AMA-Comic books Illustrator and 2d Animation Artist

Richwealth Orphan
Sep 6, 2018

Link to my 2d Animation Portfolio as well as my Illustrations examples below.                                                                                                                              My name is Richwealth Orphan. I am an illustrator and 2d Animator. I also do other digital art and graphics. As well as freehand and painting art. What I do specialize in thought, is illustration and Animation. Feel free to contact me on my email at should you need any of my services. 


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What does your drawing space look like? How do you get the ideas for your illustrations?
Sep 7, 9:41PM EDT0
What have you put most of your effort into regarding illustration?
Sep 7, 6:33AM EDT0
What were some of the themes or things you wanted to convey in the illustration style?
Sep 7, 12:13AM EDT0
On average, how long does it take you to complete a commission?
Sep 6, 10:17PM EDT0
Which character has been the most complicated for you to create and draw?
Sep 6, 9:19PM EDT0
How much do you practice until you get an illustration that you are satisfied with?
Sep 6, 6:39PM EDT0
Looking forward to your future creative work, what are you most excited about?
Sep 6, 2:59PM EDT0
What are the tools of your trade, if someone where looking at getting into the field what would they need?
Sep 6, 1:31PM EDT0
How do you go to produce anatomically accurate illustrations of the human figure?
Sep 6, 5:04AM EDT0
What digitals tools do you use to create your illustrations?
Sep 6, 2:46AM EDT0
What advice would you give to the youngsters trying to break into the comics business?
Sep 6, 1:50AM EDT0
What’s the relationship like between the comic book writer and the illustrator and painter?
Sep 5, 11:07PM EDT0
What is the price range of your services?
Sep 5, 7:42PM EDT0
What do you personally avoid when you design a character for animation?
Sep 5, 6:03PM EDT0
Everyone is different, how do you think up ideas when you are making a new character?
Sep 5, 4:17PM EDT0
Having worked with comics, animation and art, what was the work you're more proud of and why?
Sep 5, 2:35PM EDT0

Is there any particular work that you have done in your career that you considered to be one of your greatest accomplishments?

Sep 5, 12:52PM EDT0
What are your views on the decline of 2D and stop-motion animation in favour of 3D?
Sep 5, 11:35AM EDT0
How did you find your personal style and approach to animation?
Sep 5, 9:05AM EDT0
Do you have any advice for aspiring comic book illustrators out there?
Sep 5, 7:50AM EDT0
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