end of the stick and burned until I said, "In Jesus Christ name I command you to leav this stick?'And the flame went out. As little kids we of course screamed and ran away and talked it over and presumably let our parents know. After this, throughout the years I have seen and expierenced many paranormal happenings. I actually will be on the Voices of the Paranomral podcast which can be found on my facebook page or googled on Halloween Night in an interview about a lot of expierences I had growing up, still I have more stories from my adult life. I love a good ghost story.

Oct 23, 1:55PM EDT0

What inspired you to start working on writing?

Oct 23, 12:58AM EDT0

Truth be told, it was a weekend long leggos session as a kid building a large pirate ship. We played with the set, but when i returned home the game's story wouldn't leave, so i wrote out the first two chapters of a pirate novel, which was never completed. Afterward i wrote several short stories based on classic hollywood monsters. I've written ever since. I would say my love for the fantastic and the old Hollywood monster films inspires my writing most.

Oct 23, 10:27AM EDT0

What do you mean when you say you've been mistaken for murders?

Oct 22, 7:53PM EDT0

Oh, last year on my birthday i was headed to Galveston in my '93 pathfinder and it blew a hose, so i stayed at the Trade Winds Motel. After journeying to Chile's and back, and once settled in th beer and cigarettes and some good motel channels, there was a loud knock and i answered to fifteen cops with guns drawn and swat gear staring me down the ends of their barrels. A search determined they had the wrong room. The next morning i mentioned what happened to the girlscat the gas,station and they told me a murderer had been staying at that same motel a week earlier  and that i DID look like him from a distance. 

Oct 22, 8:11PM EDT0

How long did it take you to write your books?

Oct 22, 5:24PM EDT0

About a month apiece. But the timing of writing was different. Late at night after beers on one, usually with a xanax thrown in, and constant writing on the other.

Last edited @ Oct 22, 5:35PM EDT.
Oct 22, 5:34PM EDT0
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