I can only be me.Just me JGROOVE2018. Entertainer, writer, singer-songwriter ASK ME ANYTHING AMA

Jarius Jgroove Groves
Apr 10, 2018

I'm a singer-songwriter entertainer. I have so many songs and all of them are hits believe it or not but I need  EXPOSER  and first I have to record them . It is a slow process but once the songs are done all I will need is for the right people to hear it.. I've been singing my whole life and I do open mics around Chicago almost every day of the week. sometimes I say to my self if anyone had the balls to invest in me I would definitely make them rich.


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What are the defining characteristics of a timeless song?
Apr 11, 2:45PM EDT0
What are the differences between an entertainer and a performance artist and how do these differences affect a show?
Apr 11, 7:50AM EDT0
What factors do you take into consideration when personalizing a show for a particular audience?
Apr 11, 7:45AM EDT0
To what extent are your shows interactive as an entertainer and why should there be an interactive element to a live show?
Apr 11, 5:13AM EDT0
Among all the songs you’ve written, which one’s your favorite?
Apr 11, 4:38AM EDT0
Have you tried submitting demo tapes to agents and record labels?
Apr 10, 5:13AM EDT0
What songs do you like writing the most?
Apr 10, 4:50AM EDT0
Why haven’t you recorded any of your songs yet?
Apr 10, 2:55AM EDT0
Do you have a YouTube channel or a website where one can check out some of your work?
Apr 10, 1:37AM EDT0
Do you want to be an independent artist or do you want to sign up with a label?
Apr 9, 10:17PM EDT0
Are your friends and family supportive of your career?
Apr 9, 9:55PM EDT0
Have you ever tried asking anyone to invest on your music?
Apr 9, 7:59PM EDT0
How long have you been a singer-songwriter?
Apr 9, 6:20PM EDT0
What are some of your favorite songs?
Apr 9, 3:53PM EDT0
Have you considered joining talent shows and singing competitions?
Apr 9, 2:45PM EDT0
Do you prefer singing your own songs or do you also do covers?
Apr 9, 12:22PM EDT0
What’s the most challenging thing about being a musician?
Apr 9, 9:44AM EDT0
Why do you think no talent scout has discovered you yet even if you do open mic performances all the time?
Apr 9, 8:55AM EDT0
What music genre do your songs belong to?
Apr 9, 4:20AM EDT0
What/who inspires you when writing your songs?
Apr 9, 2:04AM EDT0
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