May 26, 2018

AMA A young EDM producer from Russia, the stage name Yolo.

Yolo: it is very difficult besides working on writing music to distribute it, share it with anyone you can, besides, I chose a name for which I had to defend for a very long time with the same musicians who also called themselves Yolo and to this day I fin…

People call me the modern day Robert Greene; Author of "How to Make Someone Obsessed With You" and upcoming: "The Art of Psychoanalysis" - AMA

themanipulativebitch: Somewhere in between!!:)

Are You a Blocked Creative? Ask Me Anything About How You Can Consistently Come Up with Creative Ideas!

Allison Constantino: The number one barrier against creativity at work is the lack of creative leaders.  So, the real question is, how are we choosing our leaders? In Jennifer Mueller's book, "Creative Change, Why We Resist It...How We Can Embrace It," she states we choo…

I am a Photoshop adviser for any queries. Ask Me Anything!

Kirtan Creative: well its so hard to say which one is my Favoutite but kindly follow my Before after link you pease choose one and ask me the the brief of that i will be happy to expalin you in detail plus can teach you too thank you 

Let's Talk Kawaii + Creative Entrepreneurship + Reaching Dreams with THIS Black Female Tattoo Artist's AMA

Imani K. Brown: Hi Williams James ~ I’ve been wanting to get to this question for  while now! Thank you for this ^.^ Tattoo can be a healing + empowering experience. I attract a lot of who I am and all that is balled up into my manic depressive self :) So a lot of t…
Mar 31, 2018

Landscape photographer and host of my own podcast - AMA!

Matt Payne: I totally wish! Tops on my list -- Vietnam.
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