I am a well know photographer in the Dutch Caribbean, specialized in Weddings, Real Estate, and Interior . AMA

Theo Meijer
May 11, 2018

Wedding photographer on Curacao, Caribbean. Well known in the LGBT scene for Weddings.


Professional photographer in The Netherlands Antilles, Curacao. specializes in Weddings, Real Estate and Interior. 

Fanpage at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Willemstad/Theo-Meijer-Photography/359098704120?ref=mf

Up till 2004, I was not active in photography. Born in 1952 I grew up in the Netherlands and pursued a career in the hospitality and international sales industry after finishing my studies in Hotel management (The Hague, 1974). Whether it was a mid-life crisis or something else, but in my early fifties, I felt the need to be creative. As I am a hardcore realist I chose photography: picturing the world, things, people as they appear for my camera. At first, I started with fashion photography, creating pictures in a controlled setting. But soon I took my camera with me out in the open. Have been chosen as Best Photographer In Curacao for 2015, 2016 and 2017.


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Do you provide work samples for prospective clients to view? Have you ever had a prospective client ask for a type of photography you could not provide?
May 18, 12:54AM EDT0
Do you charge hourly rates for your services or is it a fixed price for each project?
May 17, 10:34PM EDT0
What inspired your move to Curacao and when did you move there?
May 17, 6:58PM EDT0
What features do you look for in your environment when doing an outdoor wedding photo shoot?
May 17, 6:01PM EDT0
Have you always had a keen eye for finding the right picture or did someone teach you the skill?
May 17, 4:58PM EDT1
If you have the option, do you photograph a space with people in or without?
May 15, 6:58PM EDT0

For real estate and interior, I prefer a clean house with no people in the frame... 

May 16, 8:57AM EDT0
What was it with interior photography that captured your interest?
May 15, 4:56PM EDT0

The interior photography I do is mostly of mansions from 1 mil dollar and up. It is a challenge to do it without using your flash, or just use a flash in dark spots (window pull is also a great way). It takes a lot of editing. The advantage is you work alone for a day or so, nobody there, just me, my gear and music.... It's like Yoga ;-)

May 16, 8:56AM EDT0
As a real estate and interior photographer you probably get a lot of exposure into the design world. Who would you say is your favourite designer/architect and why?
May 15, 9:56AM EDT0

Jan Des Bouvrie... I like his modern style very much. 

Last edited @ May 16, 8:53AM EDT.
May 16, 8:53AM EDT0
How do people see what you do? What are their most common comments?
May 12, 5:22AM EDT0

As a photographer you have your own style. They love it or they don't. Those who love it share my photo's, those who don't keep silent and just follow me to see what I do... I am well present on social media, so there people can see what I do.

May 16, 8:49AM EDT0
Who is your biggest role model in your life and why?
May 11, 10:56PM EDT0

I do not really  have  one. Walk the talk and be creative works fine for  me.

May 16, 8:47AM EDT0
What was your biggest professional dream when you were younger?
May 11, 9:24PM EDT0

Becoming a pilot, but my feeling for technology  is bad ;-)

May 14, 5:39PM EDT0
Where do you see yourself and your work inside the society in the following five years?
May 11, 6:40PM EDT0

At home, with my pension... would like to stop in 2 years...

May 14, 5:39PM EDT0
What makes you so attractive and appealing for LGBT weddings?
May 11, 3:05PM EDT0

First  of all I live  on a very tini Island with only 140.000 inhabitants. Church is  important for most  of them. I come from Holland where LGBT wedding are legit around 2001. Dutch people are very "world' based so it was just another wedding for me. I have no problems with  it and feel very comfortable . It shows in who I am. (Not gay btw)

May 14, 5:38PM EDT0
Speaking about abstract photography, do you think it is too vaguely understood amongst the people or do you consider that it is respected enough in the circles of interest?
May 11, 9:04AM EDT0

What  is your definition of Abstract ??

May 14, 5:35PM EDT0
What is the most sagnificant project you have taken on in your career so far?
May 11, 5:50AM EDT0

A wedding in Rome in the Vaticane. We left Curacao with 105 guests, stayed  in the same hotel and 2 days shooting in The Vatican and Rome city.. was a blast.

May 14, 5:34PM EDT0
What are your biggest fears about your profession and how do you try to control it?
May 11, 5:02AM EDT0

Coming home with a crippled sd card. That  is why I use 32gb cards to split  up the shots.

May 14, 5:33PM EDT0
Do you think that photographer as a kind of artists that make something for the art itself as well bring more quality to the work than those who do it only for the profit?
May 11, 2:22AM EDT0


May 14, 5:33PM EDT0
Do you think that every artist, and in this case a photographer is naturally a little bit eccentric?
May 11, 1:28AM EDT0

Every photographer who says he is not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.... :-)   (Helmut Newton, 1995)

May 14, 4:49PM EDT0
Do you think people have mostly forgotten that photography is primarily a kind of art, and that this is what changed the amount of quality in designing pretty much?
May 10, 11:11PM EDT0

A lot of people think you just push a button and that's it. When I tell them it takes some 3 full days to select and edit a wedding they look at me with big eyes ;-)

May 14, 4:47PM EDT0
Do you meet customers with rather unrealistic desires for the photoshoot, and if yes, could you tell us an anegdote?
May 10, 9:19PM EDT0

That happens yes. Can you please photoshop me 10 lbs less... ??   Then I say NO.. I can do just a little and no plastic fantastic and just on a few, not all of them.... 

May 14, 4:46PM EDT0
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