Hi, I'm Dewey, an artist using acrylic paints, I work with light! Direct, indirect, reflected, refracted and diffused light in my paintings! That is why I am "the light whisperer" just ask me anything!

Dewey Doobydo
Sep 14, 2018

Let's talk about art! It is my true love, in any muse; Painting, sculpting, writing, directing, acting, poetry, dance, music, songwriting, singing, playing multiple instruments...

But my first love is acrylic painting! Nd I love what I do! That's why I do what I do the most of! I paint surrealism, photorealistic illusions and abstracts! I love presenting verified animals and plants as an integral part of nature!

In fact, since January first two thousand fifteen I have painted over two thousand paintings! I sell some, gift some and paint over some! Sadly, many were destroyed! Still, I paint on! Thanks for your interest! Ask me anything!


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Have you ever changed mediums you work in?
Sep 16, 3:47AM EDT0
Do you work on more than one painting at a time? Does it help you stay creative?
Sep 16, 12:40AM EDT0
What type of images move you to paint? Do you paint from reference photos, from memory?
Sep 15, 1:30PM EDT0
How has your style changed over the years? What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?
Sep 15, 10:20AM EDT0
What is the best part about working with acrylics? What do you wish you knew about acrylics before you got started?
Sep 14, 5:47PM EDT0
How did you approach learning to paint? What advice would you give about self-teaching to someone who wants to learn to paint?
Sep 14, 1:37PM EDT0

Boldly and blindly Has always been my approach to everything! Learning to paint was a natural extension to drawing with pencils in school! My advice...watch Bob Ross and others, learn to use the brushes and what the paints will do! But mostly...just do it! Any where, any how, any time you can!

Sep 14, 2:26PM EDT0
Who destroyed the painting and what were their reasons for destroying it?
Sep 14, 6:37AM EDT0
  • A steroid filled meth head i had rescued from the streets! He didn't like it when I told him he was a piece of crap!
Sep 14, 2:21PM EDT0
What is the most challenging part about working with acrylics?
Sep 13, 6:20PM EDT0

Since i paint wet on wet i find they dry very quickly! Also, two colors will blend to get the color you want, a third color will tend towards grey!

Sep 14, 2:39PM EDT0
If your work could be displayed anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
Sep 13, 6:15PM EDT0

It has always been a goal to show in a national level gallery on permanent display so that my work will be remembered after I'm gone!

Sep 14, 2:42PM EDT0
How do you stay focused throughout your day? Is it easier now that you’re established?
Sep 13, 6:08PM EDT0

The answer to these questions would probably change daily! For me there is a drive to create, something I must do, so, focus isn't an issue, it's focus on everything else that buggars me! 

Sep 14, 2:46PM EDT0

What is the most challenging part about working with acrylics, and can you explain some of your process in creating your paintings?

Sep 13, 3:09PM EDT0

I paint wet on wet and quite quickly, usually 5 minutes or less for a composition because acrylics dry so quickly! I like to do what I call hypereal illusions, so I must choose subjects that lend themselves to being painted quickly! Therefore, I don't do things like detailed architecture which would take a long time!

Sep 14, 2:51PM EDT0
You paint many different subjects. How do you decide what to paint next? Do you work in series? And if yes, why?
Sep 13, 12:46PM EDT0

I paint So quickly and so often and so emotionally, without trying to convey the emotion to the viewer! I choose subject matter emotionally, then dump all of that emotion on the canvass buried beneath the subject matter! I do paint in series, but because I paint So much, it is easier to catch a series over a span of about 100 paintings, rather than a series of a few directly! Bridges, cityscapes, angels, megaliths, angels and flowers are just a few of the themes I return to over and over! These things harbor much sentiment with me!

Sep 14, 2:59PM EDT0
Do you do anything in particular to ensure the outcome you want for your art?
Sep 13, 12:09PM EDT0

Not really! I fly "by the seat of my pants" as they say! No fear is my mantra! After all it is all practice, i learn as much from my "failures" as i do from successes!

Sep 14, 3:01PM EDT0

Do you think the more surreal works somehow alter how people look at realistic paintings?

Sep 13, 9:10AM EDT0

I dont think so! Its not all that black and white! I think the statement "if two men say they are jesus, one of them must be wrong" is to simple to be true! There is room for it all! And an audience for it all! Further, we humans are so complex, that there is room for it all in any one of us! So, if two men say they are jesus, they probably come from different schools!

Sep 14, 3:07PM EDT0
For those who have a hard time understanding how watercolor paints can be permanent, can you explain what watercolor paints are and how they work?
Sep 13, 7:47AM EDT0

Hmmm! Probably not! I use fabric paints which are as permanent as they are water soluble! It all depends on the application I think!

Sep 14, 3:10PM EDT0
What is your favourite part about being an artist and do you have any advice for younger artists just entering the field?
Sep 13, 7:04AM EDT0

My favorite thing is, I do magic! I create hypereal illusions, which should not be confused with hyperealism! I tell stories that you can take in at a glance, but will stand up to prolonged scrutiny! If someone wants to become an artist, there are just two things; create and think of yourself as an artist, not as a carpenter Or a bus driver!

Sep 14, 3:15PM EDT0
Color or value can often feel overwhelming to a new artist. How does an artist get a command of those technical aspects of painting?
Sep 13, 6:24AM EDT0

Practice, simply put! I never think of a composition as a master work! No matter how good or bad it is...it is all practice! It may be likened to dreamer, always thinking "the next one"

Sep 14, 3:19PM EDT0
How did you learn to paint? Are you self-taught?
Sep 12, 11:42PM EDT0

I got my hands on paints and brushes and slung paint...until i was 40 years old, then fulfilled a dream of going to art school!

Sep 14, 3:21PM EDT0
How do you come up with a profitable pricing structure for your acrylic pieces?
Sep 12, 11:17PM EDT0

Are you suggesting that people actually sell their paintings? I will have to look into that! I rarely sell a painting! Maybe there is a whole new world out there for me! Most of what I sell, I trade for the things I need! Things like food! 

Sep 14, 3:25PM EDT0
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