Tyler Amarande Mikealson
Dec 26, 2017


Helps to give ideas to aspiring comic book artists like me and also answer your questions as best as I can regarding ideas, characters, tools-both digital and traditional arts.

I can develop names for your characters and give them abilities if you like me to. 

All questions are welcome.  All ideas are welcome and to be a great artist, criticism must be experienced....


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What is your current job? Is it related to making comic books?

Dec 26, 10:46PM EST0

yea it does... im a graphic designer

Dec 27, 2:58AM EST0

Have you ever thought of your future as a comic book artist?

Dec 26, 2:07PM EST0

i still do, in fact its my plan A

Dec 26, 6:44PM EST0

Why do you think people read comics?

Dec 26, 1:08PM EST0

most pple to enhance imagination, some for the fun of it, some to build their insight on the comical world

Dec 26, 6:44PM EST0

Do you agree that more boys are reading comic books than girls?

Dec 26, 12:20PM EST0


Dec 26, 6:45PM EST0

Is there a story behind your passion for comic books?

Dec 26, 3:36AM EST0

a really long one

Dec 26, 5:20AM EST0

When did you first realize that you would like to be a comic book artist?

Dec 26, 1:21AM EST0

since i was about 9 or 10

Dec 26, 5:20AM EST0

What is more important to you, the story or the pictures?

Dec 25, 11:13PM EST0

both... but if i had to pick... good pictures attratct raders but u still gotta have intruiging stories... they work in paripasu

Dec 26, 5:20AM EST0

Can you tell how comics have changed over time?

Dec 25, 6:49PM EST0

yea... improved graphics

Dec 26, 5:19AM EST0

Have you ever thought of collecting comic books as an investment?

Dec 25, 5:23PM EST0

yea i have

Dec 26, 5:19AM EST0

Do you earn money by creating comic books?

Dec 25, 5:18PM EST0

not yet... but thats what im planning to do

Dec 26, 5:18AM EST0

but i did once for my first comic book

Dec 26, 5:19AM EST0

If given a chance to become a superhero, who would you be?

Dec 25, 4:30AM EST0


Dec 26, 5:18AM EST0

Do you think that comics are different from one country to another? If so, in what way?

Dec 24, 12:17PM EST0

no they arent since they are all comong from the same company

Dec 26, 5:17AM EST0

Do you believe that comics are just for the young ones?

Dec 24, 11:18AM EST0


Dec 26, 5:17AM EST0

Who is the worst comic book character for you?

Dec 24, 11:04AM EST0


Dec 26, 5:16AM EST0

Have you taken formal classes to enhance your skills?

Dec 24, 9:49AM EST0

yea i have

Dec 26, 5:15AM EST0

Can you still remember the first comic book that you read? What was the title?

Dec 24, 2:59AM EST0

i doubt it... i cant.. its been so long

Dec 26, 5:15AM EST0

In your opinion, at what age is a person too old to read comic books?

Dec 24, 2:51AM EST0

in my opinion theres no age

Dec 25, 6:10PM EST0

If you could have one superpower what would that be?

Dec 24, 1:47AM EST0

super speed

Dec 25, 6:09PM EST0

What’s the best advice you can give to aspiring comic book artists like you?

Dec 23, 11:18PM EST0

it could be discouraging when u dont get what you want or when u see better works... but u just gotta remain focused once u know what u want

Dec 25, 6:09PM EST1
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