How to make it as an artist: #AMA about the industry and how your character (partially) determines your success or failure.

Clary Lucretia Pollack: Great question. It matters for some artists, for sure. I like to know people who buy original pieces. They can be serious collectors or people I know and love, but it's nice to have some sort of relationship because creating art is like sharing your …

Ask Me anything about Self Published vs Small House Publisher? Where should you start?

Books to Go Now / Romance Novel Covers Now: I think we pride ourselves in customer service and try to work one on one as much with the authors as we can. The contract does require exclusivity with the book signed. Amazon requires exclusivity. Amazon sees if the book is published more than once…
Jun 15, 2018

Ask me anything about music: I like finding new underground bands and sharing their music.

Joey Ferrari: Hi Herinaina, there is no one solution that one can come up with and music sells. We are living in a fast society filled with short soundbites and slogans. So you must be clever and create catchy slogans of your own and be sure to add great beats. Co…
Jun 14, 2018

From working with the world's top fashion influencer in Milan to building a Travel startup in Chiang Mai, and creating a conscious space in Shanghai, I live an unsettled life, drawing the dots that connect my purpose and the world at large. AMA!

Menghan Wang: We focus solely on useful content that are objective and practical to target, meaning we do not feature "what to see/do" as it's already overly done; no reviews or recommendations as that's personal and not widely applicable. Instead we emphasize on …

If you want to fail in life, then Art of Failure and this AMA is for you.

Akhil Sharma: Most of them are of negative in nature. This is one thing which I would hate to do to promote my book.  I would rather fail and remain a failure warrior rather than use paid means to become a success hunter.

AMA Heal Your Life with the Creative Process. How Writing a Book Can Change Your Life.

Denise Demaras: From my expereince if I am working hard, I am struggling regardless if it is writing or working with my hands.

Making it as an artist - techniques, time management and temptation. Ask me anything!

Karen Ruffles: I'm very excited about the project I am currently working on - a fully illustrated horror anthology with author Sean Walter, entitles Tales In Sombre Tones. When the book is complete, we are taking the show on the road with a touring exhibition featu…
Jun 12, 2018

Ask me anything about music production in FL Studio! Just got a new track out and it reached #12 in the Belgian Viral Top 50 on Spotify!

Jevo: Hmm I’m not that familiar with both of them, but for me I’d say cubase elements, it’s all about the way you like to work, there aren’t “better” or “worse” DAW’s, every daw has his pro’s and cons :)

I am a Photoshop adviser for any queries. Ask Me Anything!

Kirtan Creative: 20 Apx for Photoshop
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