Ask Me Anything About Voice Acting

Nov 12, 2017

I'm The VoiceMaster of the Philippines. I can talk about Everything about Voice Acting. If you think you have what it takes to be a voice talent or you can perform behind the mic. I'm here to help you. I'm also a veteran Voice Over Artist with more than  20 years of experience in voice acting. I am also an author of two great books. The Voice Care for Teachers and the other one is I want to be a voice talent. I also have a school on Voice acting that has produced more than 2000 graduates and more than 500 are now active in either voice acting or performing. 

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Working with Greedy and selfish people. 

Nov 14, 11:27AM EST0

Where are you from ,and do you have a blog ? 

Nov 13, 2:54AM EST1

Visit www.thevoicemaster.com

Nov 14, 11:29AM EST0

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Nov 12, 8:42AM EST0

What themes do you pursue?

Nov 12, 7:54AM EST0

Do you use the site Fiverr?

Nov 12, 7:19AM EST0

What’s your background?

Nov 12, 12:54AM EST0

Have you ever been in contact with any famous actors or producers?

Nov 11, 7:42PM EST0


Nov 14, 11:29AM EST0

Who is your favorite Artist?

Nov 11, 4:31PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 11, 3:17PM EST0

When did you start with voice acting?

Nov 11, 12:15PM EST0


Nov 14, 11:29AM EST0

How long have you been doing this?

Nov 11, 12:05PM EST0

What role does the artist have in society?

Nov 11, 10:14AM EST0

Do you work alone or with a team?

Nov 11, 8:14AM EST0

Alone and with team

Nov 14, 11:30AM EST0

How do you motivate younger artists?

Nov 11, 7:01AM EST0

I'm the only one who create s school on Voice acting 

Nov 14, 11:30AM EST0

What motivates you to work on voice acting?

Nov 11, 6:21AM EST1

Me myself and I 

Nov 14, 11:30AM EST0

What inspired you to start working on this project?

Nov 11, 5:07AM EST0

Have you worked on any movies?

Nov 11, 4:12AM EST1


Nov 14, 11:31AM EST0

How did you start with this field?

Nov 11, 3:44AM EST0

What is the difficult part of this job?

Nov 11, 12:58AM EST0

I've worked with veteran Voice talents such as Joiner Gamboa and Jun Legaspi. 

Nov 10, 4:59PM EST0

Voice Acting is an Art.

Nov 10, 4:58PM EST0

You can become a voice talent as long as you have the voice. But you can only be a voice artist if you have the heart.

Nov 10, 4:57PM EST0
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