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Mranal Pandey
Sep 12, 2018

We all go through a lot everyday. Some things we can tell, other things we dare not. At times it gets hard to express an event, emotion or even a person, but what I believe is, if u think u can't describe certain things through, you probably don't know the correct words yet.

I fell in love with writing as a child when I discovered how many various meanings just a handful of words can create with mere re-arrangements. This love gradually guided me to the melody of lyrics that we call rhyme and soon I became obsessed with poetry. Artists over a period of time have used "words" in a similar fashion to express and better comprehend the functionings of a contemporary society. But what if we never had them, or better, they never had words?

Let's just discuss the possibility of communication without words (absolutely non-verbal), their significance in communication and where humanity would stand if we never had forged the most powerful tool. There's always much more to 'words' than just a meaning, sometimes they themselves are a statement.

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How would you describe your own writing style?
Sep 13, 5:03AM EDT0

Hey Edsmontague!

It is very hard for me to answer this as I don't think I will ever be able to put together all of the vivid topics and techniques that I touch and assign under the same category or genre. I write about anything and everything that excites me to express myself, that can be love for a woman, a memory from childhood, wandering in the woods, general observation of people, politics, religion, philosophy, my obsession with words and passion for poetry, etc. I feel the need to paint a picture through words of everything I see around me. Specially, things that I find broken or causes that need a change, really intrigue me to write and express. So, its like a vast ocean and I keep picking up a bucket from here and there, but its the same water everywhere, right? Besides, if I were to ever give it a name I bet "Freestyle Poetry" is the only option I'm looking at!

Sep 13, 12:27PM EDT0
Is having a rhyme necessary in poetry? Are there poems you have come across that had no rhyme but still had the same impact as any other poem you enjoy reading?
Sep 12, 10:01PM EDT0

Hey Mitch!

As far as my opinion is concerned I believe that rhyme is not always necessary in a poetry, but, rhythm will be guaranteed. There is in fact a technique of poetry that focusses on poetry without a rhyme. Blank verse poetry has no fixed number of lines or a rhyme. It is often used in descriptive and reflective poems and dramatic monologues — the poems in which a single character delivers his thoughts in the form of a speech.

Yes. There are in fact a lot of poems and prose that I've read in blank verse form and they are still as impactful as any other poetic form. Moreover, its simply not the poetic technique that delivers the impact, its the content of the poetry and how well it has been compiled. See, not every painter makes an eye scanned painting of a scenario, some paint abstract, its just like that.

Sep 13, 12:12AM EDT0
Do you have any personal favorites from the poems you have written? If you were to pick one that truly speaks to you, which one would it be?
Sep 12, 8:19PM EDT0

Hey John!

This one is so hard it's like you are asking me to pick one of my children up and leave all the other behind (I have none though). I don't think I have any personal favourites as every poem I have ever written includes a special part of me in it. But, I always focus the most on the one that I am working on at present, as it requires mandatory attention to deliver the best content and emotions. So basically, I love all my kids equally.

Sep 13, 12:14AM EDT0
Do you patent the poems you write? If you do, how easy has it been to ensure you retain your intellectual property?
Sep 12, 7:24PM EDT0

Hey Zmduarte!

I have thought about it, but I haven't done that yet as I don't mind at all if my words are being plagiarised, for now, even if that happens, I will still have achieved my motto of expressing myself and spreading my word. Even after that, I believe, I will still retain my intellectual property as one can steal my words, but not my skill to write them the way I do.

There are a lot of poems, passages and quotes that I've compiled for people who were aware of my skill and I do that for anyone, because I like. If u feel there's something I can write for you or help you with, feel free to contact me through my Facebook page (link is in my AMA description), I'll write for you too, in my words!

Sep 13, 12:15AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on getting an audience that loves poetry? Do people appreciate poetry as was the case a few years back?
Sep 12, 4:54PM EDT0

Hey Asmakhattak!

Thank you for that question as it is indeed a great one! Poetry still exists in it's very true form, maybe not as celebrated as it was, but it does. Its also true that it has been loosing its audience gradually in the past due to new means of entertainment. But, it still has a lot of audience who ardently rely on it as their prime food for thought. I believe that those number can be highly increased by some activities and efforts, for example recitation of poetry gives it a very musical and magical touch, in fact the lyrics of most of the songs feature poetry, some times in a unique form. Activities like open mic sessions, poetic meet, and even a simple page on social media help a lot to open great windows to promote poetry. 

Its also sad at times, as an artist, to put all your heart and get no reaction out of the masses, because not everything will ignite everyone. I wish people were more aware of poetry and the change that it can and has been bringing, maybe then we would appreciate the true power of it.

Sep 13, 2:04AM EDT0
If you had to describe yourself in three words what would you say? Why?
Sep 12, 1:19PM EDT0

Hey Anonymous?


Writer, because i write a lot. Traveller, because i travel a lot. Explorer, because that is what i do when i am writing or travelling!

Sep 13, 12:17AM EDT0
Why do you believe different ways of expression and communication peak your interest so much?
Sep 12, 11:39AM EDT0

Hey Geovanna!

Curiosity. I am a curious cat. I not only look for answers, I look for questions too, than look for their answers. Moreover, I'm very expressive if you personally get to know me, so I believe its an embedded quality in my personality to always  express myself and how do we all do that? Communication!

That is also the reason why I keep getting in touch with people of similar interests as mine, to express my ideas and to explore their ideas too, just because I like to.

Sep 13, 2:18AM EDT0
Why is writing a great way to express yourself?
Sep 12, 11:20AM EDT0

Hey Cassio!

Writing is in fact a great method to express oneself as it not only gives you the freedom to freely describe anything or anyone, but also enlightens you with the numerous possibilities to express it. I believe, the impact of any speech, article or any other content not only depends on what has been written or is being delivered, but also 'how' it has been written or is being delivered.

Moreover, the reason why I find it perfect is because I like it and I always do it the way I want to do it. There's just so much freedom to it. Besides, it also acts as an outlet that lets you drain out all the emotions in a creative and artistic manner. I believe I will always write, till the time I'm here, I always have time for it!

Last edited @ Sep 13, 1:26AM EDT.
Sep 13, 1:26AM EDT0
What have you learned about yourself after reading back things that you have written? Is this a process you find exciting or scary?
Sep 12, 9:42AM EDT0

Hey Ssecnirp!

Well mostly whenever I finish writing something and I proof read it I'm like "damn, this must be a genius at work"! No seriously. The problem occurs when I read them later, you know after some time and realize there's still a lot of scope for improvement and things that can be done to make it better. I would admit that, then, I feel unsatisfied until I re-write or re-shape that content and make it better than what it originally was. I think its actually helpful, firstly as it provides self-criticism which is vital for any artist, secondly, it opens doors to creativity and new possibilities. Sometimes, you just need to forget what you know, in order to know something that you don't or won't know otherwise.

Sep 13, 12:34AM EDT0
In your opinion if words did not exist and people could not verbalize their feelings how would they express themselves?
Sep 12, 7:04AM EDT0

Hey Tonijay89!

Well its as hard to contemplate that, as it is to critique the very fact that how did we even start verbalizing feelings in the form of words in the first place? To think about, I believe we are looking at an age long process that underwent a lot of refinement and complex additions of sounds to create what we call today as speech. We later started assigning sounds with a particular visual clue that we now know as letters, then letters combined to form words, then words combined to form sentences and that is how we achieved what we have achieved so far. Modern man was able to express and communicate in a better way that gave birth to an even more complex societal structure.

To think about the possibility if that had never happened? I know for a fact that we are not looking at something that would be anything close to the present, in fact I think we would still be hanging on a tree, or chilling in a cave. Hieroglyphs would be the real deal!

Sep 13, 1:44AM EDT0
What topics do you enjoy writing about? What about performing?
Sep 11, 9:46PM EDT0

Hey Myka!

It's hard to tell this one as I mostly don't stick to one topic or genre, I write about anything and almost everything. Still the ones that I mostly like to write about are the raging contemporary issues in our society that needs a word of change. The reason is that it enhances the potential of a message in terms of visibility, popularity and the overall impact of a message towards any issue. Plus, if u keep getting feedback for your work and are appreciated for it, that also motivates you to create more. Besides, I think I have an urge that I can make a change and I believe that this method is the most perfect one for me to do the same.

Otherwise, I touch a broad spectrum of topics, so many that at times I wonder will I ever be able to put my writings together? Maybe, maybe not. So I just let out whatever I feel about something in my words and I combine it to a medium that would give me the maximum positive result. For instance, I create 'my versions' of songs when I relate to any song and record them on my own, I believe that boosts creativity noticeably. I perform for a limited crowd for now but I am planning to set up a YouTube Channel and broadcast some of them. I will soon upload the link to my profile.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:16AM EDT.
Sep 12, 12:03AM EDT0

When was the first time you discovered the power of words and how did the realization change you?

Sep 11, 11:42AM EDT0

Hey Humprey!

The first time I got introduced with the power of words would be the time when I was flirting around with words and it was then that I realized that there is something unique about the way they can be used. Words are flexible and by that I mean that they can be aligned into any arrangement to express oneself, this freedom of arrangement is what provides the scope of creativity with words. This definitely evolved me too, to be more creative and express myself in a better way. How else would I be able to lay down all of that keeps running through my head? 

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:12AM EDT.
Sep 12, 12:54AM EDT0
What other communication forms besides writing do you find extremely powerful?
Sep 11, 10:41AM EDT0

Hey Rahul!

I think you are probably trying to ask the communication 'methods' instead of 'forms' because there isn't much scope there. Communication is of three types, Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written, and I think all of them play an equally vital role in a conversation. However if you want to know about the methods that I use to express myself, I have discussed about that in the previous questions and, as per your question, every form of communication is powerful in their own essence.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:11AM EDT.
Sep 11, 9:46PM EDT0
Besides writing, what other activities do you do to express yourself?
Sep 11, 8:41AM EDT1

Hey Mistraldanao!

I have already answered this question in the previous questions of this feed, do check it out. Thanks.

Sep 11, 9:21AM EDT0
In what ways do people in general take the power of the written word for granted?
Sep 11, 2:04AM EDT0

Hey Roman!

Good question! I believe that whenever we read something we need to carefully read it in order to precisely decipher what the words, in all, are trying to express. Now, a slight error in reading the words and the changes can be confusing and misguiding. The main problem occurs when words are misinterpreted, this creates a cascade of misunderstandings and often deviates the reader off the topic. With that being said, let me also throw some light on the fact that how the words of wisdom in the doctrines of religion have been re-shaped, hate-coated and falsely advertised to satisfy someone's ego. How else do you think that a thing which was created to maintain peace and harmony ends up becoming the reason for many great wars? 

Same goes for politics, we have "leaders", who are leading us to darkness as even they don't know about the light or don't choose to walk into it. Whatever may be the case, if only we were well versed with our constitution since school, instead of getting homework and examination, maybe we would come to know the power that we have and the power that we give them over us and we would  definitely consider doing otherwise.

We have been following words not from the doctrines of religion or politics, but from people who think they control it, that is what has been guiding our society to darkness.

Last edited @ Sep 11, 9:19PM EDT.
Sep 11, 9:17PM EDT0
What do you love most about the written word?
Sep 11, 12:46AM EDT0

Hey Sursin31!

The fact that it can neither be replaced, nor erased!

Sep 11, 9:27AM EDT0
How did you discover poetry and what meaning does poetry have in your life?
Sep 10, 7:38PM EDT0

Hey Dixon!

Honestly, poetry and I have been long attached,

even before the time my first rhyme matched. 

All those ancient hymns and chants,

rhythms that can put one in a trance.

Maybe I was not even eight, they said,

"this boy will be something we call great".

But wait, there was no path I could locate,

until I finally got guided right by fate.

Realised the power I have and utilised,

words to the extent where I capitalised,

the right to express and freely advertise,

my truest emotions without compromise.

It was just a curiosity that became a skill,

learning how words can be moulded at will.

Still, I can't stop taking this pill,

this is my NZT, I do it for the thrill!

Hope that was useful.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 12:40AM EDT.
Sep 12, 12:37AM EDT0
Besides writing and performing, what other art forms do you use to express yourself?
Sep 10, 6:55PM EDT0

Hey Mary Jean!

I have already answered this question in the previous questions of this feed, do check it out. Thanks.

Sep 11, 9:21AM EDT0
Do you believe a picture is worth a thousand words? Why or why not?
Sep 10, 5:40PM EDT0

Hey Chi!

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words can paint a picture that can't be painted otherwise. Both are different art forms and have different levels of expression and, of course, the skills of the creator. It also depends a lot on the viewer's perspective in terms of their interest in an art form and their previous association with it. We are attracted towards what we find similar to our experiences, so for me the above statement is not absolutely true, sometimes true and so it can be different amongst people.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:07AM EDT.
Sep 11, 9:18AM EDT0
How have social media networks shaped the future of communications?
Sep 10, 2:31PM EDT0

Hey Snowie!

If I talk about the impact that social media has had in improving the means of communication, it has definitely brought us to a better present. Social media made this globe a smaller place but what's more important is that it gave everyone a stage from where they can broadcast their personal message to the society, or in person. It has evidently decreased the time taken for a message to reach the masses, enabling creators to create more frequently and keep the word spreading. If it was not for social media it would not be possible for people to share their thoughts at a platform from anywhere and still be seen everywhere. 

For example, this, how are you able to ask 'this' question to a strange person over the internet you didn't even knew exist? Social Media. Lastly, I cant exactly foretell where we will land with social media but I strongly believe that it will serve its purpose of bringing people together, in an even better way, unless used otherwise.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 1:06AM EDT.
Sep 11, 9:00AM EDT0
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