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Apr 7, 2018

Hello there! My name is Angelica and online I go by Axillia Cosplay. I'm a twenty four year old cosplayer with about five years experience, and a slight focus on video game cosplay (though I've also cosplayed from anime and comics).  Feel free to ask me questions about cosplay in general or my specific work. To give you a little more background on myself: my favorite food is anything Korean (especially KBBQ or kimchi jjigae), favorite book/series is Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, and my favorite videogame is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 

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If there was one anime character you would compare yourself to what would it be and why?
Apr 12, 9:42PM EDT0
How far into the character are you willing to go while in the cosplay?
Apr 11, 8:01PM EDT0
Do you have cosplays that are often painful or uncomfortable? If so, how much pain can you handle for the art?
Apr 11, 3:18PM EDT0
What was your first and last convention?
Apr 11, 7:50AM EDT0
What are your cosplay pet peeves?
Apr 11, 5:18AM EDT0

would you ever do a collaboration with anyone on an outfit or just a group cosplay

Apr 10, 1:01AM EDT0
What do you believe is unique about a cosplayer's personality with regards to the ability to assume the life of a fictional character?
Apr 9, 3:51AM EDT0
What are some of the ways in which cosplay has proven to be therapeutic for you personally?
Apr 9, 12:30AM EDT0
What type of character would you design if you had the opportunity to do so?
Apr 9, 12:30AM EDT0
What are some of the emotional reasons one would choose to cosplay?
Apr 8, 11:10PM EDT0
Have you cosplayed any character from the Divine Comedy, and if yes, who was it?
Apr 7, 9:51PM EDT0

I have not but I would love to do Dante. I've had an idea of how to go about it for years but I'm still working out how I'd like to do his scythe. Mind you this is based on the video game adaptation. 

Apr 7, 10:03PM EDT0
Did you ever felt uncomfortable with the character you were cosplaying and why?
Apr 7, 7:32PM EDT0

Nope! I haven't. I've worn fully covered cosplays to some pretty revealing ones and I haven't felt uncomfortable with the character/cosplay itself.

Apr 7, 7:36PM EDT0
Have you thought of being in the costume expert industry and work on theatre shows or movies?
Apr 7, 9:31AM EDT0

While that would be spectacular to be able to work in the costume industry I haven't given it much thought since I'm not formally trained as a seamstress nor do I feel I reach the levels needed to head in that direction. 

Apr 7, 5:02PM EDT0
How did you end up naming yourself Axillia Cosplay? What are your future cosplay plans?
Apr 6, 10:51PM EDT0

The name actually comes from my highschool days! A friend of mine was working on a novel and wanted to base his characters off of his friends and needed a villianess so I came up with the name Axillia and it just stuck with me. 

For future plans the cosplays I'm currently working on are Majin 21 from Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Menat from Street Fighter 5. 

Apr 7, 5:04PM EDT0
What cosplay character has been the most difficult one to perform and why?
Apr 6, 12:13PM EDT0

I'm not really sure if perform is the best word to use (at least for me) however the most difficult to cosplay would have been my Demon Vi from League of Legends. I haven't fully finished her yet but I ended up doing a casual version that included the hair, prosthetic ears, horns, some of the accessories and of course her giant articulated hands.

There are two main reasons why she's been the most difficult. Firstly being how heavy those arms are after holding them up for hours. I really got my work out in that day! Secondly is the build aspect. Articulation while super fun to see can be a bit of a pain to incorperate into projects. 

Apr 7, 5:10PM EDT0
What has been your favorite cosplay that you have done so far? Do you prefer cosplaying solo or with other people?
Apr 6, 9:41AM EDT0

Generally it's a toss up between Cammy White from Street Fighter and Kori'andr (Starfire) from DC. If I had to choose one I would probably go with Cammy.  I typically cosplay solo so when I get the chance to do a group or couples cosplay I'm always super excited. I definitely prefer cosplaying with others.

Apr 7, 5:13PM EDT0
At what age did you start cosplaying and how has it evolved in last few years?
Apr 6, 8:44AM EDT0

My first actual cosplay was when I was about 14 or 15 years old though I didn't really start cosplaying consistently until I was 19. In the past few years my sewing especially has made a huge improvement. Part of that was upgrading my equipment and the rest was lots (and lots) of practice and research. 

Apr 7, 5:16PM EDT0
What have been some of the things you have ended up learning about yourself since you have started cosplaying?
Apr 6, 7:21AM EDT0

I've learned that I'm much more capable than I give myself credit for. It takes a lot of work to be able to fully plan out a cosplay between deciding on the character, researching any and all methods to get the desired results, making time between work and friends to make sure things get done on time, and for myself personally I put a lot of effort into the shoots I do (choosing locations, coming up with themes, prop ideas, etc.)

Apr 7, 5:18PM EDT0
Do you design your own cosplay clothes?
Apr 6, 12:05AM EDT0

I don't usually design the clothing I use in my cosplays however I typically make them. 

Apr 7, 5:20PM EDT0
How important do you think is the detailing of your outfit, and makeup when it comes to creating a cosplay?
Apr 5, 9:09PM EDT0

Personally I think makeup and detail can really make a great cosplay even more amazing than it already is. Everyone has a different style of cosplay so makeup isn't 100% necesary but I always wear makeup when I cosplay. There are some cosplayers who are talented enough to really be able to "transform" their faces and look like completely different people. On top of that you have the SFX artists who make some incredible works!

Apr 7, 5:23PM EDT0
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