Illustration & design: How to make it work. AMA

Arthur Tanga
Jan 8, 2018

Hi there!  I'm a 2D/3D/Graphic artist and designer. If you are interested in my work, you can view them at www.arthurtanga.com.  I love wood carving, a good fiction, and BBQs :)

Finding the perfect balance is like Peanut Butter and Jelly - for the eyes. Interweaving the personal touch of illustration with the focus of design, you can make both works for you no matter the project type.

Please feel welcome to ask me anything. I would love to answer your questions relating to almost any of the illustration or design fields, steps necessary to get you, your client, the message and the process of integrating illustration into design or vice versa, and much more.

Check me out at instagram: www.instagram.com/arthurtanga/

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Could you design 3D model which could move?

Jan 9, 4:44AM EST0

Yes I can.  The 3D model will require a couple of phases after the initial modeling/sculpting before its capable of being moved or animated. The rigging process (method of attaching points to model/model skeleton so its moveable) can be a time consuming process (though there are programs out there that help make it much easier).  After being fully rigged, that model can be used for multiple animations. 

There are more things to take into consideration during the process prior to rigging (dependent on the final outcome) like creating a low polygon version of the sculpted model, mesh integrity around bendable areas, etc, etc

Jan 9, 3:38PM EST0

19.Is the quality more important than the appearance itself?

Jan 9, 3:24AM EST0

As the saying goes, you can polish garbage but it's still garbage.  Quality takes on more than one aspect, and presentation and polish can help accept a not-so-good design but the quality of the concept and work might not stand or be of long lasting value.

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Jan 9, 5:26AM EST0

Which sort of tree would you use for creating a doll?

Jan 8, 6:38PM EST0

Will it be used for showcase or for regular use? I am limited to basswood due to my location but I would use durable wood like maple or mahogany.  I would even experiment in using different wood grains for eyes, or other movable parts/accessories.  Apart from that basswood is durable in its own or whne treated with acrylic coats

Which ever tree you use, make sure its treated with child safe varnish or oils.  I have used a combination of boiled Linseed oil and beeswax mix.  It has been ok so far.  Staining is another choice but that might present its own issues.

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Jan 8, 6:58PM EST0

Hi everyone.  Looking forward to answering  your questions.  Feel free to post and I'll do my best :)

Jan 8, 4:02PM EST0

Great AMA, thanks for sharing!

Jan 9, 2:43PM EST0

Thank you very much for taking the time :)  I'm open to more follow up questions that you might have anytime down the line

Jan 9, 3:47PM EST0

Could you design something more complex, buildings, bridges, roads with certain dimensions?

Jan 8, 8:56AM EST0

Yes.  Most 3D programs have scaling tools and its a must for 3D prototyping and printing

Jan 8, 4:11PM EST0

22.What kind of illustration is the most difficult?

Jan 8, 5:30AM EST0

I would say, ones without a message.  Or on the other hand, I try to avoid repetitive concepts or elements.  The value of continual inspiration as you work is something that should be considered.  

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Jan 8, 11:43AM EST0

How much time do you need for creating a character?

Jan 8, 4:28AM EST1

That can vary a bit.   Depends on the complexity of the character, how researched and conceptualized it is prior to creation, and on the choosen medium (2D, 3D, etc).  A 2d character creation can take any where between a full day to a week.  A 3D can take between 3 days to 2 months, again depending on the above.  Add a 2 to 8 hrs of research, prep work, rough concepts to the start of either, and you get a rough idea. Obviously, it can vary (rush work, superhuman efforts when the creative juice hits you, etc).  More preparation usually means a more streamlined process.

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Jan 8, 11:53AM EST0

Could you make/create anything that comes to your mind?

Jan 7, 10:55PM EST0

Yes - to an extent. I approach each project trying to see which approach fits it best, and in some cases, my skills were not up to par with what I believe the project deserves.  That had pushed me to learn as much as I can to get those things done the way I feel will be medium and media wise.  And I'm still learning :)

Jan 8, 12:04PM EST0

Is this job also your hobby? Do you think that anybody should have a hobby that corresponds to his job?

Jan 7, 10:20PM EST1

Yes :)  I love the creation process.  

Yes, and I would wish that on everyone.  It should be a necessary ingredient to any employment.  Theres less friction from the daily grind (micro or macro).  And you naturally will care for what you do and try to achieve more for yourself and the company who gives you that avenue.   But make sure its a hobby you can handle in large doses.  There should be a balance of your direction, and taking direction.

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Jan 8, 12:14PM EST0

How much does it cost to design something?

Jan 7, 9:43PM EST0

Depends on a variety of issues.  Quite a number, too.  Like what kind of type of art or design, timetable, quality, style, medium used, creative control, and more.  

Jan 8, 12:21PM EST0

Do you have 3D printer through which you could make your designs real?

Jan 7, 10:04AM EST0

I do, just recently too! I have tested out a few sample prints and looking forward to trying out composite metal printing and much more.  I'm very excited!

Jan 8, 12:23PM EST0

20.Do you think of some new techniques that you could use?

Jan 7, 9:29AM EST0

using 3d renders as backdrop or basis for illustration.  

Jan 8, 3:16PM EST0

What are you the best in?

Jan 7, 8:57AM EST0

Being guided by the message and it's recievers.

I love coming up with the total solution then following through no matter the medium and media barriers.  

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Jan 8, 3:17PM EST0

Do you think that your work comes from divine inspiration?

Jan 7, 6:39AM EST0

Now that's  longer conversation :) 

I do firmly believe in the transcendental nature of the artist's unique language.  A tongue - to speak.

Jan 8, 3:20PM EST0

Is it difficult to design the space for games like “Need for Speed” or “Counter Strike”?

Jan 7, 4:17AM EST0

I believe Couter Strike.  Due to making such a small space work for multiple game plays on such limited assets

Jan 8, 4:00PM EST0

Do you think that our future is oriented towards games and is it difficult to create one?

Jan 7, 3:27AM EST0

Yes, very much so.  And hopefully positive gains through better education, marketing experience, entertainment, etc.

Yes and no.  There are multitudes of tutorials, easy to learn softwares, free and cheap assets, game engines, etc with guided experience on how to make different genres of games.

To avoid asset flipping, you must have a theme, some cohesiveness to the project including a proper systematic process from start to finish.  Another part where proper planning and a bit of dedicated talent goes a long way.  

Last edited @ Jan 8, 3:33PM EST.
Jan 8, 3:32PM EST0

Do you think that 3D design is perspective?

Jan 7, 2:38AM EST0

My perspective definitely comes into play which influences some choices.  But the message and it's intended audience leads the way I envision the final design or conceptualize it.  

Jan 8, 3:39PM EST0

How much time do you spend daily on working with designs?

Jan 7, 12:13AM EST0

About 70% of my work is high in the design area.  That would be around 6 hours or so.  Again, that varies greatly

Jan 8, 4:03PM EST0

21.Would you accept to create any kind of model which is asked of you?

Jan 6, 10:43PM EST0

Yes.  as long as it provides positive challenges and some creative levelling up.  Though I do have exceptions....

Jan 8, 3:43PM EST0

Is your job connected with photography and painting?

Jan 6, 9:03PM EST0

A huge percentage is connected with the later.  Since I became creative designer and later on art director for Haunted Castle Gaming, I have been doing more digital painting.  But its usually well balanced.

Most of my poster designs have come from good photgraphy.  

Jan 8, 4:06PM EST0
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