Sep 22, 2018

You're a budding artist too? Well, hop on this AMA!

Comicbook Illustrator sharing insights and experiences. From tools to tips on drawing and more! Ask Me Anything!

Sep 15, 2018

I spent 20yrs working as a London bouncer, now I’m an Actor, Globally published photographer and published Author. Ask me anything!

Hi, I'm Dewey, an artist using acrylic paints, I work with light! Direct, indirect, reflected, refracted and diffused light in my paintings! That is why I am "the light whisperer" just ask me anything!

Sep 15, 2018

Ask me anything about my art or working with Blender and sculpting in Blender. #AMA

Sep 14, 2018

Ask me anything, I am an award winning Independent Film and TV producer and I have worked hard, It's a tough industry and it is not all about the art.

Sep 13, 2018 - free active monitoring companion, AMA!

Sep 12, 2018

Hi, I am Mina San. I am a digital artist, my work is mostly anime, concept art, landscapes, fanart, and etc. Ask me anything

AMA CG artist stuff

Sep 15, 2018

Ask Me Anything about drawing with ballpoint pen

Hi, Readers of all Kind! This is Mrinal Pandey, a writer who likes to write and perform to explore and express himself. Do you want to express yourself? AMA!!

I'm an artist who draws in anime and semi-realistic style. From black and white manga drawings to colourful paintings of characters, Ask Me Anything

Independent comic creator - AMA

I'm an artist who draws characters, worlds and stories from his imagination. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 9, 2018

Hi! My name is Moonz, and I am an illustrator, I love self-learning, and furries, semi-realism, pixel art and more! So Ask Me Anything!

AMA, I can talk about anything, ask me about art, choosing the artistic path over others, how to staying motivated, anything art related. And I'll try to respond with my best knowledge.

I am an artist who gave up traditional methods of art for digital and 3D art. 5 months ago, I had absolutely no experience in the digital realm and decided to download a free software. Today, I work as an independent freelance digital artist! AMA

Hi, everybody, my name is Ricardo and my artist name is Kiyo. I would like to share my work whit you, if you have any questions, I’ll try to get you the best answers for your feedback. AMA me as well

AMA-Comic books Illustrator and 2d Animation Artist

AMA exclusive - Critically acclaimed New York City artist Mark Stout debuts new collection

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