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Dionne Anyah
May 15, 2018

​Dionne Anyah, who was born as Dawnielle Baucham, in Los Angeles, CA, is an up and coming singer-songwriter. There is a long list of what describes this intriguing young lady, however, the shortlist includes being musically and vocally talented, a spiritual being, naturally beautiful, intelligent and educated, dedicated and a devoted singer-songwriter. 

She has always been of a different kind and a different time. Growing up her family called her a flower child because of her sweet soul and free spirit. She has always been in her own world and has done her own thing since a young age. Dionne sets goals and believes in turning dreams into reality. Her dreams are set out to be a an artist, singer, songwriter, performer and humanitarian/philanthropist. She has spoken into existence that she will become just that through patience, hard work and dedication. 

Currently, she is an unsigned artist, with a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in philosophy and minored in music industry. Stay tuned in with Dionne Anyáh, as you do not want to miss some of the compelling plans and music she has coming up. 

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Who are your picturing listening to the music when you are recording? For example people dancing in the club, or maybe people at home with headphones on? What's the ideal setting for your music, in your mind?

May 19, 2:25PM EDT0

It all depends on the song,  for example if its an up tempo song I am imagining people trying to dance to it in general. However, I try to create a song to always be something someone will listen to at home with headphones, in the car, etc. I try to make music for different kinds of settings and moods.

May 22, 1:23PM EDT0
Would you ever record a song you didn’t write?
May 19, 10:55AM EDT0

If I really love a song and someone gave it to me, I of course would like to bring it to life. If something speaks to me or I see the vision, I'm definitely going to do the song and put my own little spin on it and add my own melodies and harmonies.

May 22, 1:21PM EDT0
How do you come up with funds to support your music?
May 19, 4:14AM EDT0

That's the hardest part about the music game is pursuing it as a career requires you to have an actual career/job which also takes time from you to be working on music. But having little side gigs, part time positions, starting your own small businesses has helped me throughout my music career so far.

May 22, 1:19PM EDT0
What’s your dream collaboration? Who’s that one musician you really want to work with?
May 18, 11:19PM EDT0

Dream collab would be Chris Brown. He's just so gifted and I would love to be able to take a page out of his notebook.

May 22, 1:17PM EDT0
Did you ever consider joining contests like The Voice?
May 18, 8:30PM EDT0

Yes I have, but i'm just not all the way sold on it lol. People want me to do it though and if I become 100% sure, then I will pursue it.

May 22, 1:16PM EDT0
Do you enjoy performing live more than being just in the studio recording songs?
May 18, 5:55PM EDT0

That's really hard, I love them both equally. I love performing live because it's so fun, I get to connect with people, and get to share this part of me. I love being in the studio because I enjoy the process of creating, writing, and seeing it all come together. I just can't pick either one over the other, they both satisfy two completely different sides of the music for me. I love performing and I love creating art.

May 22, 1:15PM EDT0
What are your thoughts about autotune?
May 18, 11:45AM EDT0

My thoughts about autotune are that it's up to the artist if they want to use it or not. Sometimes it's appropriate for certain songs based on what the artist is trying to achieve.  However, specifically for vocalist they shouldn't get too carried away because you want to sound like yourself still and you want to be able to perform it live and it still sound like the track. 

May 22, 1:12PM EDT0
How do you feel when you hear your own recorded voice?
May 17, 8:24PM EDT0

it's kind of funny lol, but it's pretty cool. Technology always amazes me. When I first started recording it was weird though and then of course you get used to it but it's always just an amazing thing to see your art form come to life. Very humbling.

May 22, 1:08PM EDT0
What’s a good low budget/no budget way to promote music?
May 17, 8:19PM EDT0

A good low budget and/ or no budget way to promote music is on social media and explaining to your friends and family that you need their support and ask them to repost and post your stuff. 

May 22, 1:06PM EDT0
Do you dream of one day signing with a record label or would you rather remain indie?
May 17, 6:45PM EDT0

If the right deal comes a long and it makes sense, i'm not opposed to signing. However, I feel if an artist can, indie is the way to go. So I would like to stay indie but it's whatever God's plan is.

May 22, 1:05PM EDT0
Are your lyrics based on your real life experiences?
May 17, 1:44PM EDT0

Some of my lyrics are based on my real life experiences and some are based on friends (close and distant), and simply interactions and things I learn and experience wherever it is that I go. I try to find inspiration everywhere that I go with everyone that I meet.

May 22, 1:04PM EDT0
What would be your dream venue in which to perform and why?
May 16, 11:43AM EDT0

My dream venue is three places, 1. Hollywood Bowl, 2. The Forum, and 3. Madison Sqaure Garden. These are just three extremely iconic venues that all of the greats I loved performed at, so I would love to be in the presence of something so great and to be apart of that same inconical legacy.

May 22, 1:02PM EDT0
What has been the worst bit of advice you ever received regarding your song writing?
May 16, 7:01AM EDT0

I haven't received any "bad advice" per say because it's all insight and helpful, it either helps you in the right direction or shows you what is not for you. 

May 22, 12:59PM EDT0
If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why?
May 16, 2:05AM EDT0

If I ever found myself auditioning for a music reality tv show, I would probably sing some Michael Jackson or Aaliyah, and simply because I love Michael and Aaliyah and they are kind of my go to's.

May 22, 12:58PM EDT0
How would you like to inspire new generations with your music?
May 15, 3:10PM EDT0

I would like to inspire new generations in a positively impactful way showing them they don't have to portray themselves or change themselves in a negative light to receive attention or notoriety. That being a kind person who does the right thing even when it is convenient for them not to, will be more rewarding than ever imagineable. To trust the process that God has placed before them. 

May 15, 3:47PM EDT0

As an artist, what would you most like to be known and admired for?

May 15, 2:34PM EDT0

Thats a hard question... but if I could choose what I would like to be known or admired for, I would say my heart. I want to be an artist that ends up making a difference actively in communities all around the world. When I make it, I will uplift the people in need. 

May 15, 2:41PM EDT0
How would you describe your style of music and what inspires you to make this kind of music?
May 15, 1:10PM EDT0

I think my style of music is feel good honest music and i'm inspired to make music this way because that's just my perosnality. I like to feel good and make others feel good, and I like to keep it one hundred and want others to do the same. Be the change you want to see. Give what you want to receive. 

May 15, 2:39PM EDT0
What message do you hope to impart with your music?
May 15, 12:33PM EDT0

Life is Life, but you cannot give up.

May 15, 2:37PM EDT0
What type of emotional response do you wish to invoke from your audience with your songs?
May 15, 10:33AM EDT0

I just hope that when people listen to my music it will make them feel good, give them confidence, happiness, comfort and overall hope.

May 15, 2:36PM EDT0
How do you know when your song is done and it is time to stop revising and put it down?
May 15, 10:32AM EDT0

This is such an important question, and something I had to really figure out! For me, I had to just let my intuition be in control of this part of the creative process. Its one of those things that you know, when you know. 

May 15, 2:34PM EDT0
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