AMA exclusive - Critically acclaimed New York City artist Mark Stout debuts new collection

Michele Smith
Sep 4, 2018

While many are familiar with the Chelsea art district as an east coast hub, there is a local artist soon to be a household name who is making a splash in the art world and his exhibitions boast attendance in the thousands. Marko Stout, New York’s hottest artist, who is compared to fellow New York pop artists Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, is known for his cutting-edge, somewhat controversial, industrial art style that embraces the downtown New York City vibe with a modern, rock-chic edge. Marko Stout’s recent sold-out show was attended by a mix of fans, celebrities, models, art dealers and international collectors; and his upcoming solo exhibition, “Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color” this October at the Caluem gallery already has social media fans buzzing and is an event not-to-be-missed!

“I am very excited to debut my newest collection and share with my fans at the opening night VIP party this October,” said Marko Stout, Industrial Pop Artist and Designer. “I will showcase new releases and fan favourites such as ‘Erotic Nightmares’, ‘Desire’, ‘Chelsea 3 a.m.’ and the ‘Lips Series’ to name just a few.”

Marko Stout’s solo-exhibition, “Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color” will take place Friday, October 19th from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the Caluem gallery located at 526 West 26th Street, Suite #315 in NYC. Attendees will enjoy a glamorous evening where they will have an opportunity to meet artist Marko Stout, his models, celebrities, art collectors and dealers, enjoy wine, DJ’s and even walk the red carpet for photo opportunities. Free tickets and VIP media passes are still available, but registration is required at:

“I am pleased with the thousands in attendance at my last couple of shows and that art industry icons comparing my art to the works by Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons,” said Marko Stout, Industrial Pop Artist and Designer. “My October solo-exhibition at the Caluem Gallery will be a glamorous and memorable evening.”

Marko Stout is a New York artist and fashion icon known for his cutting edge and aspirational industrial pop-style, which reflects downtown NYC combined with a modern rock-chic edge. In 2016, Marko Stout established himself as an art world celebrity with a fanatical cult following and in 2017, the artist officially became a NYC icon while hosting the cities two most successful sold-out exhibitions at the Sepia Gallery and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. Marko Stout produced the popular NYC Independent Art Film Festival and earlier this year he launched his own line of cool, urban fashion, “Urban Tribe.” Marko Stout receives frequent mentions in the press and has been covered by Today, Slam Magazine, Social Magazine, and Chicago Tribune, and among many others. For more information, for upcoming exhibitions and to purchase a product please visit:

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Would you be open to mentorship of young upcoming artists who are good at whay do but have no idea how to form a netowork to get their work noticed?
Sep 6, 7:51PM EDT0
Considering your move to New York increased your success, would you recommend a change in location if the one an artist is in now is stifling his progress?
Sep 6, 6:32PM EDT0
Do you mainly use traditional art or have you incorporated digital art in some of your work? Where does your preference lie?
Sep 6, 11:33AM EDT0
What are your favorite activities to push your creativity beyond limits?
Sep 6, 2:09AM EDT0
When you are creating a new piece, what do you wish people could experience through your art?
Sep 5, 3:53PM EDT0
How would you describe your fashion brand Urban Tribe? If Urban Tribe was a person, how would you describe it?
Sep 5, 1:09PM EDT0
Why do you think your art is so popular with the millennials?
Sep 5, 10:54AM EDT0
What inspired you to merge your art with fashion? How has the response been so far to creative line?
Sep 4, 12:05PM EDT0

I was approached by a local designer here in New York to license some of my work for their tops and jackets- it turned out really cool. Also, Gucci is now interested in featuring a few of my pieces in an upcoming ad campaign for their urban line. I find fashion to be just another art form and a unique way of showing my art to many that do not usually visit galleries. I really like the way Keith Harring and Basquiat have been shown in fashion lately- working on doing something like that with my works.

Sep 4, 7:00PM EDT0
What are some of the things that help you to determine how much you will charge for each piece of art you exhibit?
Sep 4, 7:06AM EDT0

The fees are determined by the gallery not me. We’re showing my work at high end galleries now so the cost of the works has gone up greatly. That’s good for me… NYC is an expensive town!

Sep 4, 7:01PM EDT0
Many artists struggle to sell their work. How was the process like for you before you became a renowned artist people seek out?
Sep 4, 7:05AM EDT0

I had some success early on when I live in San Francisco and thing really started to happen for me once I moved to New York and the last year as really been a wild ride!

Sep 4, 7:02PM EDT0
When you have a solo exhibition, how many pieces do you need to have to ensure people attending have enough to see? Does quantity matter much during exhibitions?
Sep 4, 6:59AM EDT0

My solo shows have moved to larger galleries and l usually exhibit about 20-30 pieces, some video art and maybe a few sculptures. This seems to be the correct size for my shows.

Sep 4, 7:02PM EDT0
You have been compared to fellow New York pop artists Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. Would you agree? What are your thoughts on this?
Sep 4, 5:43AM EDT0

That’s good company to be in. I love Koon’s use of vivid colors- obviously that had an influence on my work. And Andy Warhol is really the father of modern art as we know it today. He is the first real American artist with a style totally different than the old traditional European painters- way cooler and more democratic… more American!

Sep 4, 7:03PM EDT0
By what parameters do you measure your success?
Sep 4, 2:05AM EDT0

The freedom to create work that I like- that’s success. Also, now having solo shows in large established galleries with thousands of fans showing up to the exhibitions and the work selling for much larger sums now… I need to eat!

Sep 4, 7:03PM EDT0

Who are the artists that have influenced you throughout your artistic career or your life and how did they make an impact on you?

Sep 3, 10:25PM EDT0

All kinds of art. I really admire Andy Warhol, he took things in a different direction and opened up what art could be. Really gave Americans their own style and voice in the art world. Lately been getting into the photographer Miron Zownir- I like his nonjudgmental approach to his subjects. Very interesting stuff… you should check out his “RIP NYC” series- very cool.

Sep 4, 7:04PM EDT0
From where do you get the inspiration for your artwork? What inspired your latest collection?
Sep 3, 9:25PM EDT0
How did you become an artist? Was this something that was always a dream for you?
Sep 3, 9:06PM EDT0

It’s a long but interesting story that ends with me living on a houseboat outside San Francisco and hangout drinking wine and smoking weed with a friend who owned an art gallery in the area- he actually was to be a roadie for the Grateful Dead in the 70s. Anyway, he got me into painting and even sold some of my works in his gallery. So that really got me interested in art professionally, as a career. I few more wild twists in life found me living in New York City and that’s when things really started to happen for me!

Sep 4, 6:54PM EDT0
How would you define your artistic style? How would you say your style has evolved with the passing years?
Sep 3, 6:30PM EDT0

How would you say your style has evolved with the passing years? I really don’t like classifications it seems way too limiting. I saw on Wikipedia that they called my style “industrial pop”. I’m not sure what that is, but I kind of like that term. As far as my work evolving over the years, I find it becoming a bit more minimalist in style. I can say much more and get directly to the point with more intensity now.How do you stay relevant among other artists? Do you reinvent yourself constantly? What is your secret? I live and play in New York City- the town really keep you current on edge. It forces you to stay current with trends and movement to remain relevant. My recent exhibitions have been packed with younger fans in their 20s and 30s. Not much gray hair at my shows- except for some of the media and art dealers, and maybe a few of mine now.

Sep 4, 6:55PM EDT0
How do you stay relevant among other artists? Do you reinvent yourself constantly? What is your secret?
Sep 3, 6:22PM EDT0
How do you feel about people trying to censor art?
Sep 3, 5:47PM EDT0

I detest these narrow-minded bullies! They’re usually uneducated and don’t understand modern art. Censors have no place in a modern democratic society!

Sep 4, 6:55PM EDT0
From all the pieces that you have created so far, which one resonates with you the most and why?
Sep 3, 4:22PM EDT0

I really like a larger piece titled “Erotic Nightmares”- there is an intensity to the image especially the eyes that really captures what I was going for- it’s one of my favorites. I also like a series of pieces called “Lips” since it was a large series that sold very well, and we collected large fees with licensing and merchandising the images—I need to eat and Manhattan is an expensive town!

Sep 4, 6:56PM EDT0