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Kirtan Creative
May 14, 2018

I am Kirtancreative.com

Kindly check my Service page on given website.

I love to solve queries related to Photoshop and editing images for desirable results.

You can also video me on facebook Messanger or Whatsapp Video.

I would love to answer you.

I am from India in Mumbai.

You can Email me using: kirtancreative@gmail.com

Kirtan Creative says:

This AMA will end May 14, 2019 9PM EDT

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What experience do you have working with stock photography and agencies?
May 19, 8:46AM EDT0

Mostly i have my own stock of photography when ever my clients need something specific they buy it for us as per our requirements 

i headrd about many site who ask us for keeping our photos to their portal sites but its very painful process i never earned any money out of it 

May 19, 11:50AM EDT0
What upcoming projects would you like to tell people about?
May 18, 11:50PM EDT0

Fashion videos

May 19, 8:26AM EDT0

Would you like to involve in any projects? Please connect me +919867561299

May 19, 11:45AM EDT0
What makes photography so versatile that it can create images relevant to these disparate topics?
May 18, 6:28PM EDT0

well what do you mean by “These Disparate Topics” kindly explain 

May 19, 4:29AM EDT0
What important changes do you see happening in editing right now?
May 18, 2:00PM EDT0

Right now imp changes which i have noticed is that procedure of editing goong fast but with no quality 

after all innovation i realised customise treatment will not get die in any day 

as all tutorials and informative video will teach you examples with one cinario but mostly our cinarios are very different from those given steps 

you can feel free to Facetime chat with me or skype 


Last edited @ May 20, 5:21PM EDT.
May 18, 2:54PM EDT0
How do you discover new projects that you’d like to work with?
May 18, 12:07PM EDT0

i discover new projects by work network 

i like to work with projects where i have full freedom to work with my creativity and also my co workers get freedome to grow their own creativity 

so we can give our client best with our full efforts within clients  requirements 

May 18, 2:49PM EDT0
What is your artwork about and what are you inspired by?
May 18, 2:43AM EDT0

My artwork is all about unusual visions

I am inspired by nature too 

May 18, 2:50PM EDT0
With filter options in library what all things you can sort and search in lightroom?
May 17, 1:29AM EDT0

Dear Katyb, Well can you please expand your question and askme in brief ? thank you

May 17, 2:24AM EDT0
What’s one of your favourite pieces of artwork and how (briefly!) did you do it?
May 17, 12:04AM EDT0
What is a Gaussian blur and what are its specific uses?
May 15, 6:25AM EDT0

its all about making area Blur 

you can even use it with smart later 

you can also use masking with your Blur later to make i interesting

email me kirtancreative@gmail.com for further explanation over Video


May 15, 6:34AM EDT0
What should one do if experiencing problems when downloading, installing or activating a copy of Photoshop?
May 14, 9:55PM EDT0

If its your paid Copy simply get help feom adobe or delete and reinstall adobe cloud and tey reinstalling your photoshop PAID copy 

May 14, 11:38PM EDT0
What is the Clone tool and how does one fix blurry images in Photoshop?
May 14, 8:20PM EDT0

clone tool is just a Copy paste of what ever source you define to throw any other area  either fully or in low opecity  but it will not blend the background like heal tool 

for blurey image you can check Shake reduction filter but its not 100% fix of your blurry images for more you can ask my number on kirtancreative@gmail.com and video call me 

May 14, 11:41PM EDT0
What are some of the uique services and features that Kirtan Creative offers its clients?
May 14, 7:22PM EDT0

Miss kantadevi we provide 

art direction



post production



and much more

May 14, 11:44PM EDT0
How should one go about reducing noise in an image?
May 14, 11:57AM EDT0

Very simple 

just go to camera raw filter then go to noise and reduce noise by apx40 

but it will make your image little smooth oveall 

May 14, 11:46PM EDT0
How does the Red Eye tool work?
May 14, 11:54AM EDT0

Its simply detect the bright red color and try to fix it with desaturated colors 

sometime u need to touch on red eye in photo or some time u need to drag a small square with that tool covering eyeball

May 14, 1:13PM EDT0
What is the process of importing photographs in Lightroom from hard-drives?
May 14, 9:49AM EDT0

Ibsuggeat open LR make a new catalouge then import files from your drive 

If you using MAC THEN after making a new catalog then simply pik up files and drag drop on LR you can email me your number i will explain you over video chat ahead kirtancreative@gmail.com 

May 14, 10:15AM EDT0
How does one make a 3D sphere with the help of spin software?
May 14, 9:12AM EDT0

Hello Gufisha I have noclue for Spin Software Sorry 

May 14, 9:35AM EDT0
How would you describe your design and creative process?
May 14, 8:04AM EDT0

i always describe me and my work with one thing which is CREATIVE

May 14, 8:16AM EDT0
What is healing tool and is it possible to use bamboo tablet in Photoshop?
May 14, 8:03AM EDT0

Healing Brush is for removing unwanted spots or patches when you use healing brush it will not only solve it but will blend with the base surface 

for more explaination 


May 14, 8:06AM EDT0
How should one go about printing a grid in Adobe Photoshop?
May 14, 7:18AM EDT0

Grid means what kind of Grid are you talking about u need to email me and explan your senario with screen shot


May 14, 8:06AM EDT0
How do you organize layers in Photoshop?
May 14, 5:57AM EDT0

by naming it and some time you need to merge and go ahead by keeping seprate layers as a backup 


May 14, 8:07AM EDT0
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