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Ankit kukreti
Nov 12, 2017
  1. Choreographer
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  4. Ankit Kukreti (born 29 october 1997) is an Indian dancer,choreographer and actor. He is renowned as the Heltron for his surreal dance moves in Pause motion style and for his flawless reinvention of the Pause style. His stage name Heltron best describes his dancing style .

    Quick facts: Native name, Born …

    Ankit Kukreti

    Native nameHindi:  अंकित कुक्रेति Born 29 october 1997 Dehradun, Uttarakhand, IndiaNationalityIndianOther name HeltronDancer, Choreographer, Actor, Years active2011 – presentPause King, Lyrical Hip-Hop, Dubstep Popping, Pause-Style)

    Career :

    Dance India Dance (Season 3)

    Ankit became popular when his audition video went viral on celebrities phone and was back on demand. He received individual popularity via the show Dance India Dance 3 (2012) aired on Zee TV. He dubbed himself as Heltron and was not professionally trained by anyone prior to coming on the show. Ankit showcased a new dance style but wasn't selected in the Top 18 by the Grand Master in Mega Audition.

    Later, After his operation, Ankit restarted performing and the kind of acts that he is capable of doing, it totally surprised .

    Personal Information on Ankit is currently living in Mumbai and comes from his home town Rishikesh , Uttarakhand. Born in a Garhwali family he belongs to his ancestral village Deulei in Uttarakhand.

    Ankit had never taken any formal training in dance, but picked it up from watching performances on internet and television. He started winning laurels as a dancer right from his days in NDS. Later, he joined DOON UNIVERSITY(DU), Dehradun College to pursue his BA in Mass communication . 

    Influences :

    Ankit accredited learning dance from Internet and Television. He created a fusion mainly inspired from the slow yet powerful "Pause Step "

    His signature step is his Pause in Dance .

Ankit kukreti says:

This AMA will end Nov 13, 2017 4:30PM EST

Ankit kukreti says:

This AMA will end Nov 14, 2017 4:30PM EST


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what challenges have you faced so far ?

Nov 14, 12:22PM EST0

Have ever danced fora big artist in your country?

Nov 14, 10:41AM EST0

Yes Akshay Kumar sir

Nov 14, 12:19PM EST0

Who is your favorite dancer?

Nov 12, 7:12AM EST0

Prabhu Deva sir

Nov 12, 9:45AM EST0

What inspires you to keep on dancing?

Nov 10, 5:47AM EST0

My real ideal is "Ficticious crew" from Mumbai because of there hardwork , as they didn't belong to rich family or middle class family

Nov 10, 5:57AM EST0

Why do you love to dance?

Nov 10, 5:30AM EST0

Dancing is an happiest part of my life . As I dance not to show others and not for others but I do for myself .

Dance gives me strength and teache me not to give up

Nov 10, 6:00AM EST0

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nov 10, 3:00AM EST0

I believe to make today best , so don't think much about tomorrow . 

Tomorrow will depend upon today what you do .

Nov 10, 6:02AM EST0

What are some of your goals for dance?

Nov 9, 9:54PM EST0

I have to do only one think , I will teach all those people who wants to learn dance but he didn't have money , as he/she belongs from poor family or he do not have family support .

Nov 10, 6:05AM EST0

How do you feel when you perform?

Nov 9, 9:53PM EST0

When I perform , I have only one thought in my mind which is I have to do 100% all efforts for that performance and I have to entertain audience

Nov 10, 6:07AM EST0

Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?

Nov 9, 4:24PM EST0

It's all depend upon the person is interested or not . How seriously he is lessning .

Nov 10, 6:10AM EST0

How long have you been dancing?

Nov 9, 1:28PM EST0

I m dancing from last 5yrs

Nov 10, 6:11AM EST0

How does dance inspire you?

Nov 9, 11:19AM EST0

Not giving up, because instead I can find a new way to keep doing what I love

Nov 9, 11:31AM EST0

What/Who encouraged you to dance?

Nov 9, 10:33AM EST0

No one encouraged me to dance except my inner soul .

Nov 9, 10:37AM EST0

What is your greatest weakness?

Nov 9, 10:28AM EST0

My weakness is I easily trust people

Nov 9, 10:32AM EST0

Have you ever participated in a compaction?

Nov 9, 9:50AM EST0

Yeh I have participated in "DID" a indian television reality show.

Nov 9, 10:25AM EST0

What has dance taught you?

Nov 9, 9:25AM EST0

Dance teach me 3 words :- Never Give up 

Nov 9, 10:27AM EST0

What got you into dancing?

Nov 9, 5:40AM EST0

In starting I had a fear to perform in front of people but when I saw the legend dancers like prabhubDeva , Remo etc performing and other people are copying there style/moves , then I thought to do something different and take dance forms into an another level .

Last edited @ Nov 9, 8:47AM EST.
Nov 9, 6:23AM EST0

What is your favorite part about Dancing?

Nov 9, 5:23AM EST0

Dancing is an happiest part of my life . As I dance not to show others and not for others but I do for myself 

Nov 9, 6:26AM EST0

Do you hope to become a professional dancer one day?

Nov 9, 5:12AM EST0

When I started from the basic of dance , I didn't thought to became a professional dancer because that time dance is just a hobby for me but  today I m an professional choreographer .

It's just demands upon the efforts and hardwork you do to achieve your dreams . 

Nov 9, 6:29AM EST0

Do you have a diet to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Nov 9, 1:09AM EST0

Not really but I have stop eating fast food 

Nov 9, 4:45AM EST0

Why do you like dancing?

Nov 8, 11:38PM EST0

Because I think dance plays a major role in our life . It's a medium to express your emotions  that you feel .

Nov 9, 4:48AM EST0
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