AMA Presents, A look into the life of a recovered addict who once lost it all! A man who put all of his trials and tribulations onto paper with a pen and wrote a little music to go along with it!

Michael Vegas Gialketsis
Aug 27, 2018

Chuck Palahniuk said "We all die, the goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will!" That is what I do and with that being said we all know Good Art Comes From The Heart! This is my life, struggles, triumphs, through the Medium of Music! I hope all of you Enjoy!

Here you can check out my life Journaled through Music! All my emotions placed through my arm, into my fingers and out of a pen onto a pad! I put Music to these thought's and feelings and record them!

I am certain many people can relate to the issues I've had and many are still dealing with issues like Recovery, Addiction, Temptation, Decisions of Good and Evil every single day! I hope that all of you can enjoy and also find Inspiration in my writings!

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So beautiful. I cried durring listening to your song.  Beautiful mellody and beautifull lyrics. I also listened some of your other song an they are great. Keep writing and making songs.

Aug 28, 3:01PM EDT0

Thank you for takiing the time! Means the world!

Aug 31, 11:51AM EDT0
How has music helped you through your recovery process?
Aug 28, 6:31AM EDT0

Honestly it helps me express myself my pain and emotions, I don't necessarily try to write sad songs, but those sad songs make way for the light and the light shines brighter in them.

Aug 31, 11:57AM EDT0
How long were you struggling with your addiction? How did it start?
Aug 28, 5:53AM EDT0

By the age of 13 I was smoking crack and I am 27 now. Heroin became my lover for 12 long years, and um It started off as sad as this is to say with my parents using with them. I am thankfully now clean from all substances it's been a long time coming but yeah. 

Aug 31, 11:59AM EDT0
If you could share the stage with one other artist or band, who would it be and why?
Aug 28, 3:17AM EDT0

Robert Smith from The Cure for sure, he's definitely been a Major Influence in my life as a child growing up till now.

Aug 31, 12:00PM EDT0
How do you approach songwriting or what is your creative process like?
Aug 28, 12:56AM EDT0

I consider myself a Poet before Musician and a lot of my songs come from Poetry I write. Amost everytime. I just pick around and make noise until something feels right. Cause like the song already has a place to go you know. I think of it like the song is already written and I just need to get it to that point. As naturally as possible. 

Aug 31, 12:02PM EDT0
What experience in your life was the catalyst for you to start writing music?
Aug 27, 8:34PM EDT0
What are the steps you took to ensure your recovery?
Aug 27, 6:13PM EDT0
What has been the high point of your music path?
Aug 27, 4:21PM EDT0
What made you want to become clean from your addiction?
Aug 27, 1:45PM EDT0

It took everything I loved and valued, the only thing it didn't take from me was my life, and as cliche as it sounds I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. An yeah that's it really. I had to get to that point of Desperation you know to fly across the country and change everything.

Aug 31, 12:04PM EDT0
What is the music scene like in your place and how has it influenced your own work? Do you hang out with other local musicians and jam in?
Aug 27, 11:33AM EDT0

I am now residing in Oceanside CA man and it's awesome here! Showes everywhere! San Diego man is a cool spot and yeah I got full access to a loca studio out here in Carlsbad and I try to Jam as much as I can with my fellow brother's and musicians ya know! Go to the beach just playing music with a few buddies is probably my most favorite thing in the world to do!

Aug 31, 12:05PM EDT0
Who are your biggest influences, both musically and personally?
Aug 27, 8:04AM EDT0

Elliott Smith and The Cure for sure!

Aug 31, 12:07PM EDT0
How have you grown as an artist since you first start making music?
Aug 27, 7:48AM EDT0

As I got clean I thought I'd never be able to write music or lyrics if I wasn't high and I have found that this isn't the case at all. I think the biggest growth I've expierenced was when I started and focused on my music, poetry ect, as I got clean.

Aug 31, 12:08PM EDT0
How long does it usually take you to write a song? What do you think is the relationship between lyrics and poetry?
Aug 27, 5:18AM EDT0
How do you think 2018 has been treating you and your music career so far?
Aug 27, 4:02AM EDT0

good got a show out in San Diego next month and am looking forward to it, got access to a Studio now these days to do what I love so. So far, So Good!

Aug 31, 12:08PM EDT0
What new themes are you excited to touch on with your upcoming songs?
Aug 27, 1:31AM EDT0

A Good buddy of mine who passed away recently from a Heroin ovedose. One of my best friends actually.

Aug 31, 12:09PM EDT0
When did you first start singing and writing? And when did you embrace your voice?
Aug 26, 10:38PM EDT0

Like 13 years ago and I hate my voice I still havent' Embraced but though I have Accepte it!

Aug 31, 12:10PM EDT0
What are your career goals in the music industry and how close are you to reaching them?
Aug 26, 6:52PM EDT0

Just inspire other people through my music! An I continue to write for that specific reason.

Aug 31, 12:39PM EDT0
What instruments do you play, and which ones do you compose songs with?
Aug 26, 5:45PM EDT0

Mostly my Epiphone Masterbuilt mostly and my Jackson. My Jackson is fun to play.

Aug 31, 12:39PM EDT0
What was the inspiration for the track "Those Gates Above"? How do you think it welcomes people and listeners to the type of music that you make?
Aug 26, 2:29PM EDT0

That song was written and recorded for a very good friend of mine who passed away 3 weeks ago of a Heroin Overdose. That is my "Tribute" to him. an I guess whatever I write just comes out as it is. I don't try to force any specific type of song a fast one or slow one it just comes as it coms.

Aug 31, 12:42PM EDT0
What do you think about the internet as a tool for promoting yourself and your music?
Aug 26, 1:12PM EDT0

All for it!

Aug 31, 12:42PM EDT0
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