Hi I'm excited to host for AMA I love creating music I have a lot of potential drive and consistency

Tyson Howell
Dec 20, 2017

Hi, I am TwinR that's a great magnificent artist coming out of new Jersey hosting for A.M.A. I can adjust to any type of style that was made in history and plus I have my own flows I create myself. I hope you enjoy my body of works https://youtu.be/yXxj9ui1Rns



Check out Twin R (@Roze_Roice): https://twitter.com/Roze_Roice?s=09



Tyson Howell says:

This AMA will end Jan 1, 2019 4PM EST

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What do you think about your music videos so far? Do you feel your Videos need more work and improvisation?

Feb 15, 4:35AM EST0 Reply

Your future plan is to invest, could you tell what would you like to invest on to?

Feb 14, 9:15AM EST0 Reply

While touring around the U.S, what is the most unforgettable moment you've had?

Dec 22, 4:26AM EST0 Reply

#AMA https://youtu.be/yXxj9ui1Rns

Dec 21, 3:24PM EST0 Reply

What are your future plans?

Dec 20, 10:53PM EST0 Reply


Dec 21, 5:47AM EST0 Reply

Listen to propellers ft. Roze Roice by Mrrozeroice Mason #np on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/mrrozeroice-mason/propellers-ft-roze-roice too fire yall

Dec 20, 8:00PM EST0 Reply

Do you think you can survive the competitive world of that industry?

Dec 20, 6:38PM EST0 Reply


Dec 20, 7:18PM EST0 Reply

What is your best asset that made you surpass all the hindrances that come your way?

Dec 20, 4:50PM EST0 Reply

being positive 

Dec 20, 7:20PM EST0 Reply

https://www.instagram.com/p/BcbZ8AjBo_c/ nice and diffrent

Dec 20, 4:42PM EST1 Reply

When you started building your career, don’t you have any regrets, especially that you haven't been given a really big break?

Dec 20, 4:12PM EST0 Reply

yes I do have regrets

Dec 20, 4:35PM EST0 Reply

How will you impact people through your music?

Dec 20, 12:45PM EST0 Reply

my life story

Dec 20, 4:36PM EST0 Reply

How will you want the world to know you?

Dec 20, 8:23AM EST0 Reply

one of the best artist in the world 

Dec 20, 8:25AM EST0 Reply

What inspires you to keep going and pursuing your dream?

Dec 20, 8:21AM EST0 Reply

my family 

Dec 20, 8:25AM EST0 Reply

Who are your role models?

Dec 20, 8:06AM EST0 Reply

2pac Eminem Jay-Z and nas

Dec 20, 8:26AM EST0 Reply

How long have you been doing your craft?

Dec 20, 6:45AM EST0 Reply

for years why 

Dec 20, 8:14AM EST0 Reply

Why? Isn't this an AMA, where people suppose to ask questions?

Dec 20, 4:13PM EST0 Reply

While touring around the U.S, what is the most unforgettable moment you've had?

Dec 20, 5:47AM EST0 Reply

my kids

Dec 20, 8:14AM EST0 Reply

Share with us your hardest moments and how you managed to overcome them.

Dec 20, 4:48AM EST0 Reply

being poor and couldn't get a job but I found one 

Dec 20, 8:20AM EST0 Reply

Can you give us just two of your successful projects?

Dec 20, 3:07AM EST1 Reply


Dec 20, 8:17AM EST1 Reply

Listen to If the world was mines ft. mrrozeroice by Mrrozeroice Mason #np on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/mrrozeroice-mason/if-the-world-was-mines-ft

Dec 20, 8:19AM EST1 Reply

Have you released an album that has your music? If not, when do you think you can release your original songs?

Dec 20, 1:04AM EST0 Reply

yes and soon working on a new one the other ones old but here's my sound cloud mrrozeroice mason

Dec 20, 2:56AM EST0 Reply

Do you have any word of advice, especially to those who are also struggling to make a name in that field?

Dec 19, 11:14PM EST0 Reply

grind hard network stay consistent and keep pushing 

Dec 20, 2:58AM EST0 Reply

If given a chance to collaborate with a successful artist, who would it be and why?

Dec 19, 3:44PM EST0 Reply

Jay-Z cause he will have me step up my game and put me on a new level

Dec 19, 5:32PM EST0 Reply

If you are to rewrite your life story, would you still pursue a career in music?

Dec 19, 12:19PM EST0 Reply

of course 

Dec 19, 5:32PM EST0 Reply

What message are you giving to people through your songs, raps and your music production as a whole?

Dec 19, 9:45AM EST0 Reply

my massage is about life it self and whatever the people want to hear 

Dec 19, 5:33PM EST0 Reply

Who are your role models? Jay-Z 2pac Eminem and nas

Dec 19, 8:37AM EST0 Reply

What lessons have you learned from all the struggles that you’ve been through?

Dec 19, 6:01AM EST0 Reply

stay out the streets stay away from negativity and focus on my career 

Dec 19, 7:43AM EST1 Reply

What do you have that others don’t, which separates you from the rest?

Dec 19, 2:47AM EST1 Reply

I have ambition drive and alot of potential and so many different type of skills

Dec 19, 7:42AM EST0 Reply

Who are the 5 artists that inspire you to make music?

Dec 21, 1:35AM EST0 Reply
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