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Nov 14, 2017

Former BSc., currently studying engineering. I originally started drawing to stay awake in lectures and to make friends with similar interests, but that grew and I never stopped loving to draw and create.

My favourite medium is fountain pens and ink. 


eecks says:

This AMA will end Nov 21, 2017 10AM EST

eecks says:

This AMA will end Nov 14, 2017 11PM EST

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When did you start drawing ? 

Nov 14, 11:34AM EST0

Which is your favorite work?

Nov 12, 11:00AM EST0

What themes do you pursue?

Nov 12, 1:25AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 11, 3:21PM EST0

You have a certain styles, which is nicely structured, lined, and even if it looks abstract it's well composed. Are these styles also related with your other interest?(since you're studying engineering, does it have some sort of relation with it?) 

I hope the question make sense lol I was curious if the major you're in also partake in shaping ur current styles!! <:3c 

Nov 11, 2:04AM EST0

What inspires you to keep on drawing?

Nov 10, 12:35PM EST0

What is your greatest weakness?

Nov 10, 11:02AM EST0

What is your favorite part about drawing?

Nov 10, 8:15AM EST0

What role does the artist have in society?

Nov 10, 7:38AM EST0

I think it depends on what art means to the person who is creating it. Some people use it as a form of communication, especially for things that they are passionate about, but others may use it as a means for a career or a hobby. 

I personally don't think an artist doesn't necessarily need to play a role in society, and it all really just depends on the fit of the person, their product/creation, and what industry. 

Nov 14, 12:33PM EST0

What/Who encouraged you to draw?

Nov 10, 5:42AM EST0

I think the first person who gave me "permission"(?) or purpose to draw is my grade 8 teacher who let me paint murals and saw that it was something I was really enjoying.

The drive to draw came from reading my first manga (Tsubasa Chronicles) and from watching my first anime (Fullmetal Alchemist), two very solid series. 

Nov 14, 12:24PM EST0

What has drawing taught you?

Nov 10, 5:31AM EST0

I wouldn't say that it taught me anything, as much as something more than that (if that makes sense haha). I wouldn't be able to list all the things that drawing has given me in my life; not only the lessons and the stress-relieving elements, but also the time it's given me to reflect and a whole world of friends I've been so lucky to befriend.

Nov 14, 12:22PM EST0

Who is your favorite Artist?

Nov 10, 5:09AM EST0

I used to be a huge fan of a DGM/KHR fanartist (who has since then pulled down her site). Her old name was "zepet" and you can still pull up some of her fanarts if you do a quick google search! 

I am also a huge fan of Hanuol (Kim Ji Hyuk)'s illustrations! 


In recent years, I haven't really focused on a single artist, mostly because there is so much content online now (and a lack of time to follow every artist on every single platform).

Nov 14, 12:20PM EST0

How do you motivate younger artists?

Nov 10, 2:43AM EST0

Tbh, I don't think I put myself in the role of being the mentor/motivator for young artists, although I am open to them asking me questions and will try my best to answer them. I'm glad they draw inspiration from what I create though.

Nov 14, 12:16PM EST0

Where did you learn this kind of drawing?

Nov 10, 2:35AM EST0

As a wee child, I used to have art classes, but I actually didn't start drawing for fun till high school, where I slowly got more interested in anime/manga/comics. Most of what I draw today, while leeches from previous skills learned as a child, is mostly developed over time from my own experimentation with different mediums.

Nov 14, 12:16PM EST0

Which kind of picture do you like to paint?

Nov 10, 12:09AM EST0

I'm not exactly sure what this question is asking, but I guess in terms of classification of things I like to draw- I prefer drawing things that will tell a story, or at least evoke some sort of thought. I also have a tendency to want to put a character in, simply because it creates an object of relatability for the viewer.

Nov 14, 12:14PM EST0

Serious question!!! What would your ideal ink color be? (something that doesn't already exist)

Nov 9, 10:37PM EST0

I think there's already too many ink colours that exist in all shades for it to be something that doesn't already exist. Though, I didn't know I wanted it till my friend Lori made it, but black ink with different coloured sparkles are something I've been loving lately.

Nov 14, 12:06PM EST0

which one of ur inks do u think tastes the best

Nov 9, 10:29PM EST0

HMMM maybe the sailor four seasons sets? They're so vibrant and visually tasty LOL--

Luna, you're asking the real questions here.

Nov 14, 12:05PM EST0

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nov 9, 7:43PM EST0

As much as I think looking ahead in the future, I think 10 years is too much of a time stretch for me to reasonably say what I would or wouldn't be doing in the future. Ideally, I hope it's a good place, financially and career-wise. 

Nov 14, 12:03PM EST0

How do you feel when you draw?

Nov 9, 5:24PM EST0

It's probably the same feeling that some people have when they put on netflix and settle in for the night -- it's quite relaxing and nice since I put on some music/podcast and just allow myself to indulge in my pens and inks haha. 

Nov 14, 12:03PM EST0

Have you ever participated any drawing contests?

Nov 9, 4:26PM EST0

Yes, back in elementary school and during my TinierME days.. I actually won the honeary mention back then haha:


In future years, I realized that art for a contest wasn't really art I wanted to create since I don't really like drawing for other people. 

Nov 14, 12:01PM EST0

Any tips/advice on creating simple yet cute logos and designs? What are your favourite fountain pen ink colours and reccomendations? (:

Nov 9, 4:23PM EST0

Designs and logos should always look good even in the absence of colour! Since these things are often used in different documents or may be in the hands of those who are not design or art-inclined, they may sometimes use the designs/logos in their not optimal state (low res, in b/w, etc). Also, I like to also limit my colour palette because I find it easier to control elements of a design; its easier to make it pop with a few selected hues/values..!

Definitely recommend the TWSBI Eco or maybe the pilot kakuno (demonstrator haha)! I used to not be a fan of pilot but I believe they changed their nibs lately and it's been so smooth. Inkwise, R&K alt-goldgrun and sailor yama dori are amongst some of my favourite colorus!!

Nov 14, 11:59AM EST0

How did you develope your art style

Nov 9, 3:42PM EST0

I think my style developed from the lack of time but still having the need to create. Because art was never really "supposed" to be the focus of any of the time I had, it was always a bit of a guilt trip to draw, but it was something I was adamant about not giving up because of the satisfaction it gave me to create something and also something that allowed me to share with others. 

But as a result, I just ended up trying to find ways to simplify the amount of time it took to draw an eye, the face, some hair, etc etc. I also had a very big love for stories and communicating my ideas visually, so it expanded past the smaller features to a bigger composition; hence my tendency to draw more backgrounds or patterns rather than focusing on the character itself.

Nov 14, 11:54AM EST0

What’s integral to the work of an engineer?

Nov 9, 3:35PM EST0

I'm not too sure, sorry. I'm working on my degree, not currently working in the field!

Nov 14, 11:49AM EST0

What’s your background?

Nov 9, 1:28PM EST0

I'm not sure what you mean by background..!

But I guess family-wise, I'm Chinese-born Canadian (I wish I could say vice versa, but my language skills are not that powerful). Academic-wise, finished a degree in double major biology/psychology, minor in biocommunications; decided to restart and now working towards a degree in civil engineering, focusing on transportation. 

Nov 14, 11:49AM EST0

Do you plan to do something with drawing later in life, or is it just a hobby?

Nov 9, 1:20PM EST0

I haven't really made up my mind regarding this yet... though I have many MANY friends (you guys know who you are) who keep insisting art will become something more than just a hobby.

As it stands, I'm happy with it's role in my life, and I don't think I'll be comfortable taking it further (past this on the fence stage where it's mostly a hobby and stress reliever mixed in with a little bit of side income) unless I have more of a financial cushion to make more drastic changes regarding what I do with it. I don't think I want to rely on my art as a lifestyle of paycheck-to-paycheck; it really creates a damper on what it stands for, for me.

Nov 14, 11:44AM EST0

What kind of potatoes do you like to eat?  How do you balance your art and school life? 

Nov 9, 12:22PM EST1

I like them good potatos, in all forms but especially baked and fried. :^)

I used to think I had to be proactive and plan for everything for it to work out, but I think if you're more of a do-er and you look ahead enough to realize what deadlines are coming ahead in the horizon and prioritize based on that, you'll end up getting more done before you realize you're burnt out.. so I guess it went from being a conscious thought of "I need to get stuff done" to just a continuous moderated stream of workflow with some friend time inbetween.

Nov 14, 11:40AM EST0

Do you sell your art?

Nov 9, 11:30AM EST0

Yes I do! I currently closed my store for the year, but after moving to a new platform, I'll have my store open again in early Jan 2018

Nov 14, 11:29AM EST1

What platform are you using and why did you change the last?

Nov 14, 12:31PM EST0

Which pens has been your favourite to carry/use? Which pen do you wish to have?

Nov 9, 10:44AM EST0

My favourite has been the TWSBI eco in Medium nib! I also am very fond of miniso's gel pens (since they're a 1/3 of the price of muji's).

I've been wanting to get the Pelikan M600/M800 in grey or the faber castell ondoro in smokey wood for a while but I still can't warrant that price point for myself haha

Nov 14, 11:29AM EST0
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