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Creep'Escoe Barz
Aug 28, 2018

The Real story of Mamacita feel free to make this Trend Ask Questions of all sorts all Kinds the Evolution of My Wave what ideas 💡 Brought About to Aspire bein Consistent at The Right Time 'But Wrong Place Sessions Live unfiltered  Captivating Mind Hustle elaborating passion elevate soul


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To be Honest you Could put Me in Front Of An Interviewer an You Couldn't Convince me that they didn't Have Any 

Aug 26, 3:40PM EDT1

In what ways is your work different from other music artists?

Aug 26, 6:03AM EDT3

It's Original all Original!! " SIGH Are All Fingerprints The SAME You Should Check IT out

Aug 26, 3:21PM EDT0

Could you provide a little more information about your latest release, including the background and inspirations behind it?

Aug 25, 6:17PM EDT1

"Well" "well" to be honest my Latest Release comes from Behind a Story An Untouched Topic inspirations Aspirations we All Think 🤔💭 life Based On A vice Verse Well Known as Virtual vs Social world meet Reality,Racing Rushing Through life Ups Downs An Advances I Titled An Called This Song "Relay"🌍♥️. I Basically based this project for the bitter to Good Time Circumstantial If "You Up" you Up but in life we all could seek to Wisdom stating in the mind frame The More we As Humans Think we Know With The Public changing the less we know.

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Aug 25, 6:27PM EDT0

My Latest Is One ☝️ of My Singles off my new Upcoming Mixtape HMHW Short Abbreviated For HeartlessMoneyHeartlessWorld called Relay The BackGround Behind Rush Through an the Race Of Life Title Kinda Speaks For itself Relay. The inspiration Behind it was different stages of life captivated Fast Life " Relay

Aug 26, 3:27PM EDT0
How long have you been making music? How many songs and albums have you released to date?
Aug 25, 6:17PM EDT0

 Well I've been making music for at least about 17 years I have made over total 300 songs I have released at least three mix tape albums with at least a total Mixtapes To Spinrilla MyMixtapez Other places an so on including iTunes videos to YouTube Vevo but my Up to Date day project is HMHW and abbreviation short for heartless money heartless world 🌎 Album I Released  three singles off this Tape (Comet) Creep 'Escoe Barz " Also look for my New Wave Called "Relay" An my Radio Song "Lay in The Trap" By Creep Escoe Barz ♥️🐍Thanks 

Aug 25, 6:37PM EDT0

AMA This is All Love !! 

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Aug 25, 1:04PM EDT0
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