Hi! I'm Billy Christian, an illustrator with years of industry experience across various games. My clients include Square-Enix, Valve, Legend of the Cryptids, Bushiroad, Warhammer, and many more. Ask Me Anything!

Billy Christian
Jul 4, 2018

For 2 years, I have been working as a freelance illustrator. Tasted enough freelance life, now sailing together in Polar Engine studio with fellow artists such as Lasahido, Livia Prima, Fajareka, and Wisnu Tan for 3 years. We are focused in creating impactful artworks for games, publications, and concept arts, while doing our best to fulfill our client's needs.

Here is some of my work:

In my free time, i love to play games and watch films. They subtly influence my way of thinking, my design, and decisions whenever i paint. More importantly, they help control my stress and anxieties in the journey to push my visuals higher.

You can ask me anything art and industry related. Even the color of my shirt i'm wearing! :)

My Facebook

My Artstation

Polar Engine's Website


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How has your background influenced your work?
Jul 11, 7:37AM EDT0

Where do you usually get your inspiration to every piece you make?

Jul 10, 2:19PM EDT0
What was the biggest problem that you had when you were working on the design of a character?
Jul 10, 2:09PM EDT0
How long would it take to design a character that looks exactly like you?
Jul 10, 3:01AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Mpop!

It depends on how far do i want to push the artwork. If i wanted it like only a doodle, i could paint it in only half a day. But, if i need a more finished piece, i could spend like three to five days.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 10, 10:06AM EDT0
Would you like to try your skills and talent in sports games?
Jul 10, 2:46AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Niloy!

To be frank, i don't really like sports games. They don't offer any significant improvements over the course of the decade. And the game feels like the same reskinned game from the previous versions, with minor graphical improvements. So, i don't think i could be inspired enough to tackle sport stuffs. However, i do really like Rocket League :p

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 10, 10:03AM EDT0
Is there anything you’d go back and change about the way you learned to either improve your skillset or to learn faster?
Jul 10, 2:29AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Ivan!

I only wish that i learned these things earlier. I'd also want to have more efficiency in my training, like more on observing nature than merely doing blind repetitions in honing my drawing skill.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 10, 9:57AM EDT0

Who is your favorite game company (defunct or alive, old or new, once great or still great/redeemed)? Any games they made inspired you?

Jul 9, 4:50PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Takeshi!

There are some companies whose games i like, for example:

  • From Software: i adore their Souls series, and i absolutely like Bloodborne
  • Capcom: Specifically for developing Monster Hunter
  • Nintendo: i like their stuffs
  • Bethesda: for the Elder Scrolls, also i like Arkane's Dishonored
  • Indie companies which is too many to mention.

Hope that helps :D

Jul 10, 9:52AM EDT0

At what pace are you working on illustrations? As in, how many projects do you have going on in one time and how many would you complete in a year?

Jul 9, 1:45PM EDT0

Thank you for your question goosechase!

I usually produce around 2-4 artworks per month. If you're talking about year, it is really varied. However, i could safely say that it's above 25 artworks per year.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 2:16PM EDT0
Are there any misconceptions you think students tend to have about concept art and illustration, the job or the career that you wish to set straight?
Jul 9, 12:56PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Katrina!

Specifically in my country, most students (or student-wannabe) are unsure whether being an illustrator can provide enough for your daily needs, even for your future, or if you'd become starving artists. I can safely say that whatever you do, if you are doing it good enough, people will pay you.

The other common misconceptions that students have is that they can't differentiate between a finished illustration and a concept art.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 2:13PM EDT0
Do you think it’s possible for someone to learn concept art later in life? Why or why not?
Jul 9, 5:27AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Mahmoud!

There's nothing too late to learn something in life. I heard that Anthony Jones only started painting in his 30s and he can make it in the industry. It's not a impossible.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 2:07PM EDT0
What’s your opinion on the concept art industry as a whole? Do you think it’s growing or shrinking?
Jul 9, 3:54AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Jahan!

The concept art industry is growing, even bigger than ever! The industry is still full with opportunities, both on indies and bigger companies.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 2:04PM EDT0
What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received from someone within the industry?
Jul 9, 3:06AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Nomedz!

I've received lots of advice. But one advice that resonates with me the most is to "Git gud". I'm dead serious.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:32PM EDT0
Which of your projects has been most important to developing your personal style?
Jul 8, 10:02PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Aleksandr!

I think Legend of the Cryptids is my "click" moment in my career so far. It's shaping me the most and molding me into what i am today.

Hope that helps!

Jul 9, 1:31PM EDT0
What is the most creative work related project you completed?
Jul 8, 2:08PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Mary!

I think the work that burns my creativity a lot are Legend of the Cryptids. They really have varied briefs and some of them are hard to depict into paintings. I have been doing work for them for years and i still got some difficulties in doing the work.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:29PM EDT0
Is it important, for an artist, to reserve some time to draw for themselves?
Jul 8, 7:28AM EDT0

Thank you for your question Tatiana!

Yes, it is absolutely important, for your mind, body, soul, and also to improve your skill over time.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:23PM EDT0
Do you have any advice for other artists who might be thinking about making a similar shift of roles?
Jul 8, 3:44AM EDT0

Thank you for your Daniel!

The following might sound like a warning, but it might be an advice if you can comprehend it.  Diving into my type of industry is like diving into a deep pool, without any prior knowledge of swimming nor any equipment.

Hope that helps!

Jul 9, 1:20PM EDT0
What kind of influence do you hope your work will have on other people?
Jul 7, 8:59PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Sagar!

I don't really think about what other people would say if they look at my painting. However, if there's something in mind that i'm trying to achieve whenever i paint is 'epic' and 'immersive'.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:16PM EDT0
When did your love for art begin? What ignited it?
Jul 7, 8:12PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Andre!

I've always liked art since i was a kid! My parents gave me privilege to learn art from such a young age. I also loved to read comics and watch cartoons as a teenager. In every stage of my life, i have always  involved in art. But, what really set me to reach for the industry was when i first learned to play Magic: the Gatherng.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:12PM EDT0
What has been the greatest achievement of your career as an illustrator so far?
Jul 7, 6:27PM EDT0

Thank you Goolpe for your question!

I think i still haven't got any great achievement yet. However, there is some things in my career life that i will always proud about, like being able to work for Square-Enix, Dota2, and Legend of the Cryptids. They were once my goals. Now looking back to it, i feel a bit confident and happy. 

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:07PM EDT0
What hobbies or activities do you also enjoy to do?
Jul 7, 3:31PM EDT0

Thank you for your question Gary!

I like to play games and watch movies. Sometimes i play musics too, like drum or guitar, but they're only my side-hobby. It's worth mentioning that i also like to paint for myself in my free time.

Hope that helps! :D

Jul 9, 1:03PM EDT0
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