Hi! My name is Moonz, and I am an illustrator, I love self-learning, and furries, semi-realism, pixel art and more! So Ask Me Anything!

Sep 9, 2018

I'm Moonz, an 18yr old illustrator that loves learning new stuff every day about art, I started drawing when I was 13 yrs old, so I have a long time drawing and making art, about whatever comes to my head !!!                                                                                        

If you want to see more you can visit me on my social media :

  • FACEBOOK PAGE: @Moonzdrawings
  • INSTAGRAM:@moonzdraws

Stay creative 


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What do you find most inspirational for your drawings?
Sep 11, 1:08PM EDT0
How do you feel pixel art has changed over the past decade?
Sep 11, 10:46AM EDT0
Do you think there’s a growing or shrinking demand for pixel art?
Sep 11, 9:50AM EDT0
How about up and coming artists you think have been doing some really good work in recent months? Are there any?
Sep 11, 7:58AM EDT0
What attracted you to pixel art in the first place? When and why did you first get into it?
Sep 10, 7:39PM EDT0
Are there any resources you’d recommend for someone interested in learning how to draw sprites?
Sep 10, 9:09AM EDT0

What would be your dream illustrator project to work on? Why?

Sep 10, 4:24AM EDT0
Do you plan on taking classes to perfect your art? How do you keep up with your skills?
Sep 9, 8:29PM EDT0
What are your career plans? Would you like to be a full time illustrator? How can you make these plans happen?
Sep 9, 1:29PM EDT0
How much has your style changed since you first began drawing?
Sep 9, 11:49AM EDT0

Which are some of your favorite sites for learning illustration?

Sep 9, 1:23AM EDT0
If you had the opportunity, do you think you would venture into the world of comic illustrations?
Sep 9, 12:51AM EDT0
How would you describe your illustration style?
Sep 8, 1:41PM EDT0
How important is accuracy and balance is illustration?
Sep 8, 10:22AM EDT0
What are the most important considerations in creating an illustration today?
Sep 7, 11:37PM EDT0
Is there an artist whose work and style of art you enjoy and would wish to emulate?Who?
Sep 7, 10:41PM EDT0
What originally made you want to become and illustrator?
Sep 7, 9:42PM EDT0
Between the use of traditional and digital illustration methods, which one are you most comfortable with? Why?
Sep 7, 7:25PM EDT0
What are some trends or visual styles you appreciate in modern illustration?
Sep 7, 9:36AM EDT0
Where do you see illustration going in the next few years?
Sep 7, 7:00AM EDT0
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