Carlos Farias ( Ceo) Wicked Comics the future awaits (ClownMan, KillSwitch over 120 plus original characters) Ask Me Anything

Carlos A Farias
Jan 7, 2018

Wicked Comics is a  next gen comic book company created to bring new stories, characters to the new generation. Our first comic "ClownMan" is now on sale and will be releasing several other comics soon. Clownman is a story about a circus performer called Chris Mason, he is a victim of a unspeakable crime and as a result gains new powers and becomes a ruthless vigilante. " KillSwitch" is a story about a criminal named Mark Roberts, he is subjected to a deadly top secret program to create the perfect kill agent and is implanted with a special device called a Killswitch. When  the device is activated all his senses are heightened and  his percision to kill becomes easier. Now with the release of Clownman issue 1 , the second issue is already in the works. We have been getting postive feedback from the fans and I'm excited for what the future brings. We are planning to release several comics per character so stay tuned. 

For more information check us out here @

website: www.wicked-comics.com

paypal: cfarias1983@yahoo.com 

 Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1281928911830327/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/wickedcomics305.

 Youtube: https://youtu.be/GqLYpszSKRk

instagram: wicked_comics

Tumblr: Wicked Comics

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Why do you think that the readers would be interested in this kind of comic books?

Jan 14, 3:32PM EST0

Do you follow the rule that the main character should not die?

Jan 13, 2:53PM EST0

Do you have a certain number of pages that your book should be consisted of?

Jan 11, 10:48AM EST0

I dont believe a book should be any format or a fixed amount of pages. I say do the needed amount of pages  to get your story across for that particular issue.

Jan 13, 12:19AM EST0

Do you plan to create a TV show which will follow the story of the book?

Jan 9, 3:32AM EST0

Yes I plan to do Tv shows, video games and action figures. Comic books is just the beginning .

Jan 13, 12:21AM EST0

Would you change anything according to readers’ needs and feedbacks?

Jan 8, 3:43PM EST0

I do it all the time. The fans are the best because they are honest. I have changed things around multiple times because fans give me good feeback in order to make better comics

Jan 13, 12:22AM EST0

When you write, do you solely use your divine inspiration and flow of thoughts or you make a plan how to write it?

Jan 8, 4:13AM EST0

Flow of thoughts is the best way to describe it. Sometimes images come to me or flashes and I am able to  put those ideas on paper and develop a story around them.

Jan 13, 12:23AM EST0

Are the children all over the world still reading comic books?

Jan 7, 10:27PM EST0

I'm pretty sure comics are still popular around the world its a universal past time. Comics bring alot of joy to  especially children and adults.

Jan 13, 12:26AM EST0

Does this comic book contain thrillers and horror stories as well?

Jan 7, 1:30PM EST0

Yes it does, each comic that you will see in the Wicked Universe has a thriller in it and especially in Clownman there are many aspects of horror in it.

Jan 7, 7:39PM EST0

I find it odd people really like horror, comics or movies.

Jan 8, 4:13AM EST0

What motivated you to write comics and do you write something else besides them?

Jan 7, 1:11PM EST0

What motivated me is what I see in comics our the same characters ,the same stories repeated over and over again. With Wicked Comics I'm creating brand new characters and stories for future generations to enjoy.

Jan 7, 7:40PM EST0

What are some new trends you see in comics today and would you try them out yoursef?

Jan 8, 5:20AM EST0

What age is this book intended for?

Jan 7, 11:45AM EST0

I would say all ages just like Batman is a dark story but kids still like the character. I was reading those type of stories at a very young age .

Jan 7, 7:42PM EST0

As a writer how do you create a title of your book, in the beginning, or in the end?

Jan 7, 9:53AM EST0

I just have a basic idea and create the story from day to day. I'll sit down start drawing a page and it might be from the middle of the story. All depends on what I come up with on that particular day.

Jan 7, 7:44PM EST0

I think the question was more about the naming process ..

Jan 8, 5:43AM EST0

Are those characters just a product of your imagination or do they rely on some other characters from the past?

Jan 7, 9:00AM EST0

All from product of my imagination some characters I always had in the back of my mind and now bringing them back to life as I opened the company.

Jan 7, 7:45PM EST0

What means would you use to make your work famous and popular?

Jan 7, 8:09AM EST0

That's hard to say and not everything is written in stone of how to make your work successful. I would say just put your out there on social media copyrighted of course and try to build a following.

Jan 7, 7:47PM EST0

Are all stories similar to each other in terms of plot and dissolution?

Jan 7, 8:00AM EST0

Every story is a completely different world revolving around different characters. Some characters will meet up with each other in later issues.

Jan 7, 7:48PM EST0

How much time do you need to write a comic book?

Jan 7, 7:48AM EST0

Not much time now I plan on releasing a 15 page comic every 2 months or so.  Story artwork and marketing.

Jan 7, 7:49PM EST0

What kind of marketing is involved to successfuly release a comic?

Jan 8, 7:13AM EST0

Do you have any challenges or impediments while writing a comic book?

Jan 7, 6:31AM EST0

Where u want the story to go is the hardest part. I usually try to imagine myself through the characters eyes and what challenges he or she is facing at the time.

Jan 7, 7:52PM EST0

What comic books are your favorites?

Jan 7, 6:19AM EST0

Definitely enjoy Spawn ,Spiderman , Batman anything Marvel or Dc.

Jan 7, 7:55PM EST0

Spawn rules, cant get enough of.

Jan 8, 7:58AM EST0

Do you think that there could be something new written, or anything that is written now is just a copy of the previous books?

Jan 7, 3:44AM EST0

Of course there can, everything has mostly been Created but you can still come up with unique and fresh ideas.

Jan 7, 8:02PM EST0

Could readers learn about some moral dilemmas and truths from the comic books?

Jan 7, 3:19AM EST0

Sure they can , some stories do touch on aspects of life that you can always learn something from.

Jan 7, 8:04PM EST1

Where do you get comic ideas? 

Jan 12, 4:47AM EST0

What kind of advice would you give to another writer?

Jan 7, 2:16AM EST0

I would say if you get stuck on ideas just look around from inspiration. Go to a musical , a concert  ,or  the movies. Something will give you inspiration to write about.

Jan 7, 8:20PM EST0