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Oli Fux Art
Jan 10, 2018

Hello I am Ali (artist in social media), A comicbook artist/mangaka, illustrator and designer looking for some paid (page rates), long or short term projects. To describe my artistic vision I am capable of bringing quick solutions to the problem and practical creative person. My style is closer to manga/anime but currently I am creating synthesis style of American and Japanese styles (I am both experienced on them). There are also some page samples for the ones who are curious for my new artworks and wonder what I mean by hybrid of american and japanese style of art and visual narration:Here are sketches, inking and coloring samples as well. If you are searching for somebody like me, don't hesitate to ask me rates, so PM me! :)

Here is few sample pages from my manga project below:

- Supergirl and Superboy (comic - 2017)

- Invisible (Manga - 2016)

- Lucius Vega (comic -2017/ colors and inks by me)

-Daywalker (The Blade: Origin movie storyboarder -2017)

- The cat eye (Children's Book, 2017, color + drawn over and inner drawings by me.)

- Links, Illustrations and Portarits







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Did you have formal education in comic book arts? Where did you learn how to do it professionally?

Jan 10, 2:49PM EST0

No, I have not, but I have studied and made some reseraches on comics :)

Jan 12, 10:05AM EST0

When did you get started being a comic book artist?

Jan 10, 6:10AM EST0

it has been 2 years :)

Jan 10, 9:17AM EST0

Do you think the comic book industry is getting too congested? How do you see it in 10 years?

Jan 10, 12:33AM EST0

I think it is top again and interests towards comics willn increase, anyhow, it is impossible to make a forcasting for the next 10 years.

Jan 10, 9:18AM EST0

Aside from doing illustrations, do you also have any other hobbies, like painting?

Jan 9, 10:50PM EST0

skating and singing with the rock, punk, pop-punk or grunge bands :)

Jan 10, 9:19AM EST0

What are the common challenges of being a comic book artist and how do you overcome it?

Jan 9, 3:27PM EST0

The main challenge is the time. I overcome of it through planning every detais and try to be loyal to my schedule.

Last edited @ Jan 9, 4:48PM EST.
Jan 9, 4:48PM EST0

What is your edge among the other comic book artists?What makes your works stand out?

Jan 9, 8:50AM EST0

I always try something more sophisticated, I am trying to synthesise Far-Eastern and Western styles.

Jan 9, 4:50PM EST0

Do you look up to other comic book artists as inspiration? Who influences you most?

Jan 9, 5:49AM EST0

There are lots of comicbook artists who are inspiring my works to be honest but I don't have only one specific name influencing me the most.

Jan 9, 4:51PM EST0

What’s your favorite comic book and why?

Jan 9, 5:19AM EST0

As Americna comicbook, I love the latest Superman serie, as manga I love Attack on Titan.

Jan 9, 4:52PM EST0

I know you like both, but which style do you personally like better- the American or Japanese (manga) style of art and narration?

Jan 9, 3:48AM EST0

I actually like Japanese style of narration more  and cartoonist American style of art in new generated comics. 

Jan 9, 4:53PM EST0

Have you encountered a client whose views are different from yours? How did it go with the final product?

Jan 8, 8:38AM EST0

Yes, I have experienced this and it was a tough task to achieve but the problem was stemming from the missunderstanding between us.

Jan 9, 4:55PM EST0

In your personal opinion, what is more important for comic books- graphics or storyline?

Jan 8, 5:49AM EST0

Graphics for the debut, storyline for the sustainability.

Jan 9, 4:56PM EST0

Has your family been supportive since the start of you deciding to make your passion your career?

Jan 7, 10:01PM EST0

Exactly no, that is all another story...

Jan 9, 4:56PM EST0

Do you consider becoming a comic book educator in the future?

Jan 7, 9:48PM EST0

If I can be somewhere that I imagine one day (please God, let it happen!), yes with a big pleasure! :)

Jan 9, 4:57PM EST0

What are the perks of being a comic book artist?

Jan 7, 11:36AM EST0

creating characters and directing them through your art, actally it is like a movie and you also are the director of it.

Jan 9, 4:58PM EST0

Do you belong to a professional group of comic book artists?Do you think this is helpful?

Jan 7, 9:06AM EST0

No, I want to be professional and want to work with big companies such as MArvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse but I have not taken a regular job offer yet since I am not that popular :)

Jan 7, 9:39AM EST0

The hybrid of American and Japanese style looks interesting. How did you come up with this idea?

Jan 7, 8:21AM EST0

Because I was born and grew up where Eastern and Western cultures get mixed, and I think I can start and try something new, got inspired from where I live :)

Jan 7, 9:40AM EST0

How do you handle rejection?

Jan 7, 6:54AM EST0

I have never had this experience yet :)

Jan 7, 9:41AM EST0

What is your advice to those who are aspiring comic book artists?

Jan 7, 3:33AM EST0

Erm, I really do not know, they may pick somebody up who are neat and strict on his/her work, who submits the works on timeline.

Jan 7, 3:48AM EST0

Which is your favorite among all your works so far?

Jan 7, 2:44AM EST0

It is hard to tell, with regards to artistic satisfaction, I have no yet.

Jan 7, 3:49AM EST0

How long have you been doing this professionally?

Jan 7, 12:16AM EST0

It will be 2 years soon :)

Jan 7, 3:49AM EST0
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