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Wade Maracle
Apr 12, 2018

Hey everyone! Just here to help with any problems people are having with DAW's, Sound design, Mixing, Mastering, Theory, and Producing. As well as be open to any and all questions. I mean it. I have a very wide range of genre's from dance to RnB and even to Dubstep/Trap. I stay current with what is going on in the mainstream as well as the underground. I can give you advice that will help you make more tasteful decisions as well as tell you exactly how I make things if it really comes down to it. There is no secret here other than the ones that haven't received a question. I am here to teach as well as learn. My thirst for knowledge cannot be quenched and I would like to help other people achieve their goals. Hope to hear from you. Even if it's just to say hey!


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What are the objective, universal and measurable parameters that determine the quality of a recording?
Apr 16, 3:20PM EDT0
What could great-sounding recording do for an artist’s career?
Apr 16, 10:33AM EDT0
What was your first recording-related job and what or who were your early passions and influences?
Apr 16, 10:26AM EDT0
How do you see the relation between sound, location and space?
Apr 14, 2:00PM EDT0
What is your biggest accomplishment as a producer?
Apr 14, 12:58PM EDT0
What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic work and career in the field of musical production?
Apr 14, 12:00PM EDT0
What are your main challenges and ambitions, currently, in terms of your approach to producing?
Apr 14, 6:29AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the comparative importance of sound and composition?
Apr 14, 6:06AM EDT0
In what way is the reduced budget of music in compressed formats affecting the industry and how would you rate the state of production today?
Apr 13, 10:04PM EDT0
What, to you, are the main goals of recording, editing and mastering?
Apr 13, 8:45PM EDT0
How would you personally define your role in the creative process?
Apr 13, 8:45PM EDT0
Do you feel that it is important that a recording is a reflection of reality or is it, by default, artifice and therefore subject to its own rules and why do you believe so?
Apr 13, 11:51AM EDT0
What is the scope and what are the limitations of what you are capable of doing as a producer?
Apr 13, 6:06AM EDT0
In what ways has the increasing technical education, even among amateur musicians, has changed the role of a music producer?
Apr 13, 5:53AM EDT0
In what ways do musical artists benefit from networking?
Apr 13, 3:24AM EDT0
What do you usually start with when working on a new musical piece and what are your reasons for beginning at this point?
Apr 12, 9:34PM EDT0
What are some of the biggest mental tools an artist needs to develop in order to be successful in this field?
Apr 12, 6:20PM EDT0

Paitience, determination and a good work ethic. These are a must for prevelant artist's.

Apr 12, 7:20PM EDT0
What university would you suggest for someone interested in a career as a music producer?
Apr 12, 5:07PM EDT0

You don't necessarily have to go to university for music production but places like Malone University and Baldwin Wallace University. Depends on your budget.

Apr 12, 7:39PM EDT0
What internships would you recommend to an incoming producer and why?
Apr 12, 3:56PM EDT0

Any credible experiences holds value. I would suggest at a local studio and see where it takes you.

Apr 12, 7:41PM EDT0
How much do you believe in the idea of progress in production and what are the areas where you could imagine real improvements?
Apr 12, 1:25PM EDT0

Progress is a big thing for many subjects not only including production. Each person develops skills differently and at a different rate. It's a must for the industry because it would be like if you heard the same song for days on end. It's necessary to stay true to oneself and always strive for better regardless of just music. Just never stop learning.

Apr 12, 7:50PM EDT0
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