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Ssesanga Mukisa
Apr 16, 2018

I am a film maker and music maker .   very passionates about visual arts.   Mostly engage in cinematography,   general creative direction , audio prodution and Video production  . Videography, Photography  Camera related issues,   working on visual projects at all levels,   starting on  music making,  love to learn  

Ask me Anything to that end

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Why do you think some artists never get the recognition they deserve?
Apr 20, 11:29AM EDT0
Who is your favorite film director and why?
Apr 19, 3:58PM EDT0
What kind of photographer are you?
Apr 19, 9:51AM EDT0
Who has been helping you make music? Who is your muse?
Apr 19, 9:47AM EDT0
Did you go to art school? What was your major?
Apr 19, 7:41AM EDT0
How long have you been an artist? What kind of art did you start with?
Apr 19, 6:47AM EDT0
Have you collaborated with other artists?
Apr 19, 6:47AM EDT0
How did you get to be verstaile in so many types of art?
Apr 17, 11:58PM EDT0
What kind of films do you make? Where can a person see them?
Apr 17, 12:12PM EDT0
What kind of camera do you use? Would you recommend it to an amateur photographer?
Apr 17, 5:39AM EDT0
Have you ever won any awards for any of your films?
Apr 17, 4:51AM EDT0
Do you mentor any aspiring artists?
Apr 17, 3:21AM EDT0
Who would you say has been your mentor in your career so far? What would you like to say to them?
Apr 17, 12:10AM EDT0
What is the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer if they are both in the film industry?
Apr 16, 9:55PM EDT0
What would you say is your profession, the thing you do for a living? Where do you work?
Apr 16, 8:21PM EDT0
Have you ever gotten creatively blocked? How did you deal with it?
Apr 16, 5:47PM EDT0
Do you think art can be learned or do artists need to have innate talent to build on?
Apr 16, 5:19PM EDT0
Do you play any musical instruments?
Apr 16, 10:39AM EDT0
Which piece of art is your all time favorite and why?
Apr 16, 10:15AM EDT0
What are the key factors that contribute to the success of an artist?
Apr 16, 8:40AM EDT0
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