AMA: I do drawings, looking for success worldwide

Emanuel Silva
Mar 22, 2018

I am a Brazilian artist, in the future, I want to work for great companies, such as Marvel, DC and Image comics. You can follow me on Instagram: www.Instagram.Com/drawingesketch to see my work.. it is a dream. Today, I sell drawings on eBay and the buyers like my job. I hope you'll like it too and if you have suggestions to upgrade my work iI will love reading those. Ask me Anything! Thank you!!

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Any other advice for artists trying to establish themselves?
Mar 29, 3:30AM EDT0

Beyond focus, will and away learn to learn  more? Patience, my father says that until the trees have time to harvest

Mar 29, 6:15AM EDT0
What do you love and hate about your life as a drawing artist?
Mar 28, 8:49PM EDT0

I love when the followers likes my arts.. Until this moment i don't found what i hateyet on my life as artist

Mar 29, 6:20AM EDT0
Do you consider yourself a good artist?
Mar 28, 8:08PM EDT0

Yes, today i consider myself.. I like very much of my drawings.. I think that i do with love, i'm not forced.._ all made with love is good

Mar 29, 6:17AM EDT0
Are there any other members of your family who are artists?
Mar 28, 6:51AM EDT0

Ah.._no._. The gift was only to me heheh. ^^

Mar 28, 6:55AM EDT0
Is drawing/sketching a very important part of your life?
Mar 27, 7:18AM EDT0

A lot, the life is like drawing, first we have to make the sketch and then do the final art, for me it's interconnected

Mar 27, 10:42AM EDT0
Where according to you is the relationship between the artist and his art?
Mar 27, 1:41AM EDT0

I see art in everything around me, i see from another perspective that i cannot explain, i believe i was born for it. I never had lessons, i learn everything myself, my connection with art goes beyond what i know

Mar 27, 4:26AM EDT0
How do you advertise your work besides Instagram?
Mar 26, 11:40PM EDT0

I use facebook, related groups, twitter and even ebay through sales

Mar 27, 4:11AM EDT0
Is there any particular reason why you chose pictures of Harley Quinn and Deadpool? Are those two characters that have inspired you as an artist?
Mar 26, 5:45PM EDT0

I aways  look for characters that i admire, but few i like, more inspirational for me is to draw new things, learn new things 

Mar 27, 4:17AM EDT0
What do you think are the qualities that define an artist?
Mar 26, 1:21PM EDT0

Creativity, discipline, willpower and love for art

Mar 27, 4:38AM EDT0
You focus very prominently on faces in your work; is that because you find them easier to draw than environments, or do you find it a stimulating challenge?
Mar 26, 9:59AM EDT0

I believe it's because of the challenge, i like difficult drawings, since i feel able  to achieve it

Mar 27, 4:45AM EDT0
What would be your dream commision?
Mar 25, 9:33PM EDT0

My dream is any commission published.. 

Mar 25, 10:41PM EDT1
What’s the most frustrating thing about your work?
Mar 23, 1:33PM EDT0

The most frustrating thing is that i have some ideas but i still cannot reproduce

Mar 23, 4:55PM EDT1
What is your favourite work of your own?
Mar 23, 1:31PM EDT0

My favorite was and are being my character, i just cannot divulge yet because i did not register it. But it is so special and powered as marvel's super heroes. 

Mar 23, 4:52PM EDT1
What’s the most rewarding thing about your work?
Mar 23, 12:48AM EDT0

I think Money and works with i like ;)

Mar 23, 2:35AM EDT0
Do you avoid or embrace subtle (or blatant) eroticisation of subjects?
Mar 22, 8:11PM EDT0

Everything is art, we needs only redirect to correct public. Yes i embrace 

Mar 22, 8:48PM EDT0
Are you learning any new type of drawing? If so, what’s it? And, how are you learning? Does self-learning work in the drawing?
Mar 22, 5:00PM EDT0

I am constantly trying to learn something.._ currently my style, when it a comes to a single technique , i use gouache and water color, pens, markers, colored pencils._. I'm learning buildings and perspective, i will need a lot in comics creations

Mar 22, 7:16PM EDT0
Do you always intend to give your work its own unique aesthetic, or do you intend to adjust your style completely depending upon the commission?
Mar 22, 3:31PM EDT0

I aways adjust to my style to give a unique characteristic

Mar 22, 6:41PM EDT0
Do you feel your gender has been an advantage or disadvantage within the comic book world?
Mar 22, 12:22PM EDT0

It has been an advantage, we are in generation that the public that likes this  genre only grows due to the films

Mar 22, 2:31PM EDT0
How many drawings will you do in a day or week? Do you follow any particular schedules for this?
Mar 22, 9:20AM EDT0

Yes i have a particular goal of 1 a day, but if i deprive myself of the world i can do 3 or 4 arts a day, depending on the difficulty of the drawings and details, i confess to being certain times stressful so reduce to 1 a day to have time with family and friends

Mar 22, 9:38AM EDT0
You have mentioned you want to work for companies like Marvel and DC. Have you tried approaching them already? If not, what steps are you making towards it?
Mar 22, 7:25AM EDT0

I once searched, but on the website said that they would find us in two ways: by indication of another artist who already works for them  or publishing the arts daily until popular, i do not know where i could gain attention from them

Mar 22, 9:29AM EDT0
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