Ask Me Anything! My Name is Koko I go by My artist name because I have faith that I'm going to make it somewhere with my Music. everyone is Equal: the Blind, the Deaf, the Poor, the Rich. At the end of the day, we are all Loved.

Ahmed Koko
Feb 1, 2018

If Martin Luther King and Tupac were still here People would have Viewed each other by Their Hearts Rather than Their Minds I'm simply following in their footsteps to make a difference in this world...'''Talent Will Get You To the Top but it takes Character To Keep You There"...

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Ahmed Koko says:

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What do you think about HipHop in the U.S?

Apr 7, 10:50AM EDT1
What artists in the game today do you look at for inspiration?
Mar 27, 5:09AM EDT0
Who are your top five hip hop rappers dead or alive?
Mar 26, 6:39PM EDT0
As an independent artist grinding, what are some of the biggest hurdles and roadblocks you face on your way to success?
Mar 26, 1:24PM EDT0
How do you currently make money as an independent artist?
Mar 26, 7:07AM EDT0
What has been the best moment in your music career so far?
Mar 25, 11:06PM EDT0
What do you think of the hip-hop scene in your area and how do you contribute to it?
Mar 23, 5:26AM EDT0
What are your main inspirations for the music lyrics you write?
Mar 23, 12:35AM EDT0
In what manner has your newest hip hop music changed from when you first started?
Mar 22, 11:46PM EDT0
What would be your dream venue where you would like to perform?
Mar 22, 8:55PM EDT0

Which challenges have you encountered so far?

Mar 21, 10:00AM EDT0
Hip-hop has been perceived negatively by the media for glorifying and promoting materialism and illegal activities. Do you think this is correct?
Mar 21, 7:04AM EDT0
Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?
Mar 21, 4:36AM EDT0
Who's your favorite basketball player of all time?
Mar 20, 7:25PM EDT0
Do you think hip-hop has become a business? Do you think this is a negative or positive?
Mar 20, 3:00PM EDT1
What character quality are most famous musicians lacking?
Feb 27, 4:22PM EST0
What other talents aside from music do you possess?
Feb 27, 3:53PM EST0
How do you identify with Tupac and Martin Luther King?
Feb 27, 7:42AM EST0
Is Koko your artist name? How did you choose that name?
Feb 27, 7:09AM EST0
What kind of impression do you want to leave to the world?
Feb 26, 4:31PM EST0
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