Ask me anything about music production in FL Studio! Just got a new track out and it reached #12 in the Belgian Viral Top 50 on Spotify!

Jun 12, 2018

I’m a (pop and dance) music producer from Belgium. I’m producing in FL Studio for like 6 years now. Ask me anything about FL Studio, inspiration, techniques, .... shortly anything about music production! I’m kinda new here so I’m giving it a try :) Hope I can help you with the questions you guys have for me ! I have reached the Spotify Viral Top 20 in Belgium (my home country) Cheers guys :)

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In regards to pre-production, how do you suggest changes to the arrangement of a composition without upsetting the composer?
Jun 19, 3:28AM EDT0
How does producing your own music compare to working for someone else? What are the pros and cons of each?
Jun 18, 1:23AM EDT0
When you were starting out in music production, did you know which music genre you'd like to work in?
Jun 17, 2:33AM EDT0
What pre-production work would you normally do with an artist before entering the studio for tracking?
Jun 16, 7:08AM EDT0
Do you think that it is better for a producer to be experienced in one music genre rather than being versatile in all froms? Does being versatile come at a cost of being unfocused?
Jun 15, 6:41AM EDT0
How did you get into music and for how long have you been producing?
Jun 14, 3:40AM EDT0
Anyone can get the right equipment for music production but what makes some productions better than others when the same equipment is being used?
Jun 14, 2:52AM EDT0
What information can you provide on any projects you are currently working on?
Jun 14, 2:26AM EDT0
Which DAW is better for composing, Cubase Elements or Reaper?
Jun 13, 7:10PM EDT0

Hmm I’m not that familiar with both of them, but for me I’d say cubase elements, it’s all about the way you like to work, there aren’t “better” or “worse” DAW’s, every daw has his pro’s and cons :)

Jun 13, 8:47PM EDT0
How much difference does a top of the line microphone preamp make when recording music, compared to using a budget preamp?
Jun 13, 5:40PM EDT0
What's the best way to network and get gigs (without feeling/sounding like a tool)? How long should you be willing to write for free?
Jun 13, 3:18PM EDT0

As a producer you should never write for someone else for free (if that’s what you mean), the best way to network for gigs is by making friends in the industry, or getting popular from your own productions, so you can get to a booking agency

Jun 13, 8:45PM EDT0
What do you do on a typical day at FL studio, and how do you manage to make it productive?
Jun 13, 1:42PM EDT0
Why did you join the FL studio and what has been your experience like?
Jun 13, 10:32AM EDT0
What keeps you so actively involved in creating music? What is your vision for FL studio?
Jun 13, 10:07AM EDT0
Is there a musical trend that you are really excited about in 2018?
Jun 13, 9:00AM EDT0
How many other music producers work at FL studio? Who founded the studio and what was the primary objective for opening it?
Jun 13, 3:22AM EDT0
Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from — if so who and what sort of music?
Jun 13, 1:16AM EDT0
What’s your process to go through in finding the perfect tune? Did you study courses, learn online or just experiment?
Jun 12, 10:15PM EDT0

I learned the most things online when I just started out  :) Now I like to experiment and see where I get 

Jun 13, 8:41PM EDT0
What does it take for an independent artist to become successful in this era?
Jun 12, 8:59PM EDT0

Connections are very important nowadays! And being different from everyone else, make sure you stand out

Jun 13, 8:40PM EDT0
What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful in this field?
Jun 12, 8:14PM EDT0
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