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Kirtan Creative
May 14, 2018

I am Kirtancreative.com, http://kirtancreative.com/services, http://kirtancreative.com/workshop

(Mumbai -India)

I love to solve queries related to Photoshop and all about editing, for desirable results.

You can also make video call on Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype or Whatsapp +919867561299

I would love to answer you all.

I am also open for paid E-Workshop via Video Conferencing. or Visiting at your location

Email me: kirtancreative@gmail.com

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Does your company create portfolios for fashion models? What other services are offered to models?
Aug 14, 2:54PM EDT0
What kind of pre and post production services does Kirtan Creative offer?
Aug 14, 3:56AM EDT0
Would you say your imagination when doing photoshop sticks to the "normal" or do you go out of your way to be as creative as possible even if it makes the photoshop pretty obvious because of how unnatural it is?
Aug 10, 7:51PM EDT0
What are the main differences in editing for fashion versus editing for businesses?
Aug 10, 11:19AM EDT0
Which old photoshop software do you still use? why?
Aug 10, 9:27AM EDT0

I am always using Latest Paid Application of Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom 

Aug 10, 9:56AM EDT0
If you were to pitch for a big project where a person with skills such as yours is being sought, what would you say makes you unique as far as the quality of your work is concerned?
Aug 9, 8:06AM EDT0

Well satisfaction is the only thing i focus about pitching any job also  client relationships also i focus money i keep secondary 

as once the client will get habit of your quality  work then they will be happy  to pay you your proper amount in futures 

You can also call  or whatsapp or imessage me on



Aug 9, 11:16AM EDT0
Have you considered being an online photoshop coach considering how many people enjoy photoshop but do not know how to do it right?
Aug 8, 10:52AM EDT0

Well i get lot of questions being a Photoshop coach an d i really enjoying so much reason i am happy that my skill or aome suggestion makes a difference in some ones technical life 


my whatsapp imessag number is 


Aug 9, 11:30AM EDT0
Considering the many changes that have taken place as far as technology is concerned, what are some you expect as far as photoshop is concerned?
Aug 6, 7:28AM EDT0

We have to walk with time and all cahnges 

about photoshop and photography many changes has come which can make yoir edit easy but at the end customisation is always have its own vLue which we should develop 

Aug 8, 2:09PM EDT0
What are a few other skills needed to create great photoshop photos?
Aug 4, 1:19PM EDT0

Hummm you need to develop your vision about what is distracting the beauty of a photo as per that you can make a beat plan for photoshop edit 

Aug 8, 2:10PM EDT0
What are a few of your favorite features in photoshop?
Aug 3, 4:06AM EDT0

Cloning Healing 

Aug 8, 2:11PM EDT0
Do you offer consultations on the use of Photoshop with Wacom tablets?
Jul 30, 6:31PM EDT0

Well idon’t actully i am much comfortable with Magic Mouse many time i tried using a wacom but some how i feel its not as fast as mouse while working on image editing but iys my personal opinion many people use wacom its based on person to person 

Aug 4, 9:57AM EDT0
What are some of the online jobs one with photoshop skills can do?
Jul 30, 3:18PM EDT0

Ecommerce job you can try

or find out some online portal which provides Jobs

Aug 8, 2:05PM EDT0
How long did it take you to have the kind of expertise you have on photoshop?
Jul 30, 5:50AM EDT0

its all about how you are dealing with new work situaltion yoou will get more expert 

Jul 30, 6:11AM EDT0
For someone interested in learning photoshop online, which sites would you recommend?
Jul 30, 3:04AM EDT0
What are some things you do to get the creative juices flowing?
Jul 29, 6:41AM EDT0

you can assist me you will get all answers

Jul 30, 6:11AM EDT0
Which are some of the best photoshop plugins in the market today?
Jul 28, 10:09PM EDT0
What avenues have you used to promote your business? Why did you choose those?
Jul 28, 7:11PM EDT0
What are some inspiring factors in using photoshop?
Jul 28, 2:59PM EDT0
How did you get into using photoshop? What made you want to sharpen your skills?
Jul 27, 5:20PM EDT0
When scheduling paid E-workshop with clients, do you have preferred time or do you usually leave that to clients?
Jul 27, 9:30AM EDT0
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