AMA about Love of My Life

Mark Gibson
Dec 24, 2017

Love of My Life performed by Thadayus. Music by Mark Gibson, Lyrics by Crystal Sanford

Love of My Life is a beautiful song about love and the choices we make in the pursuit of true love. Thadayus brought this song to life with soaring vocals. His passion for love and light is shown throughout this music. Love of My Life on iTunes. It's time for platform shoes, bell bottoms, and glitter bombs!

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What were the challenges of making Love of My Life?

Dec 24, 5:34PM EST0

How do people react to Love of my Life?

Dec 24, 12:17PM EST0

They dance.

Dec 24, 12:18PM EST0

Which work of yours are you most proud of?

Dec 24, 10:07AM EST0

Proud isnt the word I would use, but I love the work we did with Aubrey Burchell. My personal favorite is Nothin for Me.

Nothin for Me music video.

Dec 24, 10:15AM EST0

How long did it take you to make this song?

Dec 24, 2:41AM EST0

It took me ten minutes to compose the music.

Dec 24, 9:02AM EST0

What genre of music would you say your song belongs to?

Dec 23, 11:33PM EST0


Dec 24, 9:01AM EST0

Have you ever worked on similar musical projects?

Dec 23, 4:52PM EST0


Dec 24, 9:02AM EST0

What did you study? Was it related to music?

Dec 23, 4:14PM EST0

Business Management

Dec 24, 9:03AM EST0

What did your creative process look like?

Dec 23, 3:32PM EST0

Glitter bombs.

Dec 24, 9:04AM EST0

How are you marketing Love of My life?

Dec 23, 12:40PM EST0

What tips would you give to someone who wants to create music?

Dec 23, 11:56AM EST0

Create the music that is inside you. Make your music for yourself. If you love it, the world will follow behind you. Your music only needs to reach one person. Do this and you have fullfilled your mission.

Dec 23, 12:07PM EST0

How did you meet the people you worked with on the Love of My Life? Did you have any disagreements and how did you overcome them?

Dec 23, 9:50AM EST0

What is your favorite song?

Dec 23, 8:27AM EST0

Red Rain by Peter Gabriel.

Dec 23, 9:42AM EST0

What is your goal with Love of my Life?

Dec 23, 4:55AM EST0

Love of My Life would make a great Pride theme.

Dec 23, 6:36AM EST0

What main themes does Love of My Life focus on?

Dec 23, 1:59AM EST0

If we are lucky, fortunate or blessed. We may meet and find the love of our lives. Sometimes it is not always obvious, or easy to see. You have to believe that somewhere, somehow, you will discover the Love of your life.

Dec 23, 6:41AM EST0

What is the story behind this song?

Dec 23, 12:21AM EST0

Listen, the story is within the song.

Dec 23, 6:42AM EST0

Do you have any plans for future projects like this one?

Dec 22, 11:18PM EST0

Yes, in 2018 I'm looking forward a few great project. The world needs more love and light.

Dec 23, 12:03AM EST0

Who is your role model?

Dec 22, 4:23PM EST0

I have a few. George Clinton, Paul Williams, Elton John, Bernie Worrell.

Dec 22, 4:50PM EST0

What was the first song you ever made?

Dec 22, 4:06PM EST0

Hello Jona,

When I was 9 or 10, I wrote my first song after my dog died.

Dec 23, 12:00AM EST0

What parts of making Love of My Life did you enjoy the most?

Dec 22, 1:53PM EST0

I was too young to enjoy the disco era. I wanted to recreated that free love, roller skating, satin tight pants, disco feel. So composing and producing the music was my favorite part.

Dec 22, 4:48PM EST0

When did you first realize that you wanted to make this song?

Dec 22, 1:52PM EST0

Singer songwriter Crystal Sanford was at my home singing the lyrics in the living room. I was listening in another room and started playing the music. It was a all done in ten minutes.

Dec 22, 4:46PM EST0